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Early Winter Rally 2003

Border Ecosse

15th November 2003

Clerk of the Course: Monty Pearson

Route: 90 Miles

Maps: 74

Starters: 17

Winners: Charles Brown/Neil Turner (VW Lupo)

Charles Brown/Neil Turner took their VW Lupo to first place overall on the Early Winter Rally.

The Border Ecosse organised navigational road rally was a round of both the Scottish and East of Scotland Championships. In addition a Clubmans Rally ran alongside the main event, this was the final round of the Tyneside Motorsport Group series. The event was based at Coldstream and covered a 90 mile route, much of which used lanes that were also stages on the Jim Clark Rally.

Only the Expert crews in the main event were eligible for overall honours as all other classes were provided with simpler navigation. Brown/Turner mastered the testing plot ‘n bash navigation to finish the event with 17 penalties. Derek McLean/Ewan Lemming were leading the rally when they put their Honda off the road and became the sole retirement of the night.

The Non-Experts and the Clubmen competitors were provided with pre-plot navigation for the first half of the rally and plot ‘n bash for the latter part. The winning Non-Expert crew were Lock Horsburgh/Alan Cowan, while the leading Novices were Juliette Hall/Alex King.

The Clubmans Rally was won by Andy Whittaker/Charlie Tynan, who were debuting their new Peugeot 205 1.9, they cleaned the event. The results clinched the Tyneside Motorsport Group Championship for the pair. Malcolm Holdsworth/Richard Holdsworth would have tied for first place on the Early Winter, but a missed code board cost them 15 penalty points, they had to be content with second.

The Newcomer category was won by John Clough/Mark Clough, while the Historic class was won by the Volvo of Stuart Bankier/Richard Gilbert.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
National B Rally
1 Charles Brown Neil Turner VW Lupo 17m 00s
2 Oly McCollum Euan Brodie Peugeot 205 GTi 38m 00s
1 Lock Horsburgh Alan Cowan Vauxhall Nova 2m 00s
2 Alan Mark Chris Bolton Vauxhall Nova 23m 00s
1 Juliette Hall Alex King Mazda MX5 28m 00s
2 Paul Soppit Russell Clarke Vauxhall Nova 66m 00s
Clubman Rally
1 Andy Whittaker Charlie Tynan Peugeot 205 GTi 0m 00s
2 Malcolm Holdsworth Richard Holdsworth Toyota Corolla 15m 00s
3 Brian Middlemas Robin Scott Hillman Avenger 16m 00s
1 John Clough Mark Clough Ford Escort 33m 00s
2 Chris Dodd Andrew Gibson Peugeot 205 GTi 37m 00s
3 Dave Bell Chris Roper Honda Civic 63m 00s
1 Stuart Bankier Richard Gilbert Volvo PV544 12m 00s
2 Neil Walker Roy Hewitt Ford Escort 15m 00s
3 Reinner Stockle Ian Winter Mini 16m 00s
4 Peter Humphrey Neil Morrison Austin Healey 3000 30m 00s