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061 Road Rally 2002

High Peak & 061 Motor Club

19th/20th October 2002

Clerk of the Course: Martin Payne

Route: 150 Miles

Map: 119

Starters: 48

Winners: Stuart Newby/Paul Holmberg (Subaru Impreza)

High Peak and 061 MC’s 061 Road Rally had a popular following and a reputation as a demanding event, both on the crew and the car, as it used many tracks in the Peak District. The Buxton based rally had a 150 mile route with a mixture of pre-plot and plot ‘n bash navigation.

061 Road Rally 2002
Winners: Stuart Newby/Paul Holmberg (Subaru Impreza)
Photo: M&H Photography

The rally was a round of both the North Western, East Midlands and SD34 Championships.

Despite a high quality entry, top seeds Stuart Newby/Paul Holmberg always looked in command and finished the event over a minute clear of their nearest challenger. The four wheel drive of their Subaru Impreza helping them to a decisive fastest time over the crucial High Rake tracks.

Their nearest challengers were Carl Hawkins/Iain Tullie, who might have been slightly closer to the leaders’ times but for a couple of errors at time controls, however they never looked like overhauling the Subaru pairing. Mark Whitford/Steve Porter took third in their Toyota Corolla.

Guy Robinson/Charlie Wheeldon had an eventful rally but still managed to salvage fourth place at the Finish. They were one of a number of crews who were caught out by a intermediate regularity control on the Goyt Valley which wasn’t sited in its usual place, they charged past the board and picked up penalties of over two minutes for an early arrival. They later had the exhaust break off their Nova; they retraced their steps and found the item and reattached it. Before the end of the rally the gearbox started to fail and they were left with just third and fourth gear in which to struggle home.

061 Road Rally 2002
Runners Up: Carl Hawkins/Iain Tullie (Vauxhall Nova)
Photo: M&H Photography

Howard Price/Carl Williamson finished fifth, a puncture on High Rake costing them a couple of minutes and what would have been a third place finish.

Punctures seemed to be a common problem; Dave Jones/Baz Green finished seventh despite suffering a puncture, while John Haden/Steve Coupland picked up two and had to cut to the Finish, they’d also had all the lights fail on their Impreza at one point.

Terry Martin/Paul Taylor were forced out of the event when they hit a kerb on the Cat and Fiddle road with such force that they sustained four punctures and snapped two bottom arms on their Peugeot 205.

The win secured the North Western Navigator’s title for Holmberg, with Williamson now being assured of second. With one round remaining, the CSMA Rally, the driver’s series could be won by either Price or Newby.

061 Road Rally 2002
Third Placed: Mark Whitford/Steve Porter (Toyota Corolla)
Photo: M&H Photography

The East Midlands Championship was now a battle between Robinson/Wheeldon and Andy Baker/Lee Burgess. The latter pairing finished eighth on the 061, after suffering a puncture and having the fuel pump work loose on their Peugeot 205. The East Midlands series still had three rounds remaining: the Cossack, the Beaver and the Preston.

In comparison to the Expert class, the Semi-Expert and Novice classes were poorly supported and were amalgamated. The winners of this section were Chris Robinson/Alan Pemberton in a Toyota Celica GT.

The 061 was a round of the East Midlands Millennium Challenge. There were six starters in the category and all finished. The winners were Paul Wilson/Paul Davenport (Vauxhall Cavalier), who finished four minutes ahead of Michael Watkins/Graham Cherry (MG Maestro).


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Stuart Newby Paul Holmberg Subaru Impreza 0m 39s
2 Carl Hawkins Iain Tullie Vauxhall Nova 1m 53s
3 Mark Whitford Steve Porter Toyota Corolla 3m 38s
4 Guy Robinson Charlie Wheeldon Vauxhall Nova 5m 26s
5 Howard Price Carl Williamson Toyota Corolla 6m 35s
6 Michael Pedley David Pedley Ford Escort 6m 42s
7 Dave Jones Baz Green Vauxhall Astra 9m 59s
8 Andy Baker Lee Burgess Peugeot 205 GTi 12m 59s
9 Simon Gibson Jez Harris Ford Escort 13m 52s
10 Chris Day Ric Chalmers Ford Sierra 14m 08s
11 Chris Leach Joylon Robinson Peugeot 205 14m 13s
12 Jamie Turner Graham Raeburn Rover Metro 14m 29s
13 Graham Nunn Paul Nelson Peugeot 205 GTi 16m 40s
14 Malcolm Grisdale Bob Hargreaves Subaru RX 20m 27s
15 Neil Bye Stephen Bye Peugeot 205 GTi 23m 56s
16 Chris Robinson Alan Pemberton Toyota Celica GT 24m 02s
17 John Taylor Paul Griffin Lancia Delta Integrale 25m 35s
18 Jamie Gratton-Smith Roger Hage Peugeot 205 GTi 27m 24s
19 Nick Topliss Mick Fern Vauxhall Nova GTE 28m 17s
20 Simon Cottrell Marcus Watmough Subaru Impreza 34m 18s
21 Adam Clewes Rob Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 34m 42s
22 Bernard Watkins Adam Roper Vauxhall Cavalier 34m 49s
23 Richard Atherton Adrian Gladwin MG Maestro 35m 34s
24 Adrian Green Paul Hudson Ford Fiesta 36m 02s
25 Stephen Price Cyril Jones Toyota Corolla 42m 55s
26 Jason Birks Chris White Vauxhall Astra 57m 05s
27 Steve Webster Richard Hage Subaru Impreza 1F 19m 34s
28 Dan Sharp Dave Cox Peugeot 205 1F 30m 24s
29 Abe Shenker Steve Brown Peugeot 205 2F 57m 44s
30 John Haden Steve Coupland Subaru Impreza 5F 18m 41s
31 Bruce Lindsay Mark Blunt Vauxhall Astra 6F 32m 26s
32 Owen Turner Andrew Dadswell Hillman Imp 8F 65m 50s
33 Terry May Stephen Coombes Peugeot 309 GTi 12F 90m 47s

EMAMC Millennium Road Rally Championship

Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Paul Wilson Paul Davenport Vauxhall Cavalier 11m 11s
2 Michael Watkins Graham Cherry MG Maestro 15m 45s
3 Christopher Goodall Paul Bingham Vauxhall Chevette 18m 05s
4 John Ross Oliver Ross Subaru Impreza 1F 16m 58s
5 Christopher Rider James Godley Citroen Saxo VTR 6F 36m 10s
6 Ian Telfer Rob Leeks Skoda Favorit 6F 50m 37s