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061 Road Rally 1998

061 Motor Club

17th/18th October 1998

Clerk of the Course: Martin Payne

Route: 150 Miles

Maps: 119

Starters: 48

Winners: Carl Hawkins/David Campbell (Vauxhall Nova)

Carl Hawkins/David Campbell took victory in the Derbyshire Peak District when they overcame tough opposition to win the 061 Road Rally. The popular event was a round of both the North Western and East Midlands Road Rally Championships, and as such attracted an entry of 48 starters.

The competitors faced a 150 mile route which was a mix of pre-plot and plot and bash navigation; route definition being by ten-figure map reference, grid lines, tulips and the like. There were just three sections in the first half, while the second half gave the crews no respite with just one competitive sections from Petrol to the Finish. Wet and slippery conditions were the order in the first half, but the second half challenge was made tougher by the first touch of winter that made the roads, especially those in the Goyt Valley, extremely icy.

Tim Tordoff/Ian Fraser were attempting to make it four wins in a row on the 061, however their event was over very quickly when their Nova made significant contact with one of the many dry stone walls along the route. Michael Cartwright/David Pedley were another fancied crew to under achieve as they missed a control and ended up classified as 32nd overall.

After Tordoff's demise Hawkins/Campbell led all the way in what was a Vauxhall dominated event, second placed Jason Stone/Daniel Stone's Corolla being the only non-Nova in the top four. Guy Robinson/Charlie Wheeldon and Steve Pashley/Richard Pashley being the crews filling the next two places.

In the North Western Championship, Paul Holmberg, with Paul Jones on the maps, came home ninth. A result that, with just two rounds to go, put him in a strong chance of achieving his fourth straight driver's title. Holmberg's main rival, Brian Harrison, could only manage 26th after a troubled event. However Harrison's partner, Cliff Washbrook, did look assured of the navigator's championship.

The Semi-Expert Class was won by Alistar Hobday/Richard Dunham in a Peugeot 309, however the leading Novices were higher than the Class 2 winners, with Stew Dale/Phil Gregson bringing their Astra 1300 home in twelfth. There were 39 finishers.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Carl Hawkins David Campbell Vauxhall Nova 3m 05s
2 Jason Stone Daniel Stone Toyota Corolla 3m 49s
3 Guy Robinson Charlie Wheeldon Vauxhall Nova 4m 52s
4 Steve Pashley Richard Pashley Vauxhall Nova 5m 26s
5 Dave Quinney Simon Hunt Toyota Corolla 5m 40s
6 Terry Pressdee Iain Tullie Vauxhall Chevette 7m 51s
7 Mark Turner Tim Cork Peugeot 309 8m 57s
8 David Lockwood John Pickavance Peugeot 205 14m 08s
9 Paul Holmberg Paul Jones Ford Escort 14m 55s
10 Bob Marshall Mark Wagstaff Vauxhall Corsa 17m 24s
11 David Brown Lee Burgess Ford Escort 22m 13s
12 Stew Dale Phil Gregson Vauxhall Astra 26m 30s
13 John Swinney Piers Evershed Peugeot 205 GTi 27m 02s
14 Alistair Hobday Richard Dunham Peugeot 309 GTi 28m 37s
15 Jayne Hill Andrew Hughes Vauxhall Nova 31m 19s
16 Nik Kershaw Jez Pole Vauxhall Astra 33m 07s
17 Steve Dwight Carl Williamson Lada Riva 35m 15s
18 Suzi Stone Graeme Stone Vauxhall Astra 36m 01s
19 Richard Roberts Steven Roberts Ford Escort 36m 30s
20 Owen Turner Andrew Dadswell Hillman Imp 37m 52s
21 Anne Johnson David Coggins Vauxhall Nova 38m 40s
22 Simon Cottrell Steve Wood Toyota Corolla 39m 42s
23 Christian Claxton Geoffrey Jones Ford Fiesta 44m 15s
24 John Bray Jez Harris Fiat Strada 45m 31s
25 David Marsden David Oates MG Maestro 49m 34s
26 Brian Harrison Cliff Washbrook Ford Escort 52m 25s
27 Adrian Green Paul Hudson Ford Fiesta 52m 28s
28 Tim Cooper Marcus Watmough Ford Escort 57m 53s
29 Andrew Millington Colin Cresswell Ford Escort 63m 08s
30 Mark Slatcher Colin Regan Vauxhall Astra 85m 34s
31 Jonathan Bossen Jolyon Robinson Ford Escort 1F 16m 12s
32 Michael Cartwright David Pedley Ford Escort 1F 21m 25s
33 Mark Witford Mike Monaghan Toyota Corolla 1F 29m 51s
34 Terry Martin Simon Bentley Ford Fiesta 1F 44m 40s
35 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Mini 1275GT 1F 83m 56s
36 Daniel Dunbabin Clive Dunbabin Toyota Corolla 3F 159m 17s
37 Ian Gower Gary Giles Peugeot 205 GTi 5F 121m 13s
38 Stephen Rothwell Geoffrey Page Vauxhall Cavalier 6F 94m 20s
39 Jamie Turner Joe Ivy Austin Metro 8F 143m 35s