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Carpet Bagger Rally 2003

Bournemouth & District Car Club

25th/26th January 2003

Clerk of the Course: Roger Hunt

Route: 170 Miles

Map: 193

Starters: 51

Winners: Terry Pickering/Paul Robinson (Triumph TR3)

Terry Pickering/Paul Robinson took their Triumph TR3 to victory on Bournemouth and District CC’s Carpet Bagger Rally. The popular road rally, which mixed modern and historic cars, used a 170 mile route, featuring 45 time controls, in the tight lanes of Somerset and Dorset.

Heavy rain in the days leading up to the rally had covered the roads in a layer mud, this not only made the going treacherous, but increased the difficulty of differentiating between roads, tracks and gateways. The entire route was made up of regularity controls and this seemed to favour the navigators who majored on historic rallies.

Carpet Bagger Rally 2003
Winners: Terry Pickering/Paul Robinson (Triumph TR3)
Photograph: M&H Photography

Pickering/Robinson finished the event almost eight minutes clear of their nearest rival, however it had not been a straightforward win, the crew reporting that they had lost eight minutes with wrong slots. The driver's wiper blade failed on the first section, so it was swapped with that on the passenger side. They also felt fortunate to have finished as the starter motor, which had struggled during the event, failed completely when they got home and tried to take the car off the trailer. They also found that the clutch, despite only being on its second rally, had only 20 miles left on it at the Finish.

Dominic Worsfold/Matt Fowle continued their good run of results by taking the runners up spot, however they had visited a Devonshire hedge at an early stage in proceedings. This misdemeanour cost them their spotlights and broke a wishbone mounting, which led to odd handling for the rest of the night. They decided on a steady run for the remainder of the event. A strategy that worked resulting in their second place finish.

Worth Birkhill/David Harris were third having lost over four minutes looking for a hidden slot.

The 2001 winning driver Peter Noad, who on this occasion was partnered by Dave Kirkham, finished in fourth, while the leading novice crew, Chris Simmons/Mike Stayte were in fifth place. The leading Semi-Experts were Tony Brookes/Alan Hudson who were competing in their regular Saab Sonett.

Paul Ross/Andy Oakes (Peugeot 205 GTi) led at the petrol halt, but then broke a drive shaft in the second half.

A number of crews failed to make the finish after getting caught out by the conditions and going off the road. Most notable amongst these were Mike Biss/Cath Woodman. They were delayed early on after they picked up a puncture at exactly the same spot as Biss had got one on the 2001 event. They continued but then ran over a wheel that had been dropped by an earlier car, this led to a big dent in the sump and a loss of oil pressure which forced them out.

Others who ended their rally in a ditch included Darren Dixon/Peter Barnard and Mike East/PRAR; both crews were competing in Peugeot 205s. Stuart Wood/Paul Waterton retired after a heavy landing put a hole in the sump of their Mondeo Estate.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Terry Pickering Paul Robinson Triumph TR3 19m 54s
2 Dominic Worsfield Matt Fowle Peugeot 205 GTi 28m 04s
3 Worth Birkill Dave Harris Morris Mini 31m 51s
4 Peter Noad Dave Kirkham Audi 80 GT 36m 30s
5 Chris Simmons Mike Stayte Peugeot 205 GTi 50m 47s
6 John Kiff Andrew Tong VW Beetle 51m 14s
7 Steve Powell Lee Vincent Ford Escort RS2000 52m 11s
8 Steve Cole Bob Blows Peugeot 205 GTi 55m 06s
9 Len Olds Ryan Pickering Triumph TR4 61m 33s
10 Andy Coshan Phil Kendall Talbot Sunbeam 61m 50s
11 Paul Swindells Richard Howatt Peugeot 309 GTi 63m 43s
12 Jack Curran Dave Bardwell VW Golf GTi 64m 18s
13 Barry Luxton Nic Jones VW Golf GTi 67m 56s
14 Dick Appleton Richard Dix Mini Cooper S 69m 55s
15 Tony Brooks Alan Hudson Saab Sonett 73m 13s
16 Brian Cope Stan Appleton Mini Cooper S 74m 47s
17 Damon Green Shon Gosling Volvo Amazon 75m 28s
18 Phil Collings Mark Collings Peugeot 205 GTi 76m 42s
19 Andrew Garrett Susan Broughall Peugeot 106 77m 30
20 Paul Heal Matt Heal MGB GT 79m 25s
21 Dave Crook Barry Palmer Peugeot 205 GTi 87m 10s
22 Rob Reynolds Alan Colyer Subaru Impreza GL 87m 32s
23 Jonah Nuttgens David Coles Peugeot 205 GTi 90m 15s
24 Ken Pape John Stringer Ford Escort 130m 32s
25 Bob Wisniewski Paul Lettington Vauxhall Nova GTE 137m 58s
26 Geoff Skillen Ian Collins Ford Mondeo 167m 13s
27 B Small O Small Ford Sierra 4x4 17m 47s
28 Zip Zerihan Lizzie Pope Toyota MR2 264m 47s
29 Dave Barbara Duncan Cox Rover 220 GSi 289m 18s
30 M Spindles A Belcher Austin Healey 3000 326m 26s
31 Sam Collins Olly North VW Golf GTi 355m 26s
32 Timo Rumary Daryl Powell Audi 80 459m 57s