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Gremlin Rally 2004

Sponsored by Old Forge Garage

Brecon Motor Club

28th/29th February 2004

Clerk of the Course: Denis Cardell

Route: 200 Miles

Maps: 146 147 160 & 161

Starters: 113

Winners: Mark James/Anthony Davies (Ford Sierra 4x4)

Mark James/Anthony Davies (Ford Sierra 4x4) took their first ever rally win on a foreshortened Gremlin Rally.

Gremlin Rally 2004

The Brecon MC event, which used lanes on and around the Epynt Ranges, was halted at the two-thirds mark as ice covered roads, polished by the first visit of competitors, became impassable.

Snow had fallen on the day prior to the rally and on the night a severe frost - several degrees below freezing - set in. The 'main' roads on Epynt had been salted, but most hadn't.

The event used its traditional format; it opened with a Jogularity to the north of Brecon, before moving on to standard sections, timed to the minute, over Epynt and the surrounding forestry; after a petrol halt at Llandovery, a road section used lanes around Llangadog. The event was planned to finish with a second fuel stop and a return to Epynt.

Many crews, in the bottom half of the field, were in trouble within two miles of the start as an icy left hander caused the road to become blocked. A large number, unable to continue on the intended route, had to abandon the Jogularity and move straight to the Ranges, picking up large penalties as a results.

Garry Jenkins/Eric Tong (Peugeot 205) put up the best performance on the Jogularity, three seconds ahead of top seeds Gerwyn Jones/Ceri Davies (Ford Escort), who, in turn, were three seconds in front of John Davies/Neil Bevan (Vauxhall Astra). The eventual winners, James/Davies, were fourth, but over a minute off the lead.

The artic conditions took their toll as competitors tackled the military roads. Toby Adam/Mark Appleton put their Ford Sierra off the road and out of the event on Route 60. Davies/Bevan, were amongst a large number of crews who lost time after sliding off the road. The conditions meant that it became less of a battle to maintain the time schedule and more of a fight to keep within maximum lateness.

Garry Jenkins/Eric Tong had dropped 20 minutes on the Epynt loop, but still retained their lead at the first petrol halt. Mark James/Anthony Davies had also picked up 20 minutes over the Ranges, but were now in second place, as Gerwyn Jones/Ceri Davies had lost time with a puncture.

Gremlin Rally 2004
Winners: Mark James/Anthony Davies (Ford Sierra 4x4)
Photograph: Mark Griffin

The leaders of the Historic Rally, Wes Massam/Shon Gosling (Volvo Amazon), now held third place, almost three minutes off the lead. A further minute down was the Citroen Saxo of John Morgan/Byron Jones. Only 12 crews had reached the final TC before the halt within their maximum lateness.

Jenkins/Tong lost their lead as they became stuck on the lanes south of Twyn Llanan; having got going again, they had to cut to the second petrol halt. They were eventually classified in 11th place.

James/Davies, making the most of their Sierra's four wheel drive, managed to make it as far as TC32, just prior to the second petrol halt, before having to cut route to maintain their schedule, this was further than any other crew.

Under pressure from the Stewards, the organisers reluctantly cancelled the final Epynt section and results were declared with the positions as they were at Second Petrol. There was no main control at the Llandovery halt, so any crew who got there and handed in their time cards were classified as finishers.

James/Davies won with a victory margin of almost 40 minutes. Massam/Gosling were second overall and first in the Historic Rally. Gerwyn Jones/Ceri Davies completed the top three.

Nigel Nelson/Rob Richardson (Vauxhall Astra GTE) had been one of the crews who had had to miss out the opening Jogularity, but recovered to finish in eighth place.

Motor racing driver, Michael Vergers, navigated by Sandy Lonyd, won the novice class, finishing in thirteenth place, eleven places higher than the first Semi-Expert crew, Doug Bowkett/Cliff Jones.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Marc James Anthony Davies Ford Sierra 4x4 157m 17s
2 Wes Massam Shon Gosling Volvo Amazon 196m 56s
3 Gerwyn Jones Ceri Davies Ford Escort 223m 16s
4 John Morgan Byron Jones Citroen Saxo 217m 06s
5 Dennis Quinn Paul Holmberg Ford Escort 241m 19s
6 Garry Preston Mike Sones Mini Clubman GT 274m 01s
7 Martin Leonard Phil Jones VW Golf 296m 03s
8 Nigel Nelson Rob Richardson Vauxhall Astra GTE 355m 00s
9 Hefin George Daniel Thomas VW Golf 414m 39s
10 Ian Orford Peter Barnard Mazda 323 Turbo 417m 52s
11 Gary Jenkins Eric Tong Peugeot 205 420m 13s
12 Dave Hughes Richard Dix Volvo Amazon 441m 46s
13 Michael Vergers Sandy Loynd BMW 320i 446m 00s
14 Roy Gillingham Peter Blackett Lotus Elite 507m 00s
15 Alwyn Arrowsmith David Lewis Peugeot 205 GTi 547m 40s
16 Alun Jones Dylan Jenkins Peugeot 205 GTi 556m 00s
17 John Davies Neil Bevan Vauxhall Astra 592m 19s
18 Will Arrowsmith Wayne Arrowsmith Ford Fiesta 600m 05s
19 Tim Evans Alun Probert Nissan Micra 605m 51s
20 Owen Turner Graham Raeburn Rover Metro 616m 49s
21 Abigail Summerfield Alex Heavens Audi 100 Avant Quattro 657m 07s
22 Doug Bowkett Cliff Jones Peugeot 309 GTi 690m 59s
23 Roger Hunt Graham Dance Peugeot 205 GTi 701m 13s
24 Gary Jones Andy Oakes Ford Escort RS2000 739m 14s
25 Chris Jenkins Tony Brooks Austin Mini 744m 53s
26 Richard Tuckey TBA Peugeot 106 Rallye 754m 00s
27 Ken Watts John Cotton Volvo 122S 763m 00s
28 Bryan Davies Huw Mathias Vauxhall Nova 766m 04s
29 Wyn Christie Mark Hamilton Ford Escort 767m 11s
30 Peter Joy Graham Carter Lotus Elite 785m 58s
31 Robert Brown Alex Gill Peugeot 309 GTi 790m 00s
32 Dai John Paul Bevan Toyota Corolla 790m 25s
33 Dave Howells James Morgan Peugeot 309 GTi 820m 00s
34 Mike Mayne Alun Thomas Mini Cooper S 824m 29s
35 Keith Wilson Dave Cooper Volvo PV544 831m 37s
36 Roger Holder Helen Giles Ford Sierra XR4x4 850m 00s
37 Keith Jenkins Edwyn Evans Saab 96 V4 876m 10s
38 Andrew Halloway Daniel France Peugeot 205 GTi 878m 29s
39 Roger Powley Jon Smith Toyota Corolla 900m 59s
40 Eurig Davies Meirion Rees Vauxhall Nova GSi 928m 10s
41 David Jones Glyn Price Peugeot 205 953m 06s
42 Kevin Jones Dilwyn John Ford Sierra 1000m 00s
43 Clive Baylis Matthew Maidment Opel Manta 1018m 00s
44 David York Geoff Rogers Sunbeam Rapier S3 1034m 04s
45 Paul Richards Martin Tiley Ford Cortina GT 1110m 00s