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Rali Bro Caron 1998

Sponsored by Tuf Treads

Lampeter & District Motor Club

21st/22nd February 1998

Clerk of the Course: Aneurin James

Route: 140 Miles

Maps: 146

Starters: 90

Winners: Alan Gaunt/Maurice Leach (Peugeot 205 GTi)

Alan Gaunt/Maurice Leach took their Peugeot 205 to a dominant win on the Rali Bro Caron to make it two wins in a row on the Lampeter & District MC event. As ever the rally, which was a round of three major road rally championships, attracted a full 90 car entry. Crews faced a 140 mile route consisting of just two competitive sections, the petrol halt being the only respite.

Rali Bro Caron 1998

These facts were of little interest to Wynne Pickersgill/Shaun O'Gorman whose Escort ground to halt within half a mile of the start with an electrical fault. A few miles later Huw Evans/Patrick Walsh crashed out and a similar fate befell Des Phasey before the halfway mark was reached.

Also in the list of retirements were Geraint Davies/Emyr Jones who were going well when they broke a halfshaft on their Corolla at the Silian hairpin. Cyril Crook/Chris Ware struggled through most of the rally without any rear brakes on their Sunbeam, eventually, a few miles from the end, they slid into a ditch.

When the lead cars reached Petrol it initially seemed that Melvyn Evans/John Gilbey were leading, however when their timecard was checked it was found that they had failed to collect a signature for the first Main Control and they were duly excluded.

Gaunt/Leach had taken the fastest time on the first section, but lost the lead briefly to the Escort of Dennis Quinn/Andrew Thomson at TC6, however by Petrol the Peugeot pairing were back in front and almost two minutes clear. They had a scare in the second half when they picked up a puncture but managed to change the wheel in an easily cleanable section and so it didn't stop them taking victory by exactly one and a half minutes.

Quinn/Thomson found themselves tied for second at halfway with Gary Davies/Dorian Evans, but the latter secured the runner up spot at the finish by being the fastest overall in the last section. Gethin Lewis/Aled Jones finished fourth, a position they may have improved on but for their comparatively lowly seeding which resulted in them being delayed by slower cars.

On the 1997 Bro Caron Emyr Morgan/Carwyn Lloyd won the Novice Class, in 1998 they went one better and took the Semi-Expert Class and a creditable fifth overall. The Novice award was won by Gareth 'Gog' Jones/Wyn Thomas who were 14th overall, a result made more remarkable by the Bro Caron being the driver's very first event. Sixty-two crews made it back to the Finish at Lampeter.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Alan Gaunt Maurice Leach Peugeot 205 GTi 2m 34s
2 Gary Davies Dorian Evans Ford Escort 4m 04s
3 Dennis Quinn Andrew Thomson Ford Escort 4m 35s
4 Gethin Lewis Aled Jones Ford Escort 5m 00s
5 Emyr Morgan Carwyn Lloyd Ford Escort 2m 28s
6 Nick Evans Alan Hands Ford Escort 6m 15s
7 Pete Cotton Dave Pitchford Ford Escort 7m 01s
8 Clive Greves Rob Duke Vauxhall Chevette 7m 09s
9 Glyn Jones Alan Ginn Talbot Sunbeam 7m 20s
10 Huw James Owen Dodd Vauxhall Cavalier SRi 7m 37s
11 Arwyn Rees Lyn Thomas Vauxhall Astra 7m 44s
12 Toby Adam Pat Gadsby Ford Escort 8m 01s
13 Adrian Davies Marc Jones Ford Escort 8m 05s
14 Gareth 'Gog' Jones Wyn Thomas Ford Escort 8m 23s
15 Gary Jones Iestyn ap Dafydd Toyota Corolla 9m 06s
16 Gareth Evans Nigel Lloyd Ford Escort 9m 09s
17 Wayne Morris Paul Middleton Ford Escort 9m 23s
18 Ian Elias Phil Roach Ford Escort 10m 40s
19 Peter Zjalic Richard Preece Toyota Corolla 11m 06s
20 Aled 'Cacen' Evans Eryl Evans Ford Escort 11m 41s
21 Dave Boucher Jon Stobbs Ford Escort 11m 45s
22 Martin Evans Ceri Davies Nissan Micra 11m 50s
23 Dorian Davies Stephanie Lomax Ford Fiesta XR2 12m 05s
24 Chris Painter Steve Quine Vauxhall Nova 12m 47s
25 Clayton Gibbons Martyn Whiteland Volvo 760 13m 00s
26 Karl Hancocks Steve Durbin Ford Escort XR3i 14m 11s
27 Aled James Philip Griffiths Ford Escort 17m 08s
28 Jeremy Davies Meredith Davies Ford Escort 17m 23s
29 Mark Jones Haydn Williams Ford Escort 17m 41s
30 Robert Rees Ann Rees Ford Escort 18m 47s
31 Bernie Harrison Mark Owen Ford Escort XR3i 18m 48s
32 Paul Davies Phil Ralphs Ford Escort 19m 06s
33 Wyn Owens Mair Roberts Vauxhall Cavalier SRi 19m 08s
34 David Jones Aled Jones Vauxhall Nova 19m 58s
35 Selwyn Price Sean Crowley Ford Escort 20m 11s
36 Eirwyn Davies Brian Jenkins Ford Escort 21m 29s
37 Alun Davies Richard Davies Opel Manta 28m 40s
38 Mark Harris Mark Powell Ford Escort 28m 51s
39 Andrew Davies Ian Taylor Ford Escort 30m 03s
40 Dai Davies Chris Winn Ford Escort 35m 36s
41 Tony Watkins Medwyn Evans Mini 1275GT 37m 09s
42 Richard Briddon Edryd Evans Toyota Starlet 37m 15s
43 Marc Lewis Dave Thomas Opel Ascona 1F m 37s
44 Clive Wakeley Byron Jones Ford Escort 1F 12m 02s
45 Kev Nunns Neil Spiers Toyota Corolla 1F 12m 14s
46 Roddy Daniels Anthony Evans Vauxhall Astra 1F 12m 16s
47 Terrence Pressdee Iain Tullie Vauxhall Chevette 1F 12m 57s
48 Ryan Leary Debra Joseph Ford Fiesta 1F 13m 06s
49 Nick Broadway Andy Oakes Ford Sierra 1F 13m 08s
50 Nick Abbot Mark Andrew Ford Escort 1F 15m 03s
51 Robert Price Rhys Davies Vauxhall Astra 1F 15m 29s
52 Iwan Rees Peter James Ford Escort 1F 17m 39s
53 Alan Jones Barry Davies Ford Escort 1F 17m 52s
54 Nicholas Yates Simon Yates Ford Escort 1F 27m 56s
55 Nick Giles James Martin Ford Sierra 1F 33m 16s
56 Huw Rowcliffe Dai Lambert Ford Escort Van 2F 13m 16s
57 Iwan Williams Matthew Picton Ford Escort 2F 14m 22s
58 Arwyn Williams Glyn Evans Ford Escort 2F 15m 12s
59 Arwyn Davies Andrew Morgan VW Golf 3F 39m 06s
60 Arwel Hamer Jack Fowler Ford Escort 7F 22m 00s
61 Chris Palmer Fiona Jenkins Ford Escort 8F 19m 57s
62 Michael Thomas Richard Owen Vauxhall Astra 9F 35m 31s