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Nightwatchman Rally

Central Sussex Motor Club

17th/18th November 2001

Clerk of the Course: Matt Fowle

Route: 185 Miles

Maps: 186 187 & 197

Starters: 38

Winners: Mike East/Roger Davidson (Peugeot 205 GTi)

Nightwatchman Rally 2001

Mike East/Roger Davidson took their Peugeot 205 to victory on Central Sussex MC’s Nightwatchman Rally. They emerged with a three minute winning margin after completing a 185 mile route in the lanes of Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Despite the length of the route, the final results were largely determined by two incidents. Firstly, a number of wrong approaches at TC6 and, secondly the impact of a large pot hole just prior to TC41. TC6 accounted for, amongst others, the two top seeds.

Terry Martin/Simon Bentley lost out on sixth place after picking up a fail at TC6 and later in the event were slowed after suffering steering damage - a visit to the ditch being caused by an attempt to avoid hitting an errant fox.

Mike Biss/Kath Woodman also received a fail at TC6, however this became immaterial as soon afterwards a drive shaft failed on their Astra.

Mick Monaghan/Iain Tullie were the pace setters for most of the night. Still being clear of penalties at the event’s three quarter mark, they looked as if the win was in the bag when they hit the infamous pothole. The impact punctured two tyres on their Sierra Estate and with only one spare they were out of the rally.

Monaghan's demise should have given the lead to Ian Mepham/Sue Speller, who had only dropped two minutes up to that point, however they also suffered a puncture as a result of the pot hole, the delay meant that they finished fourth one minute off third.

The eventual winners also picked up a puncture after hitting the hole but they were more fortunate and managed to finish the section before having to stop to change the wheel.

East/Davidson had a steady run, maintaining enough pace to be comfortably ahead of the Toyota Corolla of Martin Smith/PRAR, who finished second. Jamie Turner/Graham Raeburn were eight minutes further back in third.

Nightwatchman Rally 2001
Class winners: Phil Collings/Mark Collings (Ford Mondeo)

The Semi-Expert Class was won by Phil Collings/Mark Collings (Ford Mondeo), who finished eleventh overall, seven minutes ahead of Karen Gardener/Paul Hollingham, who were second in class.

The event was also the Inter-Association event of the year. Ten associations each entered a three car team, this included teams from Northern Ireland and Eastern Scotland, who made the long journey to Guildford. At the Finish it was the South Eastern Association team - Martin Smith/PRAR, Doug Kingsley/Ben Greenfield, Chin/Andy Coshan - who took the cup.

The West Midlands team had a generally unsuccessful event - Gary Jones/Dave Pitchford retired with a suspect axle, Mike Hart/Dave Cooper finished 21st and Andy Oakes/Carl Williamson 23rd. For the Welsh team the rally was a disaster - Bernard Elliott/Iestyn ap Daffydd crashed on the first section, Grant Parker/Mark Robinson were excluded after being reported by the Police and Wayne Elliott/Paul Edwards failed to make the Start.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Mike East Roger Davidson Peugeot 205 GTi 6m 00s
2 Martin Smith PRAR Toyota Corolla 9m 00s
3 Jamie Turner Graham Raeburn MG Maestro 17m 00s
4 Ian Mepham Sue Speller VW Golf GTi 18m 00s
5 Doug Kingsley Ben Greenfield Vauxhall Nova GTE 24m 00s
6 Paul Wright Malcolm Barber Ford Escort 30m 00s
7 Chin Andy Coshan Opel Manta 36m 00s
8 Allan Sayers Bob Stokoe Ford Fiesta 61m 00s
9 Jeremy Rodgers Mark Fearon MG Maestro EFi 73m 00s
10 Derek McLean Lockhart Horsburgh MG Maestro 90m 00s
11 Phil Collings Mark Collings Ford Mendeo 92m 00s
12 Karen Gardener Paul Hollingham VW Golf 99m 00s
13 Andrew Dadswell Owen Turner Rover Metro 197m 00s
14 Van-Roy Barber Ollie McCollum Ford Escort RS2000 216m 00s
15 Ken Pape John Stringer Ford Escort 1F 36m 00s
16 Terry Martin Simon Bentley Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 47m 00s
17 John Henderson Lloyd Cochrane Talbot Sunbeam 1F 118m 00s
18 Sandie Taylor Paul Taylor Peugeot 205 1F 142m 00s
19 Douglas Smith Euan Brodie Vauxhall Cavalier 1F 155m 00s
20 Roger Ashmead Tim Warburton Peugeot 205 GTi 2F 82m 00s
21 Mike Hart Dave Cooper Vauxhall Astra GTE 2F 146m 00s
22 Dominic Worsfield Mike Beeson Peugeot 205 GTi 2F 169m 00s
23 Andy Oakes Dean George Toyota Corolla 3F 31m 00s
24 Nick Powter Glyn Williams Vauxhall Astra 3F 203m 00s
25 John Lindsey Patrick McCollum Peugeot 205 GTi 3F 222m 00s
26 Andrew Tiller Mark Lewis Toyota MR2 3F 321m 00s
27 Gary Sueridan Richard Hicks Peugeot 205 4F 250m 00s
28 Paul McCulla Andy Gilmore TVR 3000M 4F 479m 00s
29 Clive Anstey Verity Anstey Vauxhall Nova 9F 334m 00s