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Moonbeam Rally 1997

Sponsored by Telford Motor Auctions

Telford Auto Club

8th/9th March 1997

Clerk of the Course: Maurice Leach

Route: 130 Miles

Maps: 126 127 & 137

Starters: 75

Winners: Kevin IKin/Martin Saunders (Ford Escort)

Kevin Ikin and Martin Saunders took a close fought victory on Telford AC's Moonbeam Rally, thus giving Ikin his second win on the event, he'd won as a navigator in 1991. Only 14 seconds behind the winners were Dennis Quinn/Andrew Thomson, they had led at halfway but dropped over a minute in the second half after searching for a slot that was initially hidden by a parked car.

Moonbeam Rally 1997

Crews faced a 130 mile route in the classic Moonbeam territory south of Shrewsbury. The whole route was issued at the start control and competitors were given a generous amount of time on the long run out to plot it. There were to be nine sections, many had Intermediate Time Controls of which 18 were timed to the second.

The rally opened with a run through Eastridge Wood, south of Pontesbury, before heading further south on to Map 137 and the Long Mynd-Linley Wood area. After five sections Petrol was taken at Craven Arms. The route then took crews to the east of Church Stretton and back north on to Map 126 to finish on the outskirts of Telford itself. As ever on the Moonbeam a large number of whites and muddy farmyards were used.

One crew immediately in trouble were Clive Wakeley/Byron Jones whose Escort broke it's battery lead on a white losing the car all its power and lights; in the ensuing panic the car came to a halt across the track wedged between two banks. The road was blocked for the following cars before sufficient people arrived to lift the Escort clear. Worst affected were Graham Evans/Ian Mills and Phil Harding/Paul Middleton; Harding being particularly disappointed as the incident occurred on his own land. Pete Cotton/Dave Pitchford continued their miserable season as they retired early on when their Escort lost oil pressure.

By Petrol the lead was held by Quinn/Thomson, but they were to lose it for good just after the start of the hour long seventh section when they came to a junction and looked for a track which should have been opposite, they were unable to see it and ventured up the road in a further search. Retracing their steps they discovered the slot where they had first looked and realised that previously it had been hidden by a parked car. They had lost a minute and any chance of victory. Cyril Crook/Chris Ware were close behind the two leaders at the halfway halt but lost time in the second half with two incidents of confusion at seperate three metre controls; they eventually ended up third but three minutes adrift of the lead.

Ikin/Saunders found no problems in the second half and duly collected the win, however the toughness of the event was witnessed by the fact that they dropped time at nine controls and had penalties of almost nine minutes at the end.

Fourth went to the driver who Ikin had navigated to victory in 1991, Adrian Hodgson, his mount was the unlikely Renault Fuego which he shared with Sean Caddick. It hadn't been a good night for the top runners; Wyn Jones/Deian Rees had a difficult time on their first outing together and ended up 21st, while Geraint Davies/Phil Pugh finished 12th place after Pugh found he was rusty after not having competed on a full event since the Holrus in December.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Kevin Ikin Martin Saunders Ford Escort 8m 53s
2 Dennis Quinn Andrew Thomson Ford Escort 9m 07s
3 Cyril Crook Chris Ware Talbot Sunbeam 12m 06s
4 Adrian Hodgson Sean Caddick Renault Fuego 12m 52s
5 Michael Pedley David Pedley Hillman Avenger 13m 05s
6 Baron Glaze Pete Davies Ford Escort 13m 07s
7 Phil Harding Paul Middleton Vauxhall Chevette 13m 22s
8 Chris Wilson Roger Fildes Vauxhall Astra GTE 13m 43s
9 Paul Holmberg Ian Vale Ford Escort 13m 59s
10 Nigel Thomas Phil Stocking Ford Escort 16m 17s
11 Richard Howells Phil Clarke Ford Escort 16m 28s
12 Geraint Davies Phil Pugh Toyota Corolla 16m 34s
13 Graham Evans Ian Mills Opel Manta 17m 12s
14 Des Phasey Steve Price Ford Escort 17m 12s
15 Dave James Shaun O'Gorman Ford Escort 17m 19s
16 Stephen Edwards Phill Harrison Talbot Sunbeam 17m 22s
17 Huw Evans Patrick Walsh Ford Escort 17m 28s
18 Andrew Powell Sarah Preece Ford Escort 17m 54s
19 Gethin Lewis Aled Jones Ford Escort 18m 22s
20 Alwyn Jones Aled Pennant Ford Escort 18m 53s
21 John Jones Chris Rowlands Renault 11 18m 59s
22 Will Morgan Pat Gadsby Toyota Corolla 19m 01s
23 Duncan Williams Nick Bloxham Peugeot 309 19m 29s
24 Kev Nunns Dave Evison Toyota Corolla 19m 57s
25 Gareth Jones Steve Durbin Toyota Corolla 21m 11s
26 Michael Harrison Andrew Rousell Ford Escort 22m 16s
27 Dick Lee Karl Ellis Ford Escort 23m 27s
28 Geraint Bowness Arwel Jones Peugeot 205 23m 37s
29 Dave Evans Gareth Price Peugeot 205 26m 35s
30 Carl O'Grady Gwyn Williams VW Golf 28m 01s
31 Arwel Griffith Carwyn Evans Peugeot 205 29m 06s
32 Wyn Jones Deian Rees Ford Escort 30m 08s
33 Alan Thompson Neil Boyd Toyota Corolla 30m 43s
34 Trevor Pritchard Paul Hughes MG Maestro 31m 17s
35 Brian Harrison Cliff Washbrook Ford Escort 35m 09s
36 Jamie Burton Dave Dewson Ford Escort 38m 57s
37 Tim Mannings Matt Mannings Ford Fiesta 47m 29s
38 Toby Adam Mark Robinson Ford Escort 1F 15m 40s
39 Stephen Bishop Tim Kear Ford Escort 1F 25m 06s
40 Paul Pritchard Brian Jenkins Ford Escort 1F 27m 12s
41 Graham Evans Mark Hill Ford Escort 1F 29m 50s
42 David Marston Jane Powell Toyota Corolla 1F 33m 28s
43 Dave Price Deggy Ford Escort 1F 35m 34s
44 Paul Davies Dave Cartwright Ford Escort 1F 49m 50s
45 Simon Tuckman Richard Chalmers Ford Escort 2F 23m 33s
46 David Painter Peter Lewis Opel Manta GTE 3F 27m 41s
47 Tony Watkins Medwyn Evans Mini 5F 60m 11s
48 Graeme Manton Iain Holt Peugeot 205 6F 48m 28s
49 Stuart Hemming Mark Freeman Vauxhall Astra GTE 9F 43m 28s
50 Mark Coleman Jon Yardley Mitsubishi Lancer 9F 48m 42s
51 Sean Pinches Chris Jones Ford Escort 9F 55m 47s
52 Benjamin Corbett Marcus Watmough Talbot Sunbeam 10F 47m 35s
53 Alen Ridge Simon Ridge Opel Manta 13F 42m 23s
54 Neal Arden Giles Corbett Ford Escort 16F 36m 39s
55 Nick Broadway Andy Oakes Ford Sierra 18F 26m 48s
56 Gareth Davies Andrew Davies Vauxhall Chevette 20F 49m 49s
57 Derek Tracey Anthea Kinsey Mini 25F 25m 34s
58 Adrian Higman Brian Jones Talbot Sunbeam 31F 9m 34s