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Rali Bro Teifi 2000

Sponsored by Corbett Williams & Son Ltd & Rees Bros, Pantgwyn Quarry

Teifi Valley Motor Club

8th-9th April 2000

Rali Bro Teifi 2000

Clerk of the Course: Mark Jukes & Aled Jones

Route: 110 Miles

Map: 145

Starters: 59

Winners: Gary James/Dylan Evans (Hillman Avenger)

The Rali Bro Teifi, Teifi Valley's spring 60 car rally, received a full entry. A non-appearance by Nick Broadway/Andy Oakes meant that 59 cars took the start from Cardigan Cattle Market. The competitors faced a 110 mile route in classic Cilwendeg territory.

Rali RedKite 2002
Clive Wakely/Carl Williamson (Ford Escort)
Rali RedKite 2002
Eilir Morris/Phil Clarke (Ford Escort)
Rali RedKite 2002
Eurig Evans/Gary Green (Ford Capri)
Rali RedKite 2002
Mike James/Richard Evans (Vauxhall Chevette)
Rali RedKite 2002
Gareth 'Shonkey' Jones/Dave Pitchford (Toyota Corolla)
Rali RedKite 2002
Gordon Howells/Daniel Thomas (Ford Escort)

The opening seven mile section took in the tight lanes to the north-east of the town; it included three farmyards. The second farm at Cwm (203 492ΒΌ) was to have a significant affect; two of the top three cars picked up wrong approaches there. Top seeds Arwyn Thomas/Andy Bowen withdrew after collecting the fail. Meanwhile Eilir Morris/Phil Clarke continued, but were to roll their Escort out of the rally in the second half.

Gareth 'Shonkey' Jones/Dave Pitchford were fastest to RF1, dropping 50 seconds, three seconds faster than Clive Wakeley/Carl Williamson. Aled 'Cacen' Evans/Eryl Evans were the only other crew to drop less than a minute. Tony Davies/Patrick Walsh, in Car 2, were already out, a broken strut halting the Escort.

Section 2 was a quick five mile blast from Blaenporth to Llandygwydd, which almost all crews cleaned.

Jones/Pitchford continued to be the fastest crew and this proved to be their downfall on the third regularity section. This test started at Cenarth and snaked its way to finish south of Bryngwyn; it was nine miles in length with one intermediate time control. It was at this ITC that Jones/Pitchford arrived 1m 15s before their due time, the penalty being doubled to 2m 30s for an early arrival. Andrew Lewis/Dave Howells, who had been fourth fastest on the first section, were another crew who booked in early here and added 3m 30s to their total.

Toby Adam/Nigel Nelson also made the same error with a penalty of 3m 05s. Nelson was a late subsitute for the role, as Adam's regular partner, Pat Gadsby, was unwell and unable to compete. Adam/Nelson finished the rally in seventh place.

The latter part of the section utilised the tight lanes and tracks around Dolgian and Pantyronen and all crews dropped time at the finish control. Aled 'Cacen' Evans/Eryl Evans were fastest and moved into the lead, ten seconds ahead of Clive Wakeley/Carl Williamson. Hefin George/Dilwyn John were just one second further back. Jones/Pitchford had been quickest once again to RF3, but, due to the early penalty, were over two minutes off the lead.

The next two sections, which took the route from Beulah to Ffostrasol, via Brynhoffnan, were cleanable and didn't cause any problems for the leading crews. Two fancied runners were out by this stage; Gareth 'Factory' Evans/Gwynfor Jones suffered a broken halfshaft on their Escort, while a broken steering rack put pay to the similar car of John 'Mark One' Thomas/Paul Jenkins.

The final section before Petrol was a tight and twisty nine mile test, which had three ITCs. At the first timing point Hefin George/Dilwyn John were 30 seconds faster than Aled 'Cacen' Evans/Eryl Evans and took the lead, but the times were reversed by 38 seconds at the second ITC and Evans/Evans were back in the lead. First place changed again at the third ITC where George/John were fastest; they were now seven seconds ahead of Evans/Evans. At the finish of the section the two crews remained in the same positions, but the gap was down to four seconds.

There was also a tight battle for third place, with Clive Wakeley/Carl Williamson trading times with the Avenger of Gary James/Dylan Evans. At the first timing point (ITC3), they were tied, James/Evans then pulled ahead by one second at ITC4, three seconds at ITC5 and six seconds by the end of the section.

Petrol was taken with the front four crews separated by just fourteen seconds. They were over a minute ahead of Carl Hancock/Byron Jones in fifth. Owen Llwyd Edwards/Dorian Davies led the Semi-Expert Class by 24 seconds from Mike Rowlands/Andy Morgan.

The second half took crews back across Map 145 to the finish at Nevern. There was only one tight section, a two mile run immediately to the south of Llanfair-Nant-Gwyn ending at ITC6. Despite this straight forward lay out, there were to be dramatic changes to the leader board.

Aled 'Cacen' Evans/Eryl Evans got to the Finish but found that they had been excluded for a give way offence.

Hefin George/Dilwyn John started to experience brake loss on their Nissan Sunny soon after the restart, due to this they were unable to hold off Gary James/Dylan Evans. The Avenger crew were almost a minute faster to the vital ITC and took a lead they retained to the end. George/John held on to the runner up spot by just one second from Clive Wakeley/Carl Williamson.

Gareth 'Gog' Jones/Owen Dodd were fourth. They were the quickest crew over the second half of the rally, but had earlier picked up a 44 second early penalty in the first half; without that error, they would have finished in second place. They ended two seconds ahead of Carl Hancock/Byron Jones.

Gareth 'Shonkey' Jones/Dave Pitchford finished in sixth place, which was enough for them to retain their lead in the West Midlands Championship. They ended 2m 21s off the lead and were left ruing their 2m 30s penalty for early arrival at ITC2.

The leading positions in the Semi-Expert Class had reversed since the petrol halt, with Mike Rowlands/Andy Morgan coming home six seconds ahead of Owen Llwyd Edwards/Dorian Davies.

Competitors in the Novice Class weren't eligible for overall positions as they were provided with simpler navigation. The category was dominated by the Capri of Eurig Evans/Gary Green; they finished over 11 minutes ahead of their nearest category rival.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Gary James Dylan Evans Hillman Avenger 8m 04s
2 Hefin George Dilwyn John Nissan Sunny 8m 53s
3 Clive Wakley Carl Williamson Ford Escort 8m 54s
4 Gareth 'Gog' Jones Owen Dodd Ford Escort XR3 9m 02s
5 Carl Hancocks Byron Jones Toyota Corolla 9m 04s
6 Gareth 'Shoney' Jones Dave Pitchford Toyota Corolla 10m 26s
7 Toby Adam Nigel Nelson Ford Escort 16m 24s
8 Mike Rowlands Andy Morgan Vauxhall Astra 19m 40s
9 Owen Llwyd Edwards Dorian Davies Vauxhall Astra 19m 46s
10 Alan Jones Mark Andrews Vauxhall Astra 20m 14s
11 John Summers Leighton Williams Ford Escort 28m 16s
12 Paul Webb Mike Hart Vauxhall Astra 29m 37s
13 Mark Lloyd Richard Davies Vauxhall Astra 1F 10m 55s
14 Harry Bibby Jon Stobbs Talbot Sunbeam 1F 15m 22s
15 Nick Evans Alan Hands Ford Escort 1F 16m 40s
16 Pete Cotton Duncan Pinnegar Ford Escort 1F 17m 35s
17 Robert Rees Ann Rees Ford Escort Cosworth 1F 25m 16s
18 Darren Williams Dylan Jones Peugeot 205 2F 21m 37s
19 Andrew Lewis Dave Howells Ford Escort 2F 24m 42s
20 Robert Pardoe Arno Osinga Talbot Sunbeam 3F 26m 55s
21 Neil Reed Andrew Davies Ford Escort 3F 27m 48s
22 Wyn Owens Kathryn Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 10F 36m 23s

CLASS 3 RESULTS - Not eligible for overall positions due to simpler route instructons

Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Eurig Evans Gary Green Ford Capri 13m 48s
2 Howell Davies Huw Phillips Ford Escort 24m 52s
3 Barry Phillips Clive Phillips Ford Escort 8F 21m 45s
4 Eifion Thomas Afan Thomas Ford Escort XR3 12F 32m 29s
5 Christian Howells Andrew Hughes Peugeot 205 GTi 14F 48m 03s
6 Geoff Williams Stuart Oulton Vauxhall Nova 21F 42m 02s
7 Emyr Evans Robert Greeves Opel Manta 31F 63m 27s
8 Robert James Simon Walker Vauxhall Astra 33F 42m 48s
9 Richard James Eurig Davies Vauxhall Chevette 44F 23m 15s
10 Paul Randerson Neil Evans Mazda 323 70F 18m 06s
11 Derrick Brown Mark Jameson Ford Escort 160F 6m 21s