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Mid Wales Clubman Stages 2004

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Newtown & District Auto Club

27th June 2004

Clerk of the Course: Richard Edwards

Stages: 7 (44 Stage Miles)

Venue: Hafren, Sweet Lamb, Sarnau & Ceri

Starters: 89

Winners: Graham Middleton/John Morgan (Hyundai Accent WRC)

Graham Middleton demonstrated the superiority of WRC cars when, partnered by John Morgan, he won the Mid Wales Stages by over two minutes in his Hyundai Accent WRC. He took fastest time on all of the event’s seven stages.

Mid Wales Stages 2004

The Newtown DAC rally saw competitors tackled 44 slippery stage miles in the Hafren, Sweet Lamb, Sarnau and Ceri complexes.

The Clubman Rally cmpetitors followed the Historic Rally through the stages; the Historic runners having already completed two stages, Hafren North and Sweet Lamb, on Saturday evening. For the Clubman all seven stage were single use. Competition started with three tests in Hafren, these were followed by the longest stage, a 8.2 mile test that started in Hafren and ran through the western half of Sweet Lamb.

After a service halt at the Sweet Lamb RAC Car Park, the action moved to Sarnau and stages at Cwmysgawen (5.2 miles) and Cymcynydd (3.5 miles). The final stage was a 4.4 miler in Ceri.

Middleton/Morgan, running on second hand tyres, suffered a puncture on the first stage (SS3 Hafren North), but was still fastest by 31 seconds. By the service halt, after four stages, the Hyundai pair had a lead of 1m 46s. By the Finish they had extended their advantage to 2m 20s to secure their third successive win on the Mid Wales Stages.

Bob Morgan/Adrian Williams had initially led the chase of the leaders, but their rally came to an end when they rolled their Mitsubishi Lancer E5 on a hairpin in Sweet Lamb.

A lonely second place was then left to the Ford Escort WRC of Dave Jenkins/Graham Cox. The driver felt rusty over the first few miles, but took second fastest time to Middleton on all the stages and finished as a secure runner up.

Steve Loveridge/Dan Surridge were out testing damper settings on their MG ZR in preparation for their ANCRO campaign. They held third place over the first two stages, but on SS5 (Hafren South) they spun and dropped to sixth. However they quickly recovered and were back to third by Service, a position they held to the Finish.

Chasing Welsh Clubman Championship points was the aim of Tim Jones/Don James (Ford Escort); they held fourth for most the event, althought they dropped to fifth after picking up a puncture on Hafren South. They managed to regain fourth position by the end, despite picking up another puncture in Ceri.

There was a close finish in the 205 1.9 Scholarship class. Simon Moore took fifth place overall and the Scholarship win after Tom Curtis eased off on the final stages thinking he had a comfortable lead he had in fact been two seconds behind Moore with one stage remaining. Matt Barker took it steady in the early stages after a three month layoff and took the third 205 place.

Mike Storrar, who was out for the first time in four years, won Class 2 in his Anglia. Mark Perrot made a guest appearance in a F1000 Micra, finding the lack of power tricky in the dry, he still took a clear win in the small car category.


Geno Cook, benefiting from the experience of new co-driver Elwyn Manuel, took a narrow win on the Mid Wales Stages 205 Challenge.

Mike Nippers, partnered by Stuart Powell, took second place four seconds behind Cook. He had held a steady pace on the final stages in an overheating car to gain valuable points to maintain his championship lead. These two were well clear of the other runners.

Three of the fancied runners went out before the halfway point. Robbie Dale had taken fastest time for the class on SS1 but then blew the engine, Ian Winstanley had taken fastest times on the next two tests before he went out with head gasket failure. George Thomas went off the road and retired in Hafren.

Also on the retirement list were Mark Whitlock who broke a drive shaft, Chris Moon who crashed in Hafren and Yasuyuki Munakata who rolled on Sweet Lamb.

Steven McPhee won the 1400cc category , finishing twenty seconds ahead of Robert Kucia.

The strength of the 205 series was demonstrated by the fact that there were forty-two starters in the Challenge for 1600cc cars, with another six entered in the 1400cc category. In addition there were nineteen competitors in the 1900cc Scholarship.


Pos Driver Co-Driver Car Penalty
1 Graham Middleton John Morgan Hyundai Accent WRC 46m 00s
2 Dave Jenkins Graham Cox Ford Escort WRC 48m 20s
3 Steve Loveridge Dan Surridge MG ZR 49m 51s
4 Tim Jones Don James Ford Escort 50m 14s
5 Simon Moore Mark Mason Peugeot 205 50m 25s
6 Thomas Curtis Michael Harries Peugeot 205 50m 27s
7 Paul Walker Vern Brown Ford Escort 50m 40s
8 Matt Barker Martin Jons Peugeot 205 50m 53s
9 John Campbell Vicky Johnson Subaru Impreza 50m 57s
10 Geraint Mills Jonny 'Tad' Evans Opel Manta 51m 06s
11 Martin Kenny Dave Stocking Ford Escort 51m 26s
12 Gaz Carless Martin Pettitt Peugeot 205 51m 37s
13 Huw Jeffreys Avarina Connor Ford Escort 51m 47s
14 Chris Reid Phil Peak Peugeot 205 52m 12s
15 Benny Calvert Jon Marsh Peugeot 205 52m 13s
16 Mike Storrer Stephen Prince Ford Anglia 53m 13s
17 Akex Evans Eliot Retallick Peugeot 205 53m 59s
18 Geno Cook Elwyn Manuel Peugeot 205 54m 00s
19 Mark Goodwin Wayne Davies Ford Escort 54m 01s
20 Mike Nippers Stuart Powell Peugeot 205 54m 05s
21 Scott Bennett James Bennett Mitsubishi Lancer E7 54m 06s
22 Kevin Mecham Collette Mechem Ford Escort 54m 35s
23 Stephen Luscombe Andrew Joll Peugeot 205 54m 36s
24 Stefan Davis Elgan Davies Peugeot 205 54m 37s
25 Ashley Evans Eddie Eagles Peugeot 106 54m 48s
26 Gareth Hockley Jessica Hockley Vauxhall Nova 54m 57s
27 Matthew Betteridge Simon Lassam Peugeot 205 55m 05s
28 Michael Bradley Ron Bradley Peugeot 309 55m 07s
29 Ian Tippett Liam O'Kane Peugeot 205 55m 20s
30 Mark Turner Mark Oliver Peugeot 205 55m 35s
31 Chris Bayliss Dai Roberts Peugeot 205 55m 36s
32 Charles Knifton Howard Pridmore Peugeot 205 55m 42s
33 Steven Paul Edwards Ian Parry Ford Escort 55m 53s
34 Chris Paulson Andrew Dover Peugeot 205 55m 55s
35 Chris Wilson Corin Redman Vauxhall Astra 56m 02s
36 Dan Boardman Alex Levick Peugeot 205 56m 09s
37 Steve Massey Richard Mills Peugeot 205 56m 09s
38 Nik Blackhurst Richard Brunning Peugeot 205 56m 10s
39 Julian Brine Raymond Davies Peugeot 205 56m 17s
40 Mark Perrott Aled Loveluck Nissan Micra 56m 29s
41 Tom Fowler Rob Spragg Peugeot 205 56m 34s
42 Michael Curtis David Curtis Peugeot 205 56m 43s
43 Pete Johnston Owen Dodd Peugeot 205 57m 22s
44 Andrew Paul davison Sandie Taylor Peugeot 205 57m 42s
45 Stephen Lewis Eric Tong Peugeot 205 58m 03s
46 Steve Rogers Pete Gill Peugeot 205 58m 35s
47 Nick Parkinson Simon Parkinson Peugeot 205 58m 51s
48 Steven McPhee Jonathan Williams Peugeot 205 58m 51s
49 Anthony Hutchins Kevin Hutchins VW Golf 59m 17s
50 Robert Kucia John O Jones Peugeot 205 59m 21s
51 Paul Watkins Peter Davies Peugeot 205 59m 54s
52 Andrew Davies Peter Davies Peugeot 205 60m 25s
53 Gareth Bevan Neil Bevan Peugeot 205 61m 10s
54 Shaun Hattersley Paul Briggs Peugeot 205 61m 13s
55 Craig Pearce Rob Humble Peugeot 205 61m 26s
56 Chris Wise Holly Bailey Peugeot 205 61m 30s
57 Kit Leigh Tim Leigh Peugeot 205 61m 39s
58 Simon Rees Dan Mayo Peugeot 205 61m 55s
59 Lee Jones Phil Martin Peugeot 205 62m 00s
60 Chris Hamblett Carolyn Hamblett Talbot Sunbeam 62m 04s
61 Ashley Morris Michael Hardwick Peugeot 205 63m 00s
62 David Bramwell-King Rebecca Bramwell-King Peugeot 205 63m 55s
63 Matthew Thomas Paul Blake Peugeot 205 64m 48s
64 Robert Andrew Hawkins Nigel Mather Peugeot 205 66m 13s


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Dessie Nutt Geraldine McBride Porsche 911 69m 34s
2 Francis Tuthill Nick Kennedy Porsche 911 69m 47s
3 Neil Calvert Arlene Cookson Lotus Cortina 73m 05s
4 Chris Green Hilary Green Lotus Cortina 73m 12s
5 Jonathan Gale Graham Gale Ford Cortina GT 73m 59s
6 Graham Waite Gary Titchmarsh Volvo Amazon 74m 38s
7 Ronnie Roughead Ian Canavan Ford Cortina GT 75m 36s
8 John Morris Chris Flavell Porsche 911 75m 42s
9 Jim Clark Mike Robinson Lotus Cortina 78m 26s
10 Paul Mankin Desmond Bell Lotus Cortina 79m 24s
11 Peter Quinton Andrew Turner Ford Cortina 80m 24s
12 John Parker Robert Harrison Saab 96 83m 11s
13 Hugh Curell Mike Gamlin Lotus Cortina 84m 11s
14 Philip Smith Barbara Smith Mini Cooper S 85m 27s
15 Michael Barratt Michelle Calvert Mini Cooper S 85m 55s
16 Alsion Lock Barbara Alexander Mini Cooper S 91m 53s


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 David Stokes Den Golding Ford Escort RS1600 66m 16s
2 Richard Gower Andrew Bargery Ford Escort RS1600 66m 35s
3 Stven Smith John Nichols Ford Escort RS1600 67m 24s
4 Dominic Frattaroli Wyn Thomas Datsun 240Z 67m 38s
5 Jeremy Easson Iestyn ap Dafydd Porsche 911 67m 45s
6 Ernie Graham Robin Kellard Ford Escort RS2000 68m 12s
7 Gareth Lloyd Ryland James Ford Escort RS1800 68m 33s
8 James Young David Young Ford Escort RS2000 68m 52s
9 Stuart Holt John Bennie Porsche 911 69m 27s
10 Graham Samuel Tony Phillips Ford Escort RS2000 69m 32s
11 Chris Browne Liz Jordan Ford Escort RS1600 69m 54s
12 Martin Freestone Chris Heyes Ford Escort RS1800 70m 05s
13 Dave Dyer Graham Wride Ford Escort Mexico 70m 17s
14 Graham Wilson Steve Dear Porsche 911 70m 24s
15 Ken Forster John Stanger-Leathes Ford Escort Mexico 70m 49s
16 John Worthing John Cadwallader Ford Escort Mexico 70m 56s
17 Tim Mason Captain Thompson Porsche 911 71m 18s
18 Chris Nixon Joe Jones Ford Escort 71m 52s
19 C Gravestock M Harmer Ford Escort 72m 54s
20 Michael Pedley David Pedley Ford Escort RS2000 73m 02s
21 Paul Drinkall Roy Brown Porsche 911 73m 36s
22 Neil Parsons Chris Parsons Ford Escort RS1600 73m 56s
23 Hugh Myers Debby Myers Datsun 240Z 75m 31s
24 Rikki Proffit Dave Allcock Ford Escort RS1600 76m 40s
25 Ian Rix Frank Richer Ford Escort 76m 57s
26 Malcolm Bayliss Darren Leach Ford Escort 77m 29s
27 Don Simmons Jon Stephenson Ford Escort 79m 54s
28 Nigel Kelsall Peter Davies Fiat 124 Special 81m 08s