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Rali Cilwendeg 2002

Sponsored by West Wales Rally Spares

Teifi Valley Motor Club

20th-22nd September 2002

Cilwendeg 2002

Clerk of the Course: Dyfan Davies, Eurig Evans & Mark Jukes

Route: 270 Miles

Maps: 145

Starters: 66

Winners: Toby Adam/Byron Jones (Ford Sierra)

Teifi Valley MC introduced a new format to modern road rallying with the Rali Cilwendeg - a two night road rally. The event used a 270 miles route, split between Friday and Saturday night. The rally was based at the magnificent Castell Malgwyn Hotel at Llechryd. In total crews tackled fourteen sections in the Cardigan/Newcastle Emlyn area. The route was very demanding, especially on Friday night, with many farm tracks being utilised to augment the already complex maze of lanes in the area.

Rali Cilwendeg 2002
Ceri Richards/Aled Jones (Ford Escort)
Rali Cilwendeg 2002
Alun 'Timo' Evans/Rob Richardson (Mitsubishi Lancer)
Rali Cilwendeg 2002
Elgan Jones/Elgan Davies (Vauxhall Astra)
Rali Cilwendeg 2002
Hefin George/Dilwyn John (VW Golf)
Rali Cilwendeg 2002
Gareth 'Factory' Evans/Gwynfor Jones (Ford Escort)
Rali Cilwendeg 2002
Mick Monaghan/Iain Tullie (Suzuki Swift)

Unusually for Welsh events, the second night opened with a Jogularity section, which was defined by tulip diagrams. Despite the unusual format, most crews picked up very few penalties at the two timing points.

The leaders after the first section around Cwm were Elgan Jones/Elgan Davies, who dropped only 18 seconds, compared to the next fastest crew, Martyn O'Connor/Peter Collins. Unfortunately Jones/Davies then rolled their Astra on the second section. They lost fifteen minutes in the incident but recovered and rejoined, however they were to roll again soon after the first petrol halt. The second accident put them out of the rally.

O'Connor/Collins now took the lead but they fell victim to the tricky fifth section, which used the lanes and tracks directly North of Newcastle Emlyn. They wrong slotted twice and dropped three minutes. They survived to eventually finish in fourth place. Daniel Jones/Owen Dodd also lost time investigating an incorrect route around the same point but this was their only indiscretion and, despite a pinking engine, they finished the event in the runner up spot.

The rally then settled in to a two way battle between the Ford Sierra of 2000 winners Toby Adam/Byron Jones and the Mitsubishi Lancer of Alun 'Timo' Evans/Rob Richardson. The latter pairing were to finish the rally with the quickest time but they picked up a fail at a triangle control and this dropped them from first to twenty-ninth.

Adam/Jones were using the Sierra after the driver had severely damaged his regular Mark One Escort on the previous weekend's Wexford Rally in Ireland. The Sierra had been hastly put together in the week prior to the Cilwendeg. They had to struggle with a slipping clutch for most of the event, the problem being so severe at points that they had difficulties on uphill sections. However they nursed the car to the Finish and, despite getting stuck on a triangle on Saturday night, came through to take their second succesive win on the rally.

The surprise of the rally was the speed of Car 47, the Renault Clio of Delfryn Owens/Jeff James. They were inside the top ten from the first section onwards and held third place from the fifth section until the Finish. They were well clear of any other Semi-Expert crew.

Fifth place went to Arwyn Thomas/Patrick Walsh, the navigator managing to compete on the Plains Rally during the day on Saturday, in between two stints on the Cilwendeg. Owen Llwyd Edwards/Dorian Davies had a clear run to sixth place. Hefin George/Dilwyn John were competing in a VW Golf purchased on Friday, after their regular Nissan Sunny suffered a head gasket failure. Despite losing over four minutes with a puncture on a tight section, they completed the rally in seventh place. Simon Cottrell/Marcus Watmough made the long journey to West Wales and were rewarded with eighth place despite an off that caused superficial damage to their Impreza.

A slippery farmyard and a treacherously placed milk stand combined to cause problems for a number of crews on Friday. Ceri Richards/Aled Jones and Howard Price/Cyril Jones survived with damaged rear three quarter panels on their cars, however Iain Scott/Jez Harris retired due to the damage to their Corolla. Richard/Jones continued but struggled with a slipping clutch, and then a sticking throttle before total elctrical failure halted them on Saturday night. Price/Jones completed the event in tenth place, their Corolla's engine went onto three cylinders later on the Friday sections but cleared on Saturday.

With such a tough event there was always going to be a heavy retirement rate and thirty crews failed to make the Finish. Amongst these were: Dyfrig James/Emyr Jones - clutch failure; Gareth 'Factory' Evans/Gwynfor Jones - broken exhaust; Mark Williams/Alan Davies - head gasket; Gareth 'Gog' Jones/Eyrl Evans - steering problems; Gary Evans/Iestyn Leyshon - OTL after losing time with rear suspension failure; Jon Stobbs/Gary Robbins - failed rear brakes.

Dafydd Edwards/Haydn Williams retired after winning the 'Most Damage Inflicted in a Low Speed Accident' award, when they failed to get their Ford Sierra between two gateposts during Friday night.

The U1300 award was won by the Suzuki Swift of Mick Monaghan/Iain Tullie, who finished eleventh place although they struggled without spotlights from the first section onwards. They also lost three minutes after getting stuck in a field.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Toby Adam Byron Jones Ford Sierra 8m 48s
2 Daniel 'Lwni' Jones Owen Dodd Ford Escort 9m 22s
3 Delfryn Owens Jeff James Reanult Clio 10m 13s
4 Martyn O'Connor Peter Collins Vauxhall Astra 10m 23s
5 Arwyn Thomas Patrick Walsh Ford Escort 11m 28s
6 Owen Llwyd Edwards Dorian Davies Vauxhall Astra 15m 24s
7 Hefin George Dilwyn John VW Golf 15m 42s
8 Simon Cottrell Marcus Watwough Subaru Impreza 15m 47s
9 Gareth 'Shonkey' Jones Andy Oakes Toyota Corolla 15m 59s
10 Howard Price Cyril Jones Toyota Corolla 18m 11s
11 Mick Monaghan Iain Tullie Suzuki Swift 18m 22s
12 Barry Davies Mark Davies Peugeot 205 20m 16s
13 Dafydd 'Budgie' Williams John Hands Chrysler Sunbeam 20m 59s
14 Darren Williams Dylan Jones Vauxhall Astra 21m 10s
15 Owen Turner Andrew Dadswell Hillman Imp 21m 51s
16 Jerry Jones Mark Robinson Austin Mini 22m 11s
17 David Pedley Paul Holmberg Ford Escort 22m 19s
18 Richard Briddon Edryd Evans Toyota Starlet 23m 32s
19 Baron Glaze Peter Davies Ford Escort 24m 27s
20 Robert James Eurig Davies Rover 216 24m 29s
21 Mike Cartwright Steve Warrington Vauxhall Nova 24m 36s
22 Marc Jones Bill Williams Ford Sierra 25m 25s
23 Andrew Thomas Hefin Thomas Peugeot 205 27m 57s
24 Aled Garner Dylan Garner Toyota Corolla 28m 09s
25 Ian Orford Peter Barnard Mazda 323 28m 20s
26 Huw Myfyr Darren Garrod VW Golf 32m 26s
27 Julian Smith Chris Short Toyota Corolla 33m 06s
28 Gary Jenkins Eric Tong Peugeot 205 40m 04s
29 Alun 'Timo' Evans Rob Richardson Mitsubishi Lancer 1F 8m 08s
30 Richard James Aled Johnson Vauxhall Astra GTE 1F 35m 22s
31 Robert Price Mark Coleman Vauxhall Astra 2F 26m 11s
32 Gethin Morgan Matthew Pugh Ford Sierra 2F 50m 24s
33 Geoff Williams Stuart Oulton Vauxhall Nova 11F 1h 09m 04s
34 Kevin Evans Owain Thomas Vauxhall Nova 42F 54m 43s
35 Hefin Owen Iwan Williams Peugeot 205 45F 38m 09s
36 Wayne James Chris Sinclair-James Peugeot 205 84F 1h 59m 49s