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Rali Cilwendeg 1999

Sponsored by N.D. Signs + G.D. Tyres & Exhausts

Teifi Valley Motor Club

6th/7th November 1999

Clerk of the Course: Eurig Evans & Dyfan Davies

Route: 130 Miles

Maps: 145

Starters: 75

Winners: Martyn O'Connor/Peter Collins (Vauxhall Astra GTE)

Rali Cilwendeg 1999
Winners: Martyn O'Connor/Peter Collins (Vauxhall Astra GTE)
Photograph: Brian Gilbert

Martyn O'Connor/Peter Collins took a well deserved victory on the Cilwendeg Rally; they produced a faultless performance as their numerous rivals made errors or hit misfortune.

Teifi Valley MC followed the longstanding format for the Cilwendeg - a tight route centred on Newcastle Emlyn. A large number of three-metre controls added to the test facing the 75 starters. These Not-As-Map controls were to claim a number of high profile victims during the night.

By the petrol halt there were only eleven crews who were free of fails. Two controls, in particular, had caught out competitors. By that point Gareth Lloyd/Ryland James and Gary Davies/Dorian Evans had withdrawn after picking up fails.

Top seeds Gwyndaf Lloyd/John Hands were out with a holed radiator on their Escort and Mark Williams/Rob Richardson were sidelined by ignition problems.

Rali Cilwendeg 1999

Up front the pace was being set by Arwyn Thomas/Andy Bowen. They'd established a lead on the first section and their pace meant that approaching the end of the penutlimate section they seemed to be cruising to a win. Unfortunately they slid off the road on a white and the fifteen minutes lost in this incident dropped them to seventh at the Finish.

The lead was then briefly taken by Tony Davies/Aled Davies, but they picked up a fail at PC61. This was at 315½262½, with an approach of SW, the correct route being through the farm; Davies/Davies approached straight down the yellow. A protest on the matter was taken to the Stewards, but the penalty stood. They had to make do with the Standard Production Award as consolation.

Gareth Evans/Mark Lloyd had been holding second before being excluded with a noisy exhaust and Ceri Richards/Aled Jones were going well in third when their Escort suffered a halfshaft failure. Neil Griffiths/Carl Williamson, Toby Adam/Pat Gadsby and Gareth Jones/Andy Oakes were further leading crews to pick up fails at three metre controls.

The result of all this mayhem was that O'Connor/Collins came home almost a minute clear of Dennis Quinn/Andrew Thomson, who were making a rare non-championship appearance.

The leading Semi-Experts were Dewi Williams/Eilir Jones who were eighth overall and the last crew to be fail free. Robert Rees/Ann Rees were the fastest Class 2 crew but were yet another victim of the tricky controls.

Although covering the same route as the other classes, but due to them receiving simpler navigation, Class 3 competitors weren't eligible for overall awards. The category was won by the Escort of Julian Thomas/Peter James (Ford Escort).


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Martyn O'Connor Peter Collins Vauxhall Astra GTE 5m 36s
2 Dennis Quinn Andrew Thomson Ford Escort 6m 17s
3 Alan Gaunt Phil Clarke Peugeot 205 GTi 9m 24s
4 Huw Davies Gwynfor Jones Ford Escort 10m 32s
5 Owain Beaman Nigel Nelson Peugeot 205 GTi 12m 57s
6 Nigel Davies Karen Davies Ford Escort 15m 01s
7 Arwyn Thomas Andy Bowen Ford Escort 15m 53s
8 Dewi Williams Eilir Jones Vauxhall Nova 52m 47s
9 Tony Davies Aled Davies VW Golf GTi 1F 4m 14s
10 Neil Griffiths Carl Williamson Ford Escort 1F 11m 30s
11 Hefin George Dilwyn John Mazda 323T 4WD 1F 11m 51s
12 Julian Jones Ieuan Thomas Toyota Corolla 1F 14m 01s
13 Aled Davies Clive Selby Ford Escort 1F 15m 26s
14 Kevin Morgan Iestyn Leyshon Ford Escort Van 1F 16m 20s
15 Robert Rees Ann Rees Ford Escort 1F 18m 52s
16 Andrew Thomas Afan Thomas Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 31m 17s
17 Gary Jones Andy Oakes Toyota Corolla 2F 9m 53s
18 Paul Evans Patrick Walsh Toyota Corolla 2F 10m 25s
19 Wayne Morris Dave Pitchford Ford Escort 2F 14m 31s
20 Andrew Lewis David Howells Ford Escort 2F 14m 57s
21 Toby Adam Pat Gadsby Ford Escort 2F 15m 39s
22 John Morgan Cris Jones Citroen Saxo 2F 18m 32s
23 Mark Harris Neil Bevan Ford Escort 2F 26m 21s
24 Michael Pedley Paul Griffin Ford Escort 2F 27m 08s
25 Darren Jones Darren Miles Ford Escort 2F 35m 53s
26 Aled James Philip Griffiths Ford Escort 2F 38m 35s
27 Harry Bibby Jon Stobbs Talbot Sunbeam 3F 14m 49s
28 Clive Greves Rob Duke Vauxhall Chevette 3F 19m 47s
29 Nick Abbott Mark Andrew Ford Escort 3F 20m 18s
30 Manfred Kampschulte Paul Jenkins Vauxhall Astra 3F 28m 47s
31 Malcolm Walters Alan Ginn Ford Escort 3F 47m 39s
32 Mark Owen Andy Morgan Ford Escort Mk3 4F 15m 57s
33 Ian Caddy Alan Thomas Ford Escort 4F 29m 59s
34 Owen Llwyd Edwards Dorian Davies Ford Sierra 5F 24m 44s
35 Doreen Davies Hywel Greves Ford Escort 8F 34m 16s
36 Christopher Rose Darren Morris Ford Fiesta XR2 8F 36m 15s
37 Wynne Pickersgill Shaun O'Gorman Ford Escort 13F 26m 55s
38 Richard Vaughan M Rogers Ford Escort 19F 37m 02s
39 Andrew Thomas Elgan Davies Peugeot 205 GTi 29F 30m 01s
40 Geoff Williams Paul Randerson Vauxhall Nova 67F 30m 18s

CLASS 3 RESULTS - Not eligible for overall positions due to simpler route instructons

Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Julian Thomas Peter James Ford Escort 1F 47m 46s
2 Andrew Bowen Robert Fearn Vauxhall Cavalier SRi 3F 47m 36s
3 Neil Reed Barry Davies Ford Escort 4F 57m 28s
4 Barry Phillips Clive Phillips Ford Escort 6F 30m 03s
5 Geraint Evans Ian Evans Ford Escort 8F 50m 41s
6 Paul Edwards Andrew Rees Peugeot 205 GTi 11F 48m 46s
7 Dai Hands Richard Davies Ford Escort 15F 47m 40s
8 Andrew Davies Davies Ford Fiesta 24F 54m 53s
9 Richard Jones Dylan Davies Ford Capri 26F 46m 51s
10 Davies Davies Ford Escort 32F 94m 02s
11 Randall Mick Wilcox Ford Escort RS2000 42F 30m 46s