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Eagle Road Rally 2004

Newtown & District Automobile Club

8th/9th May 2004

Clerk of the Course: Kevin Bolver

Route: 90 Miles

Venue:: 125 & 136

Starters: 72

Winners: Steve Wood/Peter Collins (Vauxhall Astra)

Steve Wood took his second rally victory within a fortnight, when, navigated by Peter Collins, he followed up his Night Owl victory with first place on the Eagle Road Rally.

Eagle Road Rally 2004
Winners: Steve Wood/Peter Collins (Vauxhall Astra)

The Eagle retuned to the lanes for the first time in seven years with a 90 mile route based on the organising club's home town. There were 72 starters, of whom 59 made the Finish.

The first section started at Penstrowed and ran via the 'Mast white' in SQ 0587 to finish east of Mochdre. It was cleaned by both the eventual winners and top seeds Howard Price/Dorian Evans (Ford Escort). Huw Myfyr/Gwawr Hughes (VW Golf GTi) were in third on 19s, while Kevin Hesketh/Shaun O'Gorman (Ford Escort) and Rob Wilson/Dylan Jenkins (Peugeot 205 GTi) were on 20s.

A long non-comp down the A483 took crews to the second section which used the fast moorland roads between Llanbister, Llanbister Road Station and Felindre; there were three ITCs. For the leaders seconds were collected as marshals fumbled with the Liege Timers; no significant time was lost. Wood/Collins dropped one second at ITC3B, giving Price/Evans, who were clean there, the lead. However Price/Evans were penalised three seconds at the finish control, where Wood/Collins were clean.

Positions at TC4 were: Wood/Collins 0m 01s; Price/Evans 0m 03s; Wilson/Jenkins 0m 26s; Hesketh/O'Gorman 0m 24s; Myfyr/Hughes 0m 27s.

The third section from Felindre to Kerry was easily cleanable and so these were the positions as crews arrived back in Newtown for petrol.

The decisive part of the event was immediately after the restart. The section ran from Aberbechan, toward Tregynon and then back to end on the outskirts of Berriew. There were eight ITCs and it was the third of these that saw Wood/Collins drop their only significant time of the night; they were 23 seconds late at ITC7C, before which they had had to tackle the Bryncoch White.

Eagle Road Rally 2004
Semi Expert Winners: Wayne Jones/Joanne Jones (Ford Escort)

Price/Evans were unable to take advantage of this time loss as their Escort was struggling with electrical problems - this led to Evans having to navigate by torchlight in the second half. After the section Wood/Collins led Price/Evans by 31 seconds. Both crews cleaned the remainder of the event and these therefore were the final positions.

The section also saw Gerwyn Jones/Ceri Davies (Ford Escort) to move from eighth to third place, just one second behind Price/Evans; this was where they remained until the Finish.

Mark Price/Roger Evans (Ford Escort) had been in contention for a top place finish until clutch problems near the end saw them drop to ninth. Ian 'Dude' Roberts/Neil Spiers (VW Golf GTi) were the only retirements from the top ten starters, they withdrew after getting stuck on a hairpin in the second half; they had been in tenth place at Petrol.

Former Eagle Clerk of the Course Wayne Jones, navigated by his wife Joanne, took the Semi-Expert class in their Escort, they finished in thirteenth place. The Novice class was won by Bryn Jones/Michael Hughes (Ford Escort), who were twenty-fourth overall.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Steve Wood Peter Collins Vauxhall Astra GTE 0m 32s
2 Howard Price Dorian Evans Ford Escort 1m 03s
3 Gerwyn Jones Ceri Davies Ford Escort 1m 04s
4 John Davies Neil Bevan Vauxhall Astra GTE 1m 15s
5 Kevin Hesketh Shaun O'Gorman Ford Escort 1m 32s
6 Huw Myfyr Gwawr Hughes VW Golf GTi 1m 42s
7 Rob Wilson Dylan Jenkins Peugeot 205 GTi 1m 46s
8 Paul Hughes Chris Ware Citroen AX GT 2m 08s
9 Mark Price Roger Evans Ford Escort 2m 36s
10 Ian Furniss John Furniss Peugeot 205 GTi 3m 03s
11 Andrew Thomas Huw Mathias Peugeot 205 GTi 3m 22s
12 Glyn Price Dilwyn John Ford Escort 3m 53s
13 Wayne Jones Joanne Jones Ford Escort 4m 08s
14 Gary Jenkins Eric Tong Peugeot 205 GTi 4m 22s
15 Tim Evans Alun Probert Nissan Micra 4m 51s
16 David Jones Glyn Price Peugeot 205 GTi 4m 53s
17 Steve Wynn Chris Wynn Ford Escort 5m 22s
18 Derwyn Evans Dave Evison Vauxhall Nova 5m 55s
19 Huw Morris Roger Harris Proton Compact 8m 30s
20 Trevor Pritchard Martyn Allen MG Maestro 9m 24s
21 Mark 'GT' Roberts Huw Lewis VW Golf GTi 9m 33s
22 Elrik Davis Andrew Davis Vauxhall Nova GTE 9m 35s
23 Andy Groom Carl Darby Peugeot 205 GTi 10m 08s
24 Bryn Jones Michael Hughes Ford Escort 11m 38s
25 Geraint Jones Edryd Evans Vauxhall Nova 12m 17s
26 Dafydd Walters Ian Nicholls Ford Escort Van 12m 29s
27 Dafydd Lewis Dalis Ifans Ford Escort RS 12m 36s
28 Chrsitopher Williams Bryan Thomas Peugeot 106 13mm 27s
29 Simon Millar Hefin Thomas Vauxhall Astra 13m 38s
30 Nick Hart Mike Hart Peugeot 309 GTi 13m 39s
31 Robert Brown Elgan Davies Peugeot 309 GTi 13m 45s
32 Wayne Edwards Sharon Jarvis Toyota MR2 16m 47s
33 Roger Powley Jon Smith Toyota Corolla 18m 34s
34 Des Phasey Martin Phasey Ford Escort 18m 57s
35 Eurig Davies Richard Evans Vauxhall Nova 20m 32s
36 Kevin Brown Martin Dudley Austin Mini 27m 42s
37 Dan Sharpe Andy Moore Renault Clio D 28m 45s
38 Eifion Davies Richard Jackson Peugeot 205 GTi 30m 20s
39 Mark Summer PauL Willetts Ford Escort 38m 43s
40 Paul Davies Phil Ralphs Ford Escort 40m 57s
41 Nic Morris Sharon Clark Vauxhall Nova 43m 56s
42 Mark Hatten Matthew Farr Peugeot 205 48m 02s
43 Andrew James Steve Roderick Peugeot 205 1h 08m 45s
44 Delwyn Price Steve Price Ford Escort 1F 03m 24s
45 Andrew Halloway Dave Howells Peugeot 205 1F 09m 57s
46 Gareth Jones Iwan Jones Vauxhall Astra 1F 15m 13s
47 Neil Roberts Dale Furniss Peugeot 205 1F 16m 46s
48 Mike James Chris Wheeler Vauxhall Astra 1F 17m 42s
49 Mike Cartwright Steve Warrington Vauxhall Astra 1F 31m 14s
50 Jason Thomas Christopher Spry Ford Sierra 2F 30m 18s
51 Andy Oakes Chris Oakes Toyota Corolla 2F 39m 04s
52 Geraint Elley Alun James Ford Escort 4F 37m 41s
53 Dawn Watkin Rob Edwards Vauxhall Nova 7F 52m 31s
54 Fred Harris Jason Pendry Ford Fiesta 7F 1h 30m 42s
55 David Harding Gareth Wyn Jones Renault 5 8F 1h 30m 40s
56 Dane Elliott Will Arrowsmith Peugeot 205 10F 1h 26m 23s
57 Michael Jones Kevin Tweedy Peugeot 205 GTi 10F 2h 19m 21s
58 Gareth Jones Guy Skewis Ford Escort XR3i 14F 1h 01m 28s
59 Anthony Williams Alan marsh Ford Escort 44F 3h 30m 51s