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Eagle Road Rally 2002

Newtown & District Automobile Club

15th/16th June 2002

Clerk of the Course: Graham Evans

Route: 100 Miles

Venue:: 136

Starters: 39

Winners: Howard Price/Carl Williamson (Toyota Corolla)

After three years of running as a daylight road rally entirely within the Sweet Lamb Complex, the Eagle Rally moved to the Hafren Forest and night time for the 2002 event.

Eagle Road Rally 2002
Winners: Howard Price/Carl Williamson (Toyota Corolla)
Photo: M&H Photography

In addition to the 40 miles of forest track, some of the surrounding public roads were used for competitive motoring as well. Two loops of the forest were used, the two halves being split by a petrol halt.

It proved to be a tough test for navigators even though the full route was provided for them on photocopied maps. Many crews struggled initially to get to grips with the format however most learnt quickly and were comfortable by the second half.

Time was dropped at a large number of controls and the eventual winners, Howard Price/Carl Williamson, finished with total time penalties of 9m 37s. They were over a minute clear of the Escort DB4 of Michael Pedley/David Pedley who were second and ruing the choice of tarmac tyres.

The fastest crew of the night were Phil Turner/Owen Dodd who would have won the event but missed the very first Passage Control in the forest. The resulting ten minute penalty dropped them to seventh at the Finish, although they did collect the Standard Production Award. Their performance was particularly worthy as they were running on road tyres and struggled with a slipping clutch for most of the rally.

Eagle Road Rally 2002
Eighth Placed: Paul Tod/Iestyn ap Daffydd (Peugeot 205 GTi)
Photo: M&H Photography

Paul Tod/Iestyn ap Daffydd, who had led briefly at one point, were another crew to miss out on a top finishing place by missing a PC, they would have been second but for the error.

All the leading Semi-Experts missed at least one Passage Control but the eventual winners were Jon Stobbs/Gary Robbins who took twelfth place overall in their Toyota Corolla. It was their second award in two weekends.

The class leaders at the halfway halt had been Chris Bolver/Denny Harris in their venerable Ford Anglia, at that point they had been in ninth position overall. Unfortunately for them they lost seven minutes early in the second half when the car boiled and then missed a PC to drop them to third in class at the Finish.

The leading novice crew were Gareth Jones/Iwan Jones, they had been as high as seventh place overall at one point but dropped back to a still magnificent tenth place at the Finish, thirteen minutes clear of their nearest class rival.

Neal Arden/Giles Corbett, who have put in consistently good performances on previous Eagle Rallies, were one of the earliest retirements as their wipers failed on the first section. Among the other retirements were John Jones/Alan Thompson (gearbox), Antony Williams/Tim Gill (off), Len Giles/Steve Roderick (cambelt), and Lee Evans/Antony Williams (broken back beam).

There was a disappointing entry of just 39 starters but of these 31 made it back to the finish at Trefeglwys.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Howard Price Carl Williamson Toyota Corolla 9m 37s
2 Michael Pedley David Pedley Ford Escort DB4 10m 45s
3 Wayne Morris Paul Middleton Ford Escort 12m 33s
4 Martyn O'Connor Peter Collins Vauxhall Astra GTE 12m 36s
5 Glyn Price Huw Jones Ford Escort 13m 07s
6 Gerwyn Jones Ceri Davies Ford Escort 17m 05s
7 Phil Turner Owen Dodd VW Golf GTi 18m 56s
8 Paul Tod Iestyn ap Dafydd Peugeot 205 GTi 20m 41s
9 Baron Glaze Pete Davies Ford Escort 21m 49s
10 Gareth Jones Iwan Jones Vauxhall Astra 24m 02s
11 Wayne Elliott Nigel Nelson Ford Escort RS2000 25m 00s
12 Jon Stobbs Gary Robbins Toyota Corolla 28m 25s
13 Aled Williams Don James Peugeot 205 GTi 29m 50s
14 Keith Jenkins Gwawr Hughes Saab 96 V4 30m 28s
15 Owen Llwyd Edwards Dorian Davies Vauxhall Astra 32m 53s
16 Roger Davidson Mike East Peugeot 205 GTi 37m 10s
17 Paul Davies Wyn Lewis Talbot Sunbeam 37m 58s
18 Chris Bolver Denny Harris Ford Anglia 41m 59s
19 Steve Wynn Chris Wynn Ford Escort 43m 41s
20 Julian Smith Chris Short Toyota Corolla 49m 07s
21 Mike Cartwright Steve Warrington Vauxhall Nova 52m 10s
22 Dave Edwards Andrew Edwards Ford Escort 56m 27s
23 Berwyn Roberts Richard Jackson Vauxhall Nova 58m 21s
24 Terry Micklethwaite Chris Rowlands VW Golf GTi 61m 17s
25 Dafydd Roberts Gavin Richards Vauxhall Nova 65m 42s
26 Alan Bradbury Geoff Evanson Ford Escort 75m 20s
27 Glyn Williams David Jones Ford Escort RS 77m 35s
28 Kevin Nunns Nigel Roberts Ford Sierra 5F 137mm 58s
29 Adrian Hodgson Chris Lightburn Renault 18 10F 24m 42s
30 Alun Davies Anthony Davies Ford Escort 12F 341m 57s
31 Jonathan Harrison Jonathan Jones Toyorta Starlet 13F 63m 50s