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John Morgan Memorial Challenge 2004

Sponsored by Clarks of Wrexham

Broughton & Bretton Car Club

22nd/23rd May 2004

Clerk of the Course: Brynmor Pierce

Route: 100 Miles

Maps: 116 & 117

Starters: 59

Winners: Stu Kelso/Eilir Jones (Peugeot 205 GTi)

Stu Kelso/Eilir Jones took their Peugeot 205 to a clear win on Broughton & Bretton MC’s John Morgan Memorial Challenge.

John Morgan Memorial Challenge 2004

The rally saw fifty-nine crews tackle a demanding 100 mile route in North East Wales.

The event contained two regularity sections, with secret time controls. One of these, in the maze of lanes below Halkyn Mountain, opened proceedings. Kelso/Jones picked up the least penalties here and, having cleaned the remainder of the first half, arrived in at the halfway point with a lead of thirteen seconds.

Mark Price/Roger Evans (Ford Escort) were in second place, while Richard Parry/Owen Dodd (Peugeot 205 GTi) were in third, just three seonds further back. However the latter crew failed to make the Finish, they went off the road when they were caught up in the dust of a car that they had caught.

Ian 'Dude' Roberts/Neil Spiers (VW Golf GTi) held fourth place, being the only other crew with penalties of under two minutes, however they fell back in the second half and finished in sixth place.

The critical part of the second half was a two mile regularity, like the first, with a secret ITC. Once again Kelso/Jones put in the best performance and extended their lead to over a minute. They held this until the Finish to give the navigator his maiden rally victory.

Mark Price/Roger Evans finished 1m 11s behind and took the runner up spot. Strong second half performances saw Steven Roberts/Alan Jôs (Peugeot 205 GTi) and Dave Jones/Baz Green (BMW 323i) move up to take third and fourth places.

The last minute partnership of Mark 'GT' Roberts/Denny Harris (VW Golf GTi) took the Semi-Expert class win and fifth place overall. Bryn Jones/Michael Hughes followed up their Novice Class win a week earlier on the Eagle by taking the leading novice award on the John Morgan Memorial; they finished in tenth place.

Top seeds Brynli Thomas/Steve Herbert finished in twenty-seventh place having lost 25 minutes after going off the road. Shane Richards/Jon Madoc-Jones retired when their Astra's steering column broke.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Stuart Kelso Eilir Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 1m 30s
2 Mark Price Roger Evans Ford Escort 2m 41s
3 Steven Roberts Alan Jôs Peugeot 205 GTi 2m 57s
4 Dave Jones Baz Green BMW 323i 3m 01s
5 Mark 'GT' Roberts Denny Harris VW Golf GTi 3m 11s
6 Ian 'Dude' Roberts Neil Spiers VW Golf GTi 3m 29s
7 Owen Turner Graham Raeburn Rover Metro GTi 3m 41s
8 Richard Parry Owen Dodd Peugeot 205 3m 56s
9 Bob Gush Kevin Warlow Peugeot 306 4m 06s
10 Bryn Thomas Michael Hughes Ford Escort 4m 35s
11 Tom Edwards Lee Evans Toyota Corolla 5m 29s
12 Wyn Williams Gwyn Jones Peugeot 205 6m 04s
13 Rhys Lloyd Jones Alwyn Ieuan Roberts Peugeot 205 GTi 7m 18s
14 Tony Gush Gareth Price Peugeot 205 GTi 8m 12s
15 John Jones Stephen Davies Reanult 11 Turbo 8m 29s
16 Mark Jones Warren Cardwell Peugeot 205 GTi 10m 34s
17 Clifford Washbrook Brian Harrison Peugeot 205 GTi 11m 22s
18 Steve Guest Rob Guest VW Golf 11m 32s
19 Paul Edwards Adrian Green Peugeot 205 GTi 13m 02s
20 Gwyn Morris Shaun Baker Peugeot 205 GTi 13m 25s
21 Sheila Matthews Alan Pemberton Ford Escort RS2000 13m 37s
22 Emyr Jones Paul Roberts Toyota Corolla 14m 49s
23 Robert O'Dowd David O'Dowd Vauxhall Nova SR 15m 52s
24 Jonathan Bossen Stephen Prince Subaru Impreza 17m 56s
25 Nick Banks Reg Gradden Citroen ZX 18m 18s
26 Brynli Thomas Steve Herbert Subaru Impreza 39m 52s
27 Tegid Evans Frank Mortimer Vauxhall Nova 46m 16s
28 Steve Southall Chris Webber Toyota Corolla 1F 05m 41s
29 Bryn Jones Dewi Gwyn Roberts Ford Sierra 1F 06m 47s
30 Gareth Edwards Carl Jones Vauxhall Chevette 1F 07m 23s
31 Gruff Parry Eifion Jones Vauxhall Nova GSi 1F 07m 48s
32 Kevin Peacock Barry Jones Peugeot 205 1F 08m 20s
33 Dylan Williams Andrew Singleton Hillman Avenger 1F 11m 59s
34 Len Evans Mark Thomas Renault C210 1F 15m 51s
35 Keith Groom Carl Darby Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 17m 00s
36 Allan Roberts Simon Cartwright Ford Escort 1F 17m 17s
37 Mark Davies Sarah Cartwright Vauxhall Astra 2F 08m 07s
38 Mark Jones Mike Jones Ford Escort 2F 10m 19s
39 Gareth Clarke Gareth Williams Ford Escort 2F 10m 58s
40 David Dulwyn Jones Emyr Wyn Morris Peugeot 309 3F 11m 26s
41 Gerallt Williams Gareth Owen Ford Escort Mexico 3F 13m 24s
42 Richard Selwyn Thomas Alan Adams Peugeot 205 GTi 5F 09m 11s
43 Mark Carter Gordon Pirie MG Maestro 5F 23m 23s
44 Nigel Stephenson Steve Roberts Peugeot 205 GTi 6F 09m 35s
45 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Vauxhall Nova 6F 34m 24s
46 Roger Powley Leigh Powley Toyota Corolla 9F 11m 24s