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PK Memorial Rally 1999

Sponsored by Polyroof

Bala & District Motor Club

3rd/4th July 1999

Clerk of the Course: Tudor Morris

Route: 140 Miles

Maps: 116 & 124

Starters: 75

Winners: Nick Broadway/Andy Oakes (Ford Sierra)

Nick Broadway/Andy Oakes secured victory by just five seconds on Bala MC's PK Memorial Rally. The 1998 winning driver, Peter Zjalic, with Patrick Walsh on the maps, finished second.

PK Memorial Rally 1999
Winners: Nick Broadway/Andy Oakes (Ford Sierra)
Photograph: Aled Richards

The event, a round of both the West Midlands and North Western Championships, used a 130 mile route in North Wales. This included a run through Aberhirnant Forest and the tarmac of the Trawsfynydd Ranges.

Many crews were in trouble within two miles of the start as the first white of the event proved to be a tough challenge. First to hit problems were Kevin Parry/Gareth Price, they wrong slotted and then became stuck. They extracted the car but had to cut the route to keep within the time limit, picking up six fails in the process. This was unfortunate as they were the quickest crew in the second half.

Paul Holmberg/Dave Pitchford also came to grief on the white, wedging their Escort on a rock that flattened the car's exhaust - they retired. Despite this result they still held a substantial lead in the West Midlands Championship. This incident delayed both Paul Hughes/Owen Dodd and Mick Monaghan/Iain Tullie, however these crews survived to post top ten places at the Finish.

Monaghan's result placed him in a strong position in the North Western Rally Championship, although Kevin Ikin still led the title race. Ikin and navigator Rob Jones were yet another victim of the infamous white, but came home in ninth.

There were seven crews still free of penalties at the petrol halt, however the eight mile timed to the second section immediately after the halt was to split the cars up. Broadway/Oakes emerged as the leaders after the section, being five seconds in front of top seeds Peter Zjalic/Patrick Walsh. They then held on to this lead to win the rally, despite having to ease off towards the end as the Sierra's oil light flickered on and off.

Wayne Morris/Paul Middleton were third at the Finish, but could easily have won, they were nine seconds faster than Broadway on the tie decider, but they'd dropped a minute in the first half after being held up by a non-competing car.

Adrian Higman/Cyril Jones (MG Maestro), benefitting from some suspension tweeks, were one of the crews clean at Petrol, but an off, down a grassy 10 foot bank, lost them time on the tie-breaker section. With the help of spectators, they regained the road and went on to finish in 11th place.

Geraint Davies/Sarah Gluyas failed to make the Finish after they picked up more punctures than they had spare wheels for their Corolla.

The Semi-Expert award went to the Harlech crew of Gwylym Davies/Vern Japheth - Neal Arden/Giles Corbett and Alan Williams/Gwion Pryderi were quicker on outright pace, but both crews picked up fails. The Novice award was won by Richard Preece/Tim Gluyas, who survived having to re-route due to a car blocking the road, and also their Escort's oil pressure plunging to zero.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Nick Broadway Andy Oakes Ford Sierra 1m 18s
2 Peter Zjalic Patrick Walsh Toyota Corolla 1m 23s
3 Wayne Morris Paul Middleton Ford Escort 2m 07s
4 Kev Nunns Dave Evison Toyota Corolla 2m 13s
5 Paul Hughes Owen Dodd Vauxhall Astra SRi 2m 38s
6 Ian Elias Phil Roach Audi Coupe Quattro 3m 00s
7 Mick Monaghan Iain Tullie Ford Escort 3m 23s
8 Kevin Ikin Rob Jones Ford Escort 3m 31s
9 Paul Webb Justin Brooks Vauxhall Astra GTE 3m 41s
10 Dave Taylor Pat Gadsby Subaru Legacy 4m 29s
11 Adrian Higman Cyril Jones MG Maestro 6m 16s
12 John Harmer Sarah Harmer MG Maestro 7m 07s
13 Mark Skellern Jez Harris Ford Escort 7m 48s
14 Jayne Hill Andrew Hughes Vauxhall Nova GSi 7m 49s
15 Dave Jones Ian Vale Ford Sierra 9m 26s
16 Gwylym Davies Mona Japheth Vauxhall Astra 12m 53s
17 Gerallt Davies Michael Evans Toyota Corolla 13m 14s
18 Steven Roberts Richard Roberts Ford Escort 17m 47s
19 Kath Rumney Gary Matthews MG Maestro EFi 38m 27s
20 Neal Arden Giles Corbett Ford Ecort Mexico 1F 5m 26s
21 Alan Williams Gwion Pryderi Vauxhall Nova 1F 7m 09s
22 Richard Jones Heath Griffiths Ford Escort 1F 16m 29s
23 Paul Edwards Huw Jones Ford Escort 1F 18m 19s
24 Richard Preece Tim Gluyas Ford Escort 2F 5m 00s
25 Noel Hughes Gwawr Hughes Saab 96 V4 2F 9m 22s
26 Kevin Price Phil Ralphs Vauxhall Astra GTE 2F 39m 00s
27 Paul Jones Paul Edwards Vauxhall Nova 2F 42m 17s
28 Martin Self Alan Ogden Toyota Corolla 3F 7m 49s
29 Phil Brown Mark Watkins Ford Escort 3F 15m 27s
30 Brian Harrison Brynmor Pierce Ford Escort 3F 22m 05s
31 Peter Jones Shaun Baker Ford Sierra 3F 27m 00s
32 Dewi Williams Eilir Jones Vauxhall Nova 3F 40m 00s
33 Shane Richards Jon Madoc-Jones Ford Sierra 4F 16m 00s
34 Rob Jefferies Ken Taylor Subaru RX Turbo 4F 20m 00s
35 Geraint Jones Gareth Davies Toyota Corolla 4F 22m 32s
36 David Jones Trystan Bevan Peugeot 205 4F 24m 00s
37 Jamie Kendrick Roger Evans Toyota Corolla 5F 1m 32s
38 Pete Gabbatiss Gavin Ford Toyota Corolla 5F 18m 00s
39 Bryn Jones Darren Garrod Ford Escort 5F 33m 23s
40 Kev Parry Gareth Price Toyota Corolla 6F 0m 55s
41 Eryl Pritchard John Arwyn Jones Vauxhall Astra 6F 5m 00s
42 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Vauxhall Nova 8F 48m 00s
43 Geoff Whiston Arfon Jones Ford Escort 11F 23m 00s
44 Simon Cottrell Steve Wood Toyota Corolla 15F 8m 46s
45 John Jones Alan Thompson Renault 11 Turbo 15F 18m 02s
46 Gareth Edwards Rhun Ellis Ford Escort 18F 9m 00s
47 Tim Mannings Paul Matthewman Ford Fiesta 20F 4m 00s