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Holrus '99 Road Rally

Newtown & District Auto Club

4th/5th December 1999

Clerk of the Course: Graham Evans

Route: 120 Miles

Maps: 136

Starters: 57

Winners: Phil Turner/Owen Dodd (VW Golf GTi)

Phil Turner/Owen Dodd took their second successive victory on Newtown AC's Holrus Rally on a night of treacherous conditions. As crews left Newtown at the start of the 120 mile event, it appeared that fears of frost could be set aside as rain was falling, however as competitive motoring started this hope was soon dispelled.

Holrus '99 Road Rally

The roads to the south of Llanidloes had a covering of frozen snow and the going was hard. Most crews had problems leaving an uphill control in Waunmarteg Forest and were further delayed on the ascent out of Bwlch-yr-Sarnau. Kevin Hesketh/Andy Moss, David Marsden/Gary Moult, Paul Webb/Mike Hart and Ceri Richards/Aled Jones all retired after sliding of the road. Des Phasey/Martin Phasey overheated their Escort, while Wayne Morris/Patrick Walsh, hampered by a misfire on their car, failed to get up one of the slopes.

The outcome was that of the 57 starters only 40 reached the end of the first section and most of these had been unable to complete the correct route. Many others were already over their time limit. The conditions for the rest of the night were slippery but did not cause the chaos of the opening miles.

There were exception to the tails of difficulties, with Turner/Dodd, fresh from their Peak Revs victory, making the best use of their Golf's front wheel drive. They dropped less than three minutes on the first section; their nearest challengers were more than two minutes behind. Geraint Davies/Sarah Gluyas were going well, having made a good tyre choice, but were forced out on the second section when the alternator failed on their Corolla

Turner/Dodd cleaned the second half to finish over twelve minutes ahead of second placed Gary Jones/Richard Preece (Toyota Corolla).

Michael Pedley/David Pedley were within touch of Turner/Dodd at Petrol but picked up two fails for missing control boards in the later stages. Graham Evans/Ian Mills similarly dropped down the leader board after missing one of the same boards.

The difficulties of the first section sealed the fate of the Welsh Championship. Neil Griffiths/Carl Williamson had major traction problems but did complete the section, while Toby Adam/Pat Gadsby lost so much time that they had to cut route and picked up a number of fails; they finished in 19th place. Griffiths/Williamson eventually finished fourth and secured the Welsh crown.

The top three Semi-Expert crews, all in Peugeots, proved the advantage of front wheel drive in the conditions and were all in the top ten. They were respectively 'Polly'/Duncan Pinnegar, Nick Bloxham/Martyn Allen and Mick Bradley/Dean George. Ian Jones/Peter Tomlinson were the leading Novices in 23rd place in their Golf.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Phil Turner Owen Dodd VW Golf GTi 3m 15s
2 Gary Jones Richard Preece Toyota Corolla 15m 38s
3 Kev Parry Gareth Price Toyota Corolla 18m 08s
4 Neil Griffiths Carl Williamson Ford Escort 20m 22s
5 John Powell Matt Barker VauxhalL Astra 20m 37s
6 Polly Duncan Pinnegar Peugeot 205 GTi 25m 33s
7 Nick Bloxham Martyn Allen Peugeot 205 GTi 29m 24s
8 Mick Bradley Dean George Peugeot 309 GTi 29m 33s
9 Clive Wakeley Justin Davies Ford Escort 30m 06s
10 Graham Evans Ian Mills Toyota Corolla 1F 11m 47s
11 Jerry Jones Phil Lewis Mini Clubman 1F 18m 36s
12 Neal Arden Giles Corbett Ford Escort 1F 21m 48s
13 Jimmy Patterson Martin Jones Subaru 4x4 Turbo 1F 29m 44s
14 Michael Pedley David Pedley Ford Escort G4 2F 5m 20s
15 Michael Kimber Paul Jenkins Toyota Corolla 2F 28m 23s
16 Rob Jeffries Kev Taylor Subaru RX Turbo 4F 29m 52s
17 Paul Edwards Huw Lewis Ford Escort 7F 40m 44s
18 Rick Cipolat Neil Payne Vauxhall Astra 9F 42m 16s
19 Toby Adam Pat Gadsby Ford Escort 10F 48m 00s
20 Jim Clarke Brian Spurr Talbot Sunbeam 12F 57m 48s
21 Peter Hughes Chris Evans Ford Escort 14F 18m 14s
22 Trevor Pritchard Paul Hughes Vauxhall Carlton 14F 28m 44s
23 Ian Jones Peter Tomlinson VW Golf 19F 38m 55s
24 Sean Crowley Andrew Phillips Ford Orion 21F 49m 53s
25 Claire Evans Dave Evison Vauxhall Nova 27F 36m 57s
26 Hefin Evans Paul Dark Ford Sierra 27F 50m 58s
27 Alun Davies Rob Duke Opel Manta 41F 39m 00s
28 Nick Broadway Andy Oakes Ford Sierra 42F 38m 00s
29 Clive Greves Hywel Greves Toyota Corolla 42F 46m 00s
30 Jason Stone Daniel Stone Peugeot 205 GTi 43F 66m 00s
31 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Vauxhall Nova 46F 93m 00s
32 Nigel Phillips Baryan Joseph Toyota Corolla 56F 33m 00s