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Meirion Rally 1999

Sponsored by Bulldog Security Products

Wolverhampton & South Staffs Car Club

23rd October 1999

Clerk of the Course: John Trevethick

Stages: 5 (39 Stage Miles)

Stages: Myherin, Tarenig, Sweet Lamb, Hafren & Dyfnant

Starters: 49

Winners: Charles Golding/Preston Ayres (Ford Escort RS1600)

Bulldog Historic Rally 1999

Charles Golding/Preston Ayres took victory on the Meirion Rally in their immaculate Escort RS1600. The event mixed clubmen with historic entries and ran alongside the Bulldog Rally; using the final five stages of the main event.

The rally should have seen a comfortable victory for Phil Collins/Cliff Simmons. The pair were revelling in the use of pacenotes on a forestry event and had opened up a lead of ninety seconds over the first four stages. They had been fastest on three and second on the rather 'Mickey-Mouse' spectator special at Sweet Lamb. Unfortunately their Escort ground to a halt with electrical problems halfway through the final stage, Dyfnant.

Collins' demise should have handed the win to Keith Wilde/Andrew Sankey; on stage times, they were almost a minute clear at the Finish. However a rare mistake by Sankey saw them pick up a one minute road penalty, this dropped them to second just three seconds behind Golding/Ayres.

Francis Tuthill/Pauline Gullick made it a good day for the historic entries, bringing their Porsche 911 home in third. Russell Spry/Robert White had chased Collins all day but problems in Dyfnant cost them over a minute and they trailled home in fourth.

John Keatley/Maurice Beckett should have been fifth but they also incurred road penalties and were eventually classified ninth. Pre-event favourites Andy Miers/Tony Beddoes had a short rally as they Escort was seen parked up only three miles into the first stage, Myherin.

Robert Dalziel/Anthony Lewis were also a victim of this stage, sliding their Sierra off the road and out of rally. Graham Evans/Ian Mills also went off the road on the first stage, but, having taken a maximum, got going again, only to have their Escort's exhaust break in Hafren.


Pos Driver Co-Driver Car Penalty
1 Charles Golding Preston Ayres Ford Escort RS1600 45m 51s
2 Keith Wilde Andrew Sankey Ford Escort RS2000 45m 54s
3 Francis Tuthill Pauline Gullick Porsche 911 46m 01s
4 Russell Spry Robert White Ford Escort 46m 11s
5 Dessie Nutt Geraldine McBride Porsche 911 46m 35s
6 Andrew Kenny Gary Kenny Mitsubishi Lancer 46m 44s
7 Martin Kenny Steve Quine Ford Escort 47m 03s
8 Grant Sturkey Leo Todd Ford Escort 47m 07s
9 John Keatley Maurice Beckett Porsche 911 47m 20s
10 Drexel Gillespie Peter Martin Ford Lotus Cortina 48m 07s
11 Dennis Parry Huw Lewis Ford Sierra XR4x4 49m 26s
12 James Young David Young Vauxhall Astra 49m 27s
13 Craig Salter Liz Jordan Ford Escort 49m 36s
14 Andrew Street Simon Gaden Saab Sonett 49m 46s
15 Richard Edwards Keith Davies Vauxhall Astra 49m 53s
16 Kevin Mecham Collette Le Page Ford Escort 51m 34s
17 Sean Edwards Helene Mars Ford Escort 52m 12s
18 Robert Gough Michael Wilding Vauxhall Nova 52m 27s
19 Gordon Cameron Sheila Grimshaw Austin Mini Cooper 53m 34s
20 Martin Payton Guy Weaver Peugeot 106 Rallye 53m 45s
21 Peter Stimson Christopher Underwood Ford Anglia 53m 59s
22 Roy Lewis Peter James Ford Escort RS 54m 26s
23 Andy Kibble Martyn Duncan Vauxhall Astra 54m 59s
24 Dave Preece Rowand Prentice Porsche 911 55m 16s
25 Steve Baker Bill Stevenson Porsche 911 55m 25s
26 Spencer Wilkinson Clive Dunbabin Peugeot 106 Rallye 55m 35s
27 Simon Woodley Michelle Calvert Ford Escort 55m 41s
28 Adrian Mayall Robert Hayden Alfa Romeo 33 56m 24s
29 April Lay Sally Phillips Peugeot 205 GTi 57m 12s
30 John Spiers Paul Rothwell Ford Mustang 1h 16m 39s
31 Anthony Ward David Harris Ford Cortina GT 1h 19m 06s