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Rali Bro Teifi 2002

Sponsored by John Roberts (Ffestiniog) Ltd + Rees Bros, Pantgwyn Quarry

Teifi Valley Motor Club

13th/14th April 2002

Clerk of the Course: Mark Jukes & Peter Collins

Route: 140 Miles

Maps: 145 157 & 158

Starters: 67

Winners: Hefin George/Dilwyn John (Nissan Sunny GTI-R)

Rali Bro Teifi 2002

Hefin George/Dilwyn John took a maiden win on Teifi Valley MC’s Rali Bro Teifi. The 120 mile non-championship event used the lane to the south of the Cardigan to Newcastle Emlyn road and attracted 67 starters. The club had attracted sponsorship from Rees Brothers, Pantgwyn Quarry and John Roberts (Festiniog) Ltd.

George/John had decided prior to the event that the rally would be decided on the various tracks being used during the night. They were proved correct and made the most of their M&S tyre choice and the Nissan Sunny’s four wheel drive to take the win with a margin of a minute over the Escort XR3 of Gareth Jones/Carl Williamson. These two crews were well clear of Wayne Elliott/Nigel Nelson and Gary Evans/Iestyn Leshon who finished third and fourth.

The organisers, feeling that some crews were gaining an unfair speed advantage by not taking due time when recording code boards, took a tough line on route checks, penalising crews for any inaccuracies. This, combined with a tricky PC52 which caught out twenty-three crews, led to only six competitors finishing the rally fail free.

Worst affected by these measures were Ceri Richards/Aled Jones and Gareth Evans/Gwynfor Jones who would both have been in contention for the runner up spot but for the fails they picked up. Top seeds Robert Thomas/Dylan Evans also ended up with a number of fails and so could only finish thirteenth.

Rali Bro Teifi 1999
Semi Expert Class Winners: Robert Rees/Ann Rees (Ford Escort)
Photograph: M&H Photography

Gary Jones/Dave Pitchford and Clive Wakeley/Byron Jones both retired in the first half with half shaft failures. Arwyn Thomas/Patrick Walsh withdrew early in the second half after the rear axle of their Corolla started to emit banging noises

Toby Adam/Mark Appleton were another crew to loose out on a good finish after they inadvertently booked into the final main control five minutes early.

The Semi-Expert Class was decided on the fewest fails with Robert Rees/Ann Rees taking the class award with penalties of two fails 32m 12s, in front of Aled Richards/Dalis Ifans who were on three fails 25s 37s.

The Novices had a slightly shorter route than the main event and so weren’t eligible for overall awards. Non of the finishers in the class were fail free, the leading two runners both having a fail apiece, Lee Hayward/Mark Hamilton finishing six minutes in front of Jeremy Davies/Daniel Maclachlan.

The Standard Production Award went to the VW Golf of Dyfrig James/Emyr Jones, while the Under 1600cc Award was won by the Toyota Corolla of Paul Tod/Iestyn ap Dafydd.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Hefin George Dilwyn John Nissan Sunny GTI-R 7m 16s
2 Gareth 'Gog' Jones Carl Williamson Ford Escort XR3i 8m 12s
3 Wayne Elliott Nigel Nelson Toyota Celica GT 18m 11s
4 Gary Evans Iestyn Leyshon Ford Escort 23m 51s
5 Dafydd Williams Alan Hands Talbot Sunbeam 27m 23s
6 Ian Evans Daniel Thomas Ford Escort 27m 30s
7 Ceri Richards Aled Jones Ford Escort 1F 08m 27s
8 Dyfrig James Emyr Jones VW Golf 1F 11m 52s
9 Arwel Phillips John Hands Ford Escort 1F 13m 02s
10 Paul Tod Iestyn ap Dafydd Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 17m 05s
11 Gareth Evans Gwynfor Jones Ford Escort 2F 07m 22s
12 Robert Rees Ann Rees Ford Escort 2F 32m 12s
13 Robert Thomas Dylan Evans Talbot Sunbeam 3F 10m 03s
14 Barry Davies Mark Lloyd Ford Escort 3F 18m 56s
15 Aled Richards Dalis Ifans Peugeot 205 GTi 3F 25m 37s
16 Richard Briddon Edryd Evans Toyota Starlet 3F 28m 46s
17 Robert Wilson Dylan Jenkins Peugeot 205 GTi 3F 29m 50s
18 Richard James Eurig Davies Vauxhall Chevette 3F 30m 53s
19 Owen Llwyd Edwards Dorian Davies Vauxhall Astra 4F 20m 38s
20 Daniel Jones Paul Jenkins Ford Escort 4F 32m 00s
21 Colin Thomas David Prout Nissan Cherry 4F 69m 18s
22 Toby Adam Mark Appleton Ford Escort 5F 09m 14s
23 Keith Collier Martin Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 6F 30m 11s
24 Andrew Thomas Alan James Peugeot 205 GTi 7F 64m 32s
25 Doreen Davies Anthony Davies Ford Escort 10F 24m 45s
26 Ieuan Reeves Philip Evans Ford Escort 36F 39m 26s

CLASS 3 RESULTS - Not eligible for overall positions due to shorter route

Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Lee Hayward Mark Hamilton Ford Escort 1F 26m 09s
2 Jeremy Davies Daniel Maclachlan Vauxhall Nova 1F 32m 07s
3 Robert James Aled Johnson Rover Metro GTi 2F 38m 43s
4 Geraint Rhys Davies Steffan Evans Peugeot 205 4F 70m 23s
5 Julian Smith Chris Short Toyota Corolla 5F 51m 50s
6 Gareth Williams Owen Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 5F 51m 36s
7 David Jones Glyn Price Peugeot 205 GTi 6F 54m 36s
8 Hefin Jones Llinos Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 7F 54m 36s
9 Wayne James Chris Sinclair James Peugeot 205 GTi 7F 58m 14s
10 Hefin Owen Gethin Morgan Peugeot 205 GTi 9F 42m 36s
11 Euros Evans Emyr Evans Ford Sierra 10F 81m 40s
12 Kevin Evans Owen Thomas Vauxhall Nova 17F 56m 18s
13 Geoff Williams Stuart Oulten Vauxhall Nova 18F 73m 33s
14 Clive Mortimer Stafford Morgan Opel Manta 19F 74m 30s
15 Carwyn Davies Gary Davies Vauxhall Astra 20F 55m 42s
16 Jonathan Harrison Jonathan Jones Toyota Starlet 27F 64m 34s
17 Alan Cole Euros Lloyd Ford Escort 34F 81m 09s
18 Christopher Williams Brian Eccleston VW Polo 39F 45m 07s
19 Brian Morgan Ruth Morgan Ford Escort 45F 98m 38s