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Rali Gogledd Cymru 2000

Sponsored by ACS Motor Sport

Rhyl & District Motor Club

13th/14th May 2000

Clerk of the Course: Arthur Jones

Route: 147 Miles

Maps: 116 & 117

Starters: 59

Winners: Kevin Parry/Paul Holmberg (Toyota Corolla)

Kevin Parry/Paul Holmberg (Toyota Corolla) took a comfortable victory on Rhyl MC's ACS Motor Sport Rali Gogledd Cymru; they dropped time on just a single section.

Rali Gogledd Cymru 2000

The 140 mile rally was based on St Asaph and was a counter for the North Western Road Rally Championship.

A number of crews arrived at the petrol halt with clean sheets and the rally was to be decided on the event's tie breaker section, the only one timed to the second.

Parry/Holmberg stormed through the section in their Toyota Corolla and ended the event two minutes clear of runners up, Paul Jones/Carl Williamson. Brian Glass/Alan Williams could have challenged for the win but became stuck on a white on the vital section and came home in third, four minutes down on the leaders.

It was a good night for the Semi-Expert class. Roger Tristram/Stan Appleton cleaned the first half and brought their Peugoet 205 into fourth place overall. Ian 'Dude' Roberts/Nigel Roberts came in sixth overall and second in class, while John Furniss/Russell Roberts were just one place further back.

On their second half performance Trystan Bevan/Dylan Jones would have taken the class win and third overall, but a six minute wrong slot in the first half consigned them to eighth place.

Despite only being at the season's midpoint, the win gave Holmberg a seemingly unassailable lead in the North Western navigators' table. Meanwhile fifth place on the Gogledd reinforced Haydn Davies' position at the head of the drivers' section.

Other contenders had a troubled night. Kevin Ikin/Rob Jones suffered a series of problems before ignition failure sidelined them on the third section. Prior to this they'd got stuck just before the ford on the second section and had the fuel pipe damaged as the car was towed out. They then had a rear brake pipe burst on the next section before the ignition put them out of their misery.

Gerallt Davies/Alan Jones and Tudor Morris/Gerallt Davies both retired after going off the road. Mick Monaghan/Iain Tullie were heading for second place when a conrod broke through the side of their Peugeot 309's engine on the very last section. Brian Harrison/Cliff Washbrook had a night plagued by punctures.

Rali Gogledd Cymru 2000
Winners: Kev Parry/Paul Holmberg (Toyota Corolla)

Howard Price/Steve Griffiths lost out on third place after they picked up fails for missing to locate two route checks. Similarly Iain Scott/Jez Harris would have been fourth but were a route check short at the end.

John Harmer/Sarah Harmer dropped 14 minutes in the first half after suffering a puncture on their Maestro, but they recovered to take twelfth place overall and the mixed crew award at the Finish.

Clair Evans/Allen Hart might have challenged for this prize but retired when the cam belt broke on their Astra. Colin Hughes/Gareth Price dropped out with a broken driveshaft on their Skoda Felicia.

The Novice Class was won by the Vauxhall Nova of Geraint Griffiths/Allan Roberts, who secured eleventh place overall. Martin Lloyd/Steven Herbert took second in the class and 21st overall on what was the driver's very first rally.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Kev Parry Paul Holmberg Toyota Corolla 0m 38s
2 Paul Jones Carl Williamson Toyota Corolla 2m 28s
3 Bryan Glass Alan Williams Ford Escort 4m 08s
4 Roger Tristram Stan Appleton Peugeot 205 GTi 5m 08s
5 Haydn Davies Michael Evans Toyota Corolla 4m 22s
6 Ian 'Dude' Roberts Nigel Roberts VW Golf GTi 7m 09s
7 John Furniss Russell Roberts Peugeot 205 9m 24s
8 Trystan Bevan Dylan Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 9m 29s
9 Brynli Thomas Roger Evans Ford Escort 10m 30s
10 Alastair Oram Jolyon Robinson Vauxhall Nova 14m 07s
11 Geraint Griffiths Alan Jordan Vauxhall Nova 15m 43s
12 John Harmer Sarah Harmer MG Maestro 22m 15s
13 Elfed Williams Ian Evans Toyota Corolla 30m 47s
14 Iain Scott Jez Harris Toyota Corolla 1F 4m 15s
15 Stew Dale Scot Layton Vauxhall Astra 1F 8m 40s
16 Brian Harrison Cliff Washbrook Ford Escort 1F 9m 42s
17 Harold Evans Steven Roberts Audi 80 Quattro 1F 10m 55s
18 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Vauxhall Nova 1F 49m 49s
19 Howard Price Steve Griffith Ford Escort 2F 2m 34s
20 Alan Williams Barry Jones Vauxhall Nova 2F 11m 58s
21 Martin Lloyd Steve Herbert Ford Escort 3F 6m 02s
22 Dewi Williams Eilir Jones Vauxhall Nova 4F 20m 52s
23 Dave Jones Daniel Stone Peugeot 309 GTi 4F 11m 16s
24 Andrew Dale Pete Dale Vauxhall Nova 5F 9m 28s
25 Darren Garrod Osian Evans Peugeot 205 GTi 6F 23m 37s
26 Andrew Roberts Stuart Frost Ford Escort 7F 30m 53s
27 John Gallaendro Steve Merrison Ford Escort 8F 8m 56s
28 Nigel Griffith Paul Edwards Ford Escort 11F 29m 15s
29 Steve Edwards Ritchie Vaughan Ford Sierra 15F 10m 49s
30 Geraint Jones Paul Edwards Talbot Sunbeam 15F 10m 49s
31 Merfyn Williams Derwyn Roberts Vauxhall Astra 15F 14m 47s
32 Peter Gill David Kelly Peugeot 205 GTi 18F 19m 29s
33 Keith Gush Jenny Gush Alfa Romeo 33 20F 22m 19s
34 Brynmor Pierce Ian Jones Ford Escort 20F 22m 19s
35 Phil Williams Gwyn Jones Ford Fiesta 24F 36m 08s
36 Colin Hughes Gareth Price Skoda Felicia 26F 7m 44s
37 Keith Watkinson Jeff Smith Toyota Corolla 26F 24m 58s
38 Peter Jones Eyrl Williams Ford Sierra 26F 29m 32s
39 David Oregan Darren Chuter Ford Escort 35F 28m 19s
40 Pete Morris Mark Morris Peugeot 205 GTi 36F 5m 00s
41 Stephen Wynn Ian Fellows Peugeot 309 GTi 36F 29m 00s
42 Jonathan Walsh Darren Walsh Ford Sierra 61F 103m 47s
43 Jim Patterson Harry Stanley Subaru RX Turbo 63F 24m 00s
44 Robat Edwards Sion Edwards Vauxhall Nova 67F 30m 00s
45 Shaun Buckley Ian Clapham Ford Escort 68F 24m 05s