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Mermaid Anniversary Rally 2004

Mercia Motor Sport

27th/28th March 2004

Clerk of the Course: Mike Dowling

Route: 120 Miles

Maps: 150 & 151

Starters: 19

Winners: Bill Douglas/Steve Hancock (Volvo 240 GTL)

Mermaid Anniversary Rally 2004

The Mermaid Rally, a Clubman event, was won by the Volvo 240 GTL of Bill Douglas/Steve Hancock.

The event was organised by Mercia Motor Sports to celebrate the hundredth birthday of Birmingham University MC. Member for BUMC, the organising club, Mercian Motor Sport, and Wolverhampton & South Staffs CC were invited to enter.

The event used a 110 mile route in the southern Midlands, with plot ‘n bash navigation. The majority of the route used fast and slightly featureless lanes, but the mileage around Stanway, Taddington & Snowshill was demanding and mucky.

Douglas/Hancock finished the rally clear of any penalty, while the runner up spot was taken by the Escort of James Carter/Jonathan Stockdale, who dropped two minutes at one control; they also took the historic class award.

A tie for third place was resolved on the furthest clean basis, with Rob Walter/David Jones taking the position and the Semi-Expert class win, while Adrian Green/Mick Fern were placed fourth and took the Expert class award. Mark Walker/John Owen took the Novice award.

Dave Broadley/Dan Spittlehouse were expected to challenge for the win, but they had to contend with seizing brakes on their Lada Riva and then picked up a fail for booking in early at a TC.

There were just two retirements, David Waples/Andrew Butler who ditched their Escort and Adan Deas/Joe Metcalfe who had a top hose split on their Mini.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Bill Douglas Steve Hancock Volvo 240 GTL 0m 00s
2 James Carter Jonathan Stockdale Ford Escort 2m 00s
3 Rob Walter David Jones Peugeot 309 GTi 3m 00s
4 Adrian Green Mick Fern Seat Ibiza 3m 00s
5 Bob Wisniewski Phil Kendall Vauxhall Nova GTE 9m 00s
6 Dave Oliver Duncan Lord Ford Cortina 1F 00m 00s
7 Chris Faulkner Chris Thorley Ford Sierra Sapphire 1F 03m 00s
8 Dave Broadley Dan Spittlehouse Lada Riva 1F 11m 00s
9 Neil Parr Dave Puzey Mini 1F 14m 00s
10 Frank Evans Russ Evans Toyota Corolla 1F 16m 00s
11 Peter Barker Simon Wheatcroft Mini Cooper S 2F 00m 00s
12 Mark Randall Craig Grist Vauxhall Nova GTE 2F 16m 00s
13 Mark Walker John Owen Subaru Impreza 4F 11m 00s
14 Paul Barnacle Ian Barnacle Ford Escort 4F 24m 00s
15 Chris Valentine Mark Stokes Hillman Imp Rallye 6F 12m 00s
16 Steve Tilley David Robinson Honda Civic Type-R 6F 22m 00s
17 Jonathan Walsh Alan barnacle Ford Fiesta 10F 24m 00s