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John Robson Memorial Rally 2003

Hexham & District Motor Club

18th October 2003

Clerk of the Course: Ed Graham

Route: 100 Miles

Maps: 87

Starters: 17

Winners: David Tubman/John Tubman (Peugeot 205)

The John Robson Memorial Rally saw three crews finish clean of any penalties, with the win being awarded to David Tubman/John Tubman on engine capacity.

The Hexham & District Motor Club rally, a round of the Tyneside Motor Sport Group Navigational Championship, used a 100 mile route with straight forward plot ‘n bash navigation. It ran fifteen minutes behind the Hexham Historic Rally and used the same route and navigation. As with most TMSG road rallies, the John Robson was run during Saturday evening, finishing at Midnight.

Although the event proved a suitable test for the majority of competitors, three expert crews cleaned all sections with ease, the result therefore had to be decided by engine size. Tubman/Tubman, who were competing in a Peugeot 205, were awarded first place, just having the edge over the Escort Mexico of Dave Lewis/Chris Pringle, who were placed second.

Paul Hughes/Richard Holdsworth had intended competing in an RS2000, however problems with that car meant that Hughes’ Audi TT was wheeled out for the second rally in succession - its 1800cc turbo charged engine put them firmly in third place.

Chris Dodds/Andrew Gibson finished fourth having dropped four minutes, they were the only crew to be in touch with the leading trio, they were also the winners of the Beginners class.

The last minute pairing of Ken Bills/Peter Metcalfe finished fifth, the navigator having turned up at the start intending to marshal, they dropped fifteen minutes.

Of the seventeen starters, sixteen made it to the Finish.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 David Tubman John Tubman Peugeot 205 0m 00s
2 Dave Lewis Chris Pringle Ford Escort Mexico 0m 00s
3 Paul Hughes Richard Holdsworth Audi TT 0m 00s
4 Chris Dodds Andrew Gibson Peugeot 205 4m 00s
5 Ken Bills Peter Metcalfe Ford Fiesta 15m 00s
6 Chris Purvis Robert Renwick Toyota Corolla 18m 00s
7 Monty Pearson Robbie Pearson VW Golf 20m 00s
7 Pete Tyson Neil Harrison Mini Cooper S 20m 00s
9 Dave Bell Chris Roper Honda Civic 48m 00s
10 Brian Kinghorn Andy Jardine Peugeot 205 57m 00s