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Mid Summer Rally 2000

Sponsored by Just Cars

Telford Auto Club

10th/11th June 2000

Clerk of the Course: Kevin Hutchings

Route: 100 Miles

Maps: 126 127 & 137

Starters: 41

Winners: Wayne Morris/Dave Pitchford (Ford Escort)

Mid Summer Rally 2000

Wayne Morris took a maiden victory on Telford AC's Midsummer Rally. Partnered by Dave Pitchford, the Bishops Castle driver threw aside the disadvantage of a 1300cc engine and came home four minutes clear of the two-litre Escort of Alun Evans/Carl Williamson.

The 100 mile non-championship event used the lanes to the south of Shrewsbury and attracted 41 starters.

Morris' margin of victory would have been less but his two closest challenges - Phil Turner/Nigel Roberts and Kevin Hesketh/Andy Moss - both picked up fails after missing to collect a signature for the very final passage control. This allowed Evans/Williams to take the runner up spot despite struggling to the finish with a failing altenator on their Escort and having being severely baulked at one point.

Despite a major wrong slot Adrian Higman/Cyril Jones finished third in their MG Maestro, while Richard Suff/Craig Parry in fourth were the last crew to be fail free. Turner/Roberts were therefore fifth, with Hesketh/Moss rounding off the top six.

Apart from Morris/Pitchford, it was not a good night for the top seeds. The 1999 winners, Paul Hughes/Paul Middleton, put their Astra into a bank on the first corner after the petrol halt. Des Phasey/Martin Phasey got their Escort stuck after losing their way on a white. Gary Jones/Andy Oakes had been going well when, early in the second half, the diff on their Corolla failed.

Mid Summer Rally 2000
Winners: Wayne Morris/Dave Pitchford (Ford Escort)
Receive their awards from Dave Stocking of Telford AC

Grant Parker/Gwyn Williams had to miss out the final section after breaking their Corolla's exhaust. Nick Bloxham/Matyn Allen lost fifteen minutes when they visited a field in the first half and got home just inside maximum lateness. Roger Crump/Mike Hart were another crew to disappear in the second half.

Delwyn Price/Steve Herbert made it two class wins in two outings together by taking the Semi-Expert Class and seventh overall. They were fifteen minutes in front of their nearest rivals, Anthony Ellis/Ian Jarman. Wayne Elliott/Paul Edwards had shown some pace but picked up two fails and dropped to third in class.

Dave Edwards/Adrian Edwards were the first novices home, in 19th place overall, just two places in front of Mike Cooper/Chris Wilson who took second in class. Wayne Jones/Joanne Herbert managed to avoid going OTL at the final control by just eight seconds and were rewarded with the mixed crew award.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Wayne Morris Dave Pitchford Ford Escort 8m 36s
2 Alun 'Timo' Evans Carl Williamson Ford Escort 12m 40s
3 Adrian Higman Cyril Jones MG Maestro 14m 17s
4 Richard Suff Craig Parry Peugeot 205 GTi 20m 27s
5 Phil Turner Nigel Roberts VW Golf GTi 1F 8m 53s
6 Kevin Hesketh Andy Moss Ford Escort 1F 11m 37s
7 Delwyn Price Steve Herbert Ford Escort 1F 14m 28s
8 Glyn Price Huw Jones Ford Escort 1F 15m 32s
9 Martin Bradley Gordon Bradley Ford Escort 1F 20m 14s
10 Nick Bloxham Martyn Allen Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 26m 31s
11 Anthony Elias Ian Jarman Ford Escort 1F 29m 25s
12 Wayne Elliott Paul Edwards Toyota Corolla 2F 15m 44s
13 Paul Price Vicki Price Vauxhall Nova 2F 21m 47s
14 Alen Ridge Simon Ridge Ford Escort 2F 26m 02s
15 Grant Parker Gwyn Williams Toyota Corolla 2F 26m 18s
16 Wayne Jones Joanne Herbert Ford Escort 2F 16m 15s
17 Brandon Smith Allen Hart Opel Manta 3F 26m 42s
18 Nick Onions Chris Lightburn Talbot Sunbeam 3F 28m 19s
19 Dave Edwards Adrian Edwards Ford Escort 3F 33m 13s
20 John Furniss Russell Roberts Peugeot 205 GTi 4F 30m 49s
21 Mike Cooper Chris Wilson Ford Escort XR3 4F 40m 54s
22 Tony Watkins Medwyn Evans Vauxhall Nova 6F 41m 48s
23 John Jones Chris Rowlands Renault 11 Turbo 8F 21m 04s
24 Graham Sturrock Graham Overton Peugeot 309 8F 31m 48s
25 Bob Ward Paul Liddle Ford Escort 9F 54m 41s
26 Stephen Wynn Ian Fellows Peugeot 309 23F 37m 15s
27 Mal Jones Mark Edwards Peugeot 205 31F 47m 52s