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Rali Bro Caron 1996

Sponsored by Tuf Treads

Lampeter & District Motor Club

24th/25th February 1996

Clerk of the Course: Aneurin James

Route: 140 Miles

Maps: 146

Starters: 89

Winners: Richard Lewis/Philip Pugh (Toyota Corolla)

Richard Lewis/Philip Pugh confirmed their status as pre-season favourites for the Welsh Championship by taking their Toyota Corolla to victory on Lampeter & District Motor Club's Rali Bro Caron. However it wasn't a clear cut victory as less than twenty seconds covered the top three places and other crews, who could have been in with a shout, fell foul of the event's only passage board.

Rali Bro Caron 1996

The 140 mile route consisted of just two competitive sections, one of 75 miles prior to the petrol halt and the other of 43 miles taking crews to the finish. Each section had a number of Intermediate Time Controls, five of which were timed to the second. The complete route card was issued as cars left the start line and, with a very generous time allowance for the short run out, the majority of crews had all the route plotted before the competition started in anger.

The organisers were relying on the nature and intricacy of the route to gain a result. There were many complex controls and a substantial amount of unmetalled roads were used. By these methods the feel of the classic road rallies of the seventies and early eighties was successfully recreated.

To underline the popularity of road rallying in the area, the 90 strong entry was full almost three weeks before the event. The organisers felt that they had had enough enquiries to suggest that they could have run 130 cars if it had been possible. The Welsh Championship, with its simplified single tier structure for 1996, had also attracted a great deal of interest with over fifty competitors being registered prior to the start of the Bro Caron.

Eighty-nine cars took the start after Jonathan Gwilym/Byron Jones had the brake calipers on their Escort fail as they travelled to Lampeter. This left a space at Number 3.

After the start from under the arch at the Black Lion on Lampeter's main street, competitive motoring got underway at Glan-Denys. The first half looped to the north of the rally's base before moving to the east and ending back at Lampeter for Petrol.

Although the half was an unbroken succession of standard sections, there was just one six minute section that bothered the leading runners; this was from ITC5M (651.50/471) to ITC6S (633.25/487.50). The fastest crew to ITC6S were Gary Davies/Neil Spiers dropping just 59 seconds, however they had failed to pick up the code board at PCR and had a fail added to their total. They were not alone, 29 other crews made the same error, these included Wayne Evans/Chris Ware, Baron Glaze/Dave Pitchford and Paul Holmberg/Maurice Leach.

The leader after ITC6S was Glyn Evans in his Ford Sierra. He held a lead of six seconds, but didn't get much further as the car suffered a clutch failure at the next time control.

This meant that Richie Lewis/Phil Pugh (Toyota Corolla) now led, they were on 1m 25s, 24 seconds ahead of Graham Evans/Ian Mills (Opel Manta). Top seeds and 1995 winners, Michael Pedley/David Pedley (Hillman Avenger), were on 2m 00s in third. Tony Davies/Rob Richardson (Toyota Corolla) were nine seconds further back. These crews cleaned the reaminder of the first half and so these were the top four positions at Petrol.

All this excitement was of no interest to Wyn Jones/Phil Clark, who had teamed up for an assault on the Welsh Championship, they hit the ford just after ITC5M and broke their Escort's radiator; they went no further. Also on the retirement list were Ewen Davies/Carl Jones (Opel Manta), who crashed out, while Dai 'Dot' Davies/Alun Ginn (Ford Capri) and Huw James/Deian Rees (Ford Sierra) also failed to make Petrol.

After Petrol it was the four leading crews that battled for the win. All dropped time at the two Time Controls after the restart and then cleaned the remainder to the Finish. The section started on the white to the east of Llanybyther; there was four minutes to get to ITC11S (554.75/439.75), then six minutes to ITC12S (585/422).

Michael Pedley/David Pedley wrong slotted and then broke a shock absorber. Graham Evans/Ian Mills had been on the reserve list before the start and ended up running at Number 48, this meant that they suffered by being baulked by slower cars, a problem particulary prevalent when there were so few non-competitive sections. Significantly they were held up as they approahed ITC12S. In contrast to their two rivals' problems, Tony Davies/Rob Richardson were fastest of the four leading crews to both the critical controls and jumped from fourth to second, just one second ahead of Evans/Mills.

Richie Lewis/Phil Pugh had dropped a total of 23 seconds to Davies/Richardson at the two crucial controls, but still held an advantage of 18 seconds and, with the remainder of the route being cleaned, they held on for their first win of the year.

Gary Davies/Neil Spiers had been the quickest crew over the second half, being fastest of all competitors at ITC11S and cleaning ITC12S. However, the fail from missing PCR meant that they finished in 25th place.

The Semi-Expert class and sixth overall was taken by Clive Davies/Hefin Thomas (Toyota Corolla). They had had a close battle with the local crew of Nick Evans/Alan Hands, unfortunately this latter pair were yet another crew to miss PCR's passage board. Simon Stock/Patrick Walsh won the Novice Class by a comfortable margin of nine minutes in their Ford Sierra and moved straight from the Novice class to that of the Experts as they finished 8th overall.

It's interesting to note that although half the entry consisted of Ford Escorts, not one figured in the top ten. Instead manufacturer's honours went to Toyota, who not only took the top two places but had a further two of the marque in the top six.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Richard Lewis Phil Pugh Toyota Corolla 3m 33s
2 Tony Davies Rob Richardson Toyota Corolla 3m 51s
3 Graham Evans Ian Mills Opel Manta 3m 52s
4 Michael Pedley David Pedley Hillman Avenger 4m 05s
5 Geraint Davies Emyr Jones Toyota Corolla 4m 39s
6 Clive Davies Hefin Thomas Toyota Corolla 4m 51s
7 Lloyd Evans Mike Roach VW Golf 5m 06s
8 Simon Stock Patrick Walsh Ford Sierra 5m 46s
9 Manfred Kampschulte Paul Jenkins VW Golf 6m 00s
10 Chris Painter Steve Quine Vauxhall Nova 6m 49s
11 Gethin Thomas Aled Jones Ford Escort 7m 09s
12 Clive Greaves John Hands Vauxhall Chevette 7m 52s
13 Nigel Lloyd Iestyn Leyshon Ford Escort 8m 22s
14 Aled Eynon Gary Robbins Vauxhall Astra 8m 59s
15 Russell Eden Sarah Preece Vauxhall Nova 10m 20s
16 Nigel Thomas Phil Stocking Ford Escort 10m 57s
17 Mark Jukes Jon Stobbs Toyota Corolla 11m 13s
18 Karl Hancock Damian Cole Ford Escort XR3 11m 27s
19 Colin Thomas Andrew Thomson Toyota Corolla 12m 49s
20 Jason Rees Steve Durbin Talbot Sunbeam 12m 59s
21 Johnny Warnet Martin Griffiths Ford Escort 14m 28s
22 Clive Wakely Justin Davies Ford Escort 15m 12s
23 Wayne Edwards Sharon Jarvis Ford Escort 24m 06s
24 Darren Pugh Elgan Davies VW Golf 25m 46s
25 Gary Davies Neil Spiers Ford Escort 1F 2m 11s
26 Baron Glaze Dave Pitchford Ford Escort 1F 2m 37s
27 Paul Holmberg Maurice Leach Ford Escort 1F 4m 02s
28 Nick Evans Alan Hands Ford Escort 1F 4m 54s
29 Des Phasey Steve Price Ford Escort 1F 5m 17s
30 Wayne Evans Chris Ware Ford Escort 1F 5m 35s
31 Gareth Evans Dylan Evans Ford Escort 1F 5m 47s
32 Mark Howell Lyn Thomas Ford Escort 1F 6m 28s
33 Chris Hughes John Gilbey Ford Escort 1F 6m 30s
34 Mark Price Chris Read Ford Escort 1F 7m 06s
35 Lliam Rees Mark Lloyd Ford Escort 1F 7m 53s
36 Toby Adams Robin Davies Ford Escort 1F 18m 30s
37 Jonathan Usher Brian Usher Ford Escort 1F 19m 41s
38 Paul Davies Phil Ralphs Ford Escort 1F 28m 08s
39 Dave Boucher Steve Lomax Austin Mini 1F 28m 14s
40 Stephen Williams Ian Taylor Talbot Sunbeam 2F 7m 42s
41 Huw Rowcliffe Alan Jones Ford Escort 2F 9m 48s
42 Chris Jones Nigel Nelson Ford Escort 2F 14m 19s
43 Richard Evans Nigel Smith Ford Escort 2F 14m 52s
44 Sion Jones Alan Davies Ford Escort 2F 20m 35s
45 Wayne Jarman Terry Jones Ford Escort XR3 2F 25m 22s
46 Will Whitehurst Kim Turk Vauxhall Astra 2F 30m 51s
47 Eiros Edwards Huw Phillips Ford Escort 2F 32m 50s
48 Hefin Evans Gary James Ford Escort 2F 44m 17s
49 Nicholas Yates Gerwyn Evans Ford Escort 2F 1h 1m 49s
50 Gareth Jones Andrew Perry Toyota Corolla 3F 5m 37s
51 Gareth Owens David Manning Ford Escort 3F 6m 06s
52 Carl O'Grady Gwyn Williams VW Golf 3F 17m 48s
53 Brian Jones Nigel Roberts Ford Escort 4F 14m 31s
54 Brian Davies Jayson Brown Ford Escort 4F 17m 24s
55 Emyr Morgan Carwyn Lloyd Ford Escort XR3 4F 20m 29s
56 Mark Daniel Dai Lambert Ford Escort 4F 27m 29s
57 Ian Powell Mark Powell Ford Escort 4F 27m 42s
58 Matthew Warner Dylan Hughes Opel Manta 5F 13m 49s
59 Mike Cartwright Steve Cartwright Ford Escort 5F 16m 13s
60 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Austin Mini 7F 27m 50s
61 Paul Davies Peter Smith Mazda 323 10F 15m 11s