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Barcud Rally 2004

Sponsored by T D Davies & Son

Barcud Motor Club

31st July-1st August 2004

Winners Photo

Winners: Gareth 'Shonkey' Jones/Steve Herbert (Toyota Corolla)

Clerk of the Course: Paul Rooke, Dai Jones & Paul Jones

Route: 97 Miles

Map: 135 & 146

Starters: 75

In 2003 Gary Jones won the Barcud Rally with Dave Pitchford; Dave was killed in a road accident later in the year. In 2004, with Steve Herbert in the left hand seat, Jones repeated the result. The pair came home twenty seconds ahead of the field on the Tregaron based rally.

Rali RedKite 2002
John Davies/Anthony Davies (Vauxhall Astra)
Rali RedKite 2002
Delfryn Owens/Jeff James (Renault Clio RSi)
Rali RedKite 2002
Edryd Evans/Richard Briddon (VW Golf GTi)
Rali RedKite 2002
John Gilbey/Michael Gilbey (Ford Escort XR3i)

The first half of the rally used the lanes between Tregaron and Lampeter. The opening section was an easily cleanable run over Farmers. However Malcolm Walters/Dylan Jenkins, debuting their new Impreza, picked up a puncture here and lost over four minutes. They completed the event and were classified in 33rd place. Richard Parry/Brynmor Pierce suffered the same problem and retired.

A tighter two mile section past Pant-y-pisstyl saw everyone lose time. The fastest to ITC2 were Huw Myfyr Jones/Owen Dodd, who were just seven seconds late at the control. John Davies/Anthony Davies were next up, 11 seconds behind the Golf, but three seconds ahead of Gareth Jones/Steve Herbert.

Competitive motoring continued, although there was a Quiet section through Cellan. In trouble here were Mark Daniel/Hywel Ifans, they stalled their Escort and couldn't get it restarted. They dropped five seconds on what had been an easily cleanable section.

The cancellation of ITC4, near Pant-Glanrhyd, meant that no more penalties were collected by most crews as they reached the first Neutral at Olmarch.

A long second competitve section took competitors to Petrol at Stags Head; there were just two ITCs. The second of these, using the white through Gelligarneddau, saw everyone drop time. Only four crews dropped less a minute here. Mark Jameson/Delyth Brown were the fastest, 27 seconds quicker than Jon Stobbs/Gary Robbins, who, in turn, were just a second ahead of Selwyn Jones/Wyn Lewis. Ian Carter/Dylan Evans came in on 59 seconds. Due to time lost elsewhere, none of these crews featured in the top ten at Petrol.

Of the leading runners, Huw Myfyr Jones/Owen Dodd and Gareth Jones/Steve Herbert tied on 1m 01s at ITC6 and filled the top two places overall at the halfway halt; they were separated by 14 seconds.

Glyn Price/Iwan Jones were now in third, two seconds behind Jones/Herbert, while John Davies/Anthony Davies dropped to fourth, but only three seconds off third.

Howard Price/Dorian Evans were in seventh place, but were to retire soon afterwards as the navigator became ill. The same fate befell Dafydd Lewis/Dafydd Williams, who had been clear leaders of the Semi-Expert Class at the break. Mark Andrew/Huw Jones had retired in the first half after their Peugeot 205 lost its brakes.

The second half started just outside Llangeitho and went as far north as Rhydfelin, before finishing near Tregaron. There was one decisive ITC, this used the 'Wooden Bridge' section. This was immaterial to the leaders as Huw Myrfyr's Golf suffered a broken drive shaft before they'd even reached the first PC after Petrol.

Kevin Morgan/Deian Rees were fastest to ITC9. They had been in 22nd place at the halt, but recovered to eighth at the Finish.

Jones/Herbert were only one second behind Morgan/Rees at the critical control and, with Huw Myfyr's demise, extended what was now the lead. They were penalised one more second at the section finish, but cleaned the last two sections to finish with a 20 seconds victory margin.

Glyn Price/Iwan Jones struggled with a loose driver's seat in the second half, but managed to hold off John Davies/Anthony Davies to secure the runner up spot, the two crews being separated by five seconds. Steve Wood/Aled Jones managed to pass Delfryn Owens/Jeff James in the second half and took fourth place.

At Petrol Edryd Evans/Richard Briddon had been in eighth place in the Semi-Expert Class, but a clear run in the second half, while their rivals made errors, meant that they took the category win. Similarly Gareth Edwards/Andrew Edwards were over a minute off the Novice Class lead at the halfway halt, but came through to win the class.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Gareth 'Shonkey' Jones Steve Herbert Toyota Corolla 2m 24s
2 Glyn Price Iwan Jones Ford Escort 2m 44s
3 John Davies Anthony Davies Vauxhall Astra 2m 49s
4 Steve Wood Aled Jones Vauxhall Astra GTE 3m 01s
5 Delfryn Owens Jeff James Renault Clio RSi 3m 08s
6 Martyn O'Connor Peter Collins Vauxhall Astra GTE 3m 29s
7 Elgan Jones Eurig Davies Vauxhall Astra 3m 35s
8 Kevin Morgan Deian Rees Subaru Legacy 3m 36s
9 Nick Evans Gwynfor Jones Ford Escort 3m 44s
10 Brian Jones Ceri Davies Ford Escort 3m 44s
11 Ian Furniss Elgan Davies Peugeot 205 GTi 4m 04s
12 Dai Jones Wyn Davies Ford Escort 4m 05s
13 Jon Stobbs Gary Robbins Mazda 323 4m 07s
14 Mark 'GT' Roberts Denny Harris VW Golf GTi 4m 19s
15 Marc Jones Chris Wheeler Ford Sierra 4m 24s
16 Nick Evans Andy Oakes Toyota Corolla 4m 36s
17 Geoff Williams Dilwyn John Vauxhall Nova 4m 42s
18 Ian Carter Dylan Evans Subaru Impreza 4m 54s
19 Rhys Lloyd Jones Darren Garrod Peugeot 205 GTi 5m 10s
20 Nigel Nelson Eilir Jones Vauxhall Astra 5m 13s
21 Jason Harries Geraint Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 5m 18s
22 Jason Sugden Leighton Williams Ford Escort 5m 29s
23 Wayne Edwards Sharon Jarvis Toyota MR2 5m 43s
24 Edryd Evans Richard Briddon VW Golf GTi 6m 15s
25 Selwyn Jones Wyn Lewis Ford Escort 6m 17s
26 Simon Chandler David Manning Ford Escort 7m 24s
27 Gethin Humphreys Llinos Jones Vauxhall Astra GTE 7m 28s
28 Darrell George Arwel Thomas Vauxhall Nova 7m 34s
29 Jason Jones David Davies Ford Escort 7m 40s
30 Wayne James Jenny James Peugeot 205 GTi 7m 40s
31 Mark Coleman Richard Eadon Ford Escort 7m 55s
32 Huw Lloyd Dalis Ifans Ford Escort Mk5 8m 11s
33 Malcolm Walters Dylan Jenkins Subaru Impreza 8m 13s
34 Jonathan Harrison Eric Tong Ford Sierra 8m 15s
35 Gareth Edwards Andrew Edwards Suzuki Swift GTi 8m 15s
36 Kevin Regan Irfon Richards VW Golf 8m 28s
37 Mark Daniel Hywel Ifans Ford Escort 8m 43s
38 John Gilbey Michael Gilbey Ford Escort XR3i 9m 52s
39 Simon Summers Matthew Gay Peugeot 309 GTi 9m 58s
40 Mikey Davies Alan Lloyd Ford Escort 11m 18s
41 Huw Morris Laura Morris Proton Compact 11m 21s
42 Dorian Davies Beth Evans Ford Sierra 4x4 12m 06s
43 Ceri Jones Edrian Monk Peugeot 205 GTi 12m 13s
44 Arthur Cole Tudur Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 12m 39s
45 Geraint Davies Martin Griffiths Peugeot 205 GTi 12m 48s
46 Robert Price Christian Male Vauxhall Astra GTE 12m 57s
47 Hywel Greves Mike Hughes VW Polo 14m 00s
48 Roger Davies Hefin Jones Ford Escort 14m 21s
49 Mark Jameson Delyth Brown Ford Escort 16m 17s
50 Mario Mangano Hefyn Thomas Fiat Tipo 16m 24s
51 James Rees Nicky Eldridge Talbot Sunbeam 20m 36s
52 Lee Heywood Mark Hamilton Ford Escort 1F 5m 49s
53 Carwyn Roberts A Jones Ford Escort XR3 1F 10m 29s
54 Rob Chell Ivor James VW Golf GTi 1F 12m 52s
55 Nigel Graham Matthew McLean Talbot Sunbeam 6F 25m 20s