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Rali Bro Ddyfi 2002

Sponsored by WRX Spares

Dovey Valley Motor Club

2nd/3rd February 2002

Clerk of the Course: Peter Zjalic & Paul Jones

Route: 145 Miles

Maps: 124 125 135 & 136

Starters: 75

Winners: Huw Evans/Patrick Walsh (Ford Escort)

Huw Evans/Patrick Walsh made it three wins in three successive years by winning the WRX Spares Rali Bro Ddyfi 2002.

Rali Bro Ddyfi 2002

They stamped their authority on th rally by being the only crew to clean the second half of the event. However to a certain extent it was also a fortunate win as the Aberyswyth pairing had lost over three minutes when they picked up a puncture on the section just prior to the petrol halt. Fortunately for them all penalties for this section were scrubbed after an irrate resident blocked the road with a tractor after the first twenty cars had passed.

Gary Jones/Dave Pitchford also benefitted from this cancellation as they had spent ten minutes in a ditch at the very beginning of the section. However a code board misdemeanour meant that they picked up a fail and finished 25th overall at the Finish.

The Bro Dyfi was a round of the three major championship, Welsh, West Midlands and North Western, and attracted an entry of 64 cars.The 140 mile route took crews as far north as Dolgellau and as far south as the Clywedog Dam.

The atrocious weather conditions made life hard for comeptitors and even more so for the marshals. The rain led to the cancellation of the second section as Owen Edwards/Dorian Davies put their Escort off on a muddy track and blocked it for the following cars.

At the Finish Evans/Walsh were thirty seconds ahead of the Toyota Corolla of new pairing Howard Price/Carl Williamson, who had paired up for an assault on three major titles; the Welsh, North Western and West Midlands.

Rali Bro Ddyfi 2002
Winners: Huw Evans/Patrick Walsh (Ford Escort)
Photograph: Aled Richards

Martyn O’Connor/Peter Collins took third place after a clear run on their first visit to the event, while Hefin George/Dilwyn Johns survived a puncture on their Nissan Sunny to finish fourth.

Graham Evans/Ian Mills finished fifth and took the Standard Production Award after a rally hampered by an ineffective handbrake. Wayne Morris/Paul Middleton managed to survive with an off song engine to finsh sixth. All these top six finishers were Welsh Championship contenders. Significantly Dennis Quinn/Dave Evison did not start the event.

The leading Semi-Expert crew were Richard Tuckey/Dean George who took their Peugeot 106 to 17th overall, five minutes clear of their nearest class rivals Jim Paterson/Adrian Smart.

The Novice class was won by the Fiesta of Andy Groom/Carl Darby, with Aled Lewis/Huw Lewis second in the category.

The Under 1425cc Award went to the VW Polo of Steve Rogers/Deian Rees, who were fifteenth overall.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Huw Evans Patrick Walsh Ford Escort 1m 09s
2 Howard Price Carl Williamson Toyota Corolla 1m 41s
3 Martyn O'Connor Peter Collins Vauxhall Astra GTE 2m 59s
4 Hefin George Dilwyn John Nissan Sunny GTi-R 3m 26s
5 Graham Evans Ian Mills Toyota Corolla 3m 26s
6 Wayne Morris Paul Middleton Ford Escort 4m 07s
7 Carl Hawkins Iain Tullie Vauxhall Nova 4m 46s
8 Jason Stone Paul Holmberg Peugeot 205 GTi 6m 29s
9 Ceri Richards Aled JOnes Ford Escort 6m 48s
10 Grant Parker Owen Dodd Toyota Corolla 6m 55s
11 Paul Ross Andy Oakes Vauxhall Nova 8m 30s
12 Dewi Williams Michael Evans Peugeot 205 GTi 9m 13s
13 Simon Cottrell Marcus Watmough Subaru Impreza 9m 55s
14 Steve Rogers Deian Rees VW Polo 11m 10s
15 Glyn Price Huw Jones Ford Escort 12m 41s
16 Richard Tuckey Dean George Peugeot 106 14m 47s
17 Mark Harris Neil Bevan Peugeot 205 GTi 17m 50s
18 Jim Paterson Adrian Smart Subaru RX Turbo 19m 41s
19 Lee Bartlett Richard Edwards Peugeot 309 GTi 22m 09s
20 Elfyn Richards Darren Garrod VW Golf 27m 33s
21 Nick Bloxham Martyn Allen Peugeot 205 GTi 28m 04s
22 Simon Chandler David Manning Ford Escort 33m 28s
23 Gary Jones Dave Pitchford Toyota Corolla 1F 3m 34s
24 Mark Appleton Anthony Preston Peugeot 106 1F 9m 20s
25 Jason Hardy Alan Jones VW Golf 1F 9m 52s
26 J C Besson Scott Layton Subaru 1F 11m 19s
27 Claire Evans Allen Hart Vauxhall Astra 1F 20m 54s
28 Andrew Williams Wyn Davies Vauxhall Astra 1F 22m 23s
29 Aled Garner Dylan Garner Toyota Corolla 1F 23m 07s
30 Andy Groom Carl Darby Ford Fiesta 1F 26m 10s
31 Robert Thomson Simon Greenway Peugeot 309 GTi 1F 35m 10s
32 Jerry Jones Ian Cooke Mini Clubman 2F 17m 10s
33 Adrian Hodgson Chris Lightburn Renault 18 3F 17m 16s
34 Aled Lewis Huw Lewis Citroen AX 3F 19m 18s
35 Gareth Owens Aled Richards Ford Escort 3F 20m 58s
36 Shane Swindells Phil Sant Peugeot 205 4F 39m 56s
37 Steven Price Tim Gill Toyota Corolla 5F 30m 38s
38 Paul Mumford Gavin Griffiths Vauxhall Astra 6F 32m 55s
39 Criss Lewis Bryan Thomas Ford Escort 7F 37m 42s
40 Gerwyn Jones Ceri Davies Ford Escort 9F 22m 42s
41 Nigel Thomas Ian Thomas Peugeot 205 GTi 9F 39m 35s
42 Rob Evans Adrian Batchelor Vauxhall Nova 15F 23m 29s
43 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Vauxhall Nova 15F 43m 19s
44 Islwyn Watkins Martin Jones Vauxhall Astra 19F 32m 25s
45 Van-Roy Barber Mark Roper Ford Escort 27F 21m 52s
46 Jeremy Evans Carl Palmer Mini 998 28F 22m 36s
47 Gareth Jenkins Sharon Clark Ford Escort 30F 20m 28s
48 Mark Whitford Steve Coupland Toyota Corolla 31F 9m 20s
49 Paul Hughes Paul Kohler Mazda 323 48F 33m 50s