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Border 100 Road Rally 2000

Sponsored by The Garage (Llanfyllin) Ltd

Welsh Border Car Club

1st/2nd April 2000

Clerk of the Course: Nigel Roberts

Route: 130 Miles

Maps: 125 & 126

Starters: 60

Winners: Phil Turner/Owen Dodd (VW Golf GTi)

Phil Turner/Owen Dodd took a comfortable victory on Welsh Border CC's Border 100 Rally. It was expected that the rally would be a battle between Turner/Dodd and the 1999 winners Derwyn Evans/John Furniss. However Evans' Vauxhall Astra ground to halt after just 30 miles when the bottom end failed on the engine. Turner was then left to canter to the win, three minutes clear of the field.

Border 100 Rally 20000

Kevin Parry/Heath Griffiths looked to have secured second but were then found to have booked in early at two separate controls; the resulting fails dropped them well down the order. Michael Pedley/David Pedley picked up the runners up spot, with Neil Arden/Phil Stocking two minutes further back in third.

The organisers had laid on a demanding 130 mile route in the Llanfyllin/Llangollen area, with very little non-competitive milage. Unfortunately they lost the 50 mile opening section after a track became impassable. This incident delayed a number of crews and although any penalties they'd picked up for that section were scrubbed, they found themselves fighting against maximum lateness. Of the leading runners Martin Bradley/Gordon Bradley were particularly badly affected, as were Claire Evans/Allen Hart and Sarah Harmer/John Harmer.

Glyn Price/Huw Jones seemed to be heading for a top three finish when they drown their Escort in a ford and dropped ten minutes and four places as a result. Wayne Morris/Paul Middleton lost four minutes due to some missing arrows at PCGG and came home in fourth. Howard Price/Steve Griffiths were going well went they put their Peugeot off the road and out of the event.

Punctures were a problem that afflicted a large number of competitors; Richard Suff/Craig Parry and Kevin Nunns/Dave Evison being amongst them.

Shane Richards/Roger Evans won the Semi-Expert Class and were eighth overall, just over a minute clear of the second in class Jim Clarke/Brian Spurr. Mike Cartwright/Steve Warrington of Knighton MC won the Novice class in their Vauxhall Nova.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Phil Turner Owen Dodd VW Golf GTi 13m 38s
2 Michael Pedley David Pedley Ford Escort G4 16m 10s
3 Neil Arden Phil Stocking Ford Escort 18m 03s
4 Wayne Morris Paul Middleton Ford Escort 18m 07s
5 Richard Suff Craig Parry Peugeot 205 19m 35s
6 John Jones Paul Edwards Renault 11 Turbo 21m 02s
7 Glyn Price Huw Jones Ford Escort 26m 53s
8 Shane Richards Roger Evans Ford Sierra 27m 28s
9 Kev Nunns Dave Evison MG Maestro 28m 39s
10 Jim Clarke Brian Spurr Talbot Sunbeam 28m 40s
11 John Harmer Sarah Harmer MG Maestro 34m 20s
12 Peter Gill David Kelly Peugeot 205 GTi 35m 12s
13 Keith Gush Jennifer Gush Alfa Romeo 33 43m 30s
14 Colin Hughes John Youd Skoda Felicia 1F 24m 22s
15 Nick Onions Chris Lightburn Talbot Sunbeam 1F 25m 34s
16 Steve Bishop Roger Titley Ford Escort 1F 30m 07s
17 Ian Furniss Russell Roberts Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 35m 26s
18 Graham Caley Rich Schofield Ford Fiesta 1F 58m 13s
19 Kev Parry TBA Toyota Corolla 2F 14m 46s
20 Tudor Morris Gareth Hall Ford Escort 2F 23m 45s
21 Mike Cartwright Steve Warrington Ford Escort 2F 41m 23s
22 Martin Bardley Gordon Bradley Ford Escort 3F 28m 49s
23 Stephen Jones Paul Roberts Peugeot 205 GTi 4F 32m 34s
24 Lee Hughes David Morris Ford Escort 6F 42m 08s
25 David Edwards Andrew Edwards Ford Escort 6F 48m 38s
26 Claire Evans Allen Hart Vauxhall Nova 7F 44m 35s
27 Nick Banks Richard Gradden Citroen ZX Volcane 14F 23m 05s
28 Stephen Wynn Ian Fellows Peugeot 309 GTi 20F 30m 42s