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PK Memorial Rally 2002

Sponsored by Polyroof

Bala & District Motor Club

6th/7th July 200s

Clerk of the Course: Roger Evans

Route: 140 Miles

Maps: 116 124 & 125

Starters: 75

Winners: Glyn Price/Huw Jones (Ford Escort)

Bala & District MC's Polyroof PK Memorial Rally is a round of the Welsh, West Midlands and North Western Championships and attracted a capacity entry of 75 cars

PK Memorial Rally 2002

Crews had initially faced a 140 mile route however a spectator car went up in flames on the first section, blocking the road and delaying many of the top runners. To keep the rally on schedule the organisers were forced to cancel the first four sections including the loop through Aberhirnant and Penyllyn Forests. For most competitors this meant that they dropped time on just two sections, with the decisive factor being a hard to find slot in Clocaenog Forest. A number of fancied runners dropped several minutes finding the correct route.

The final results showed the leaders to seperated by just a few seconds with Glyn Price/Huw Jones emerging as victors to add the PK to their Border 100 win earlier in the year. They came home just four seconds in front of the second place crew.

The runner up spot had to be decided on the furtherest clean tie break as Steven Roberts/Darren Garrod and Dave Jones/Baz Green ended up with penalties of 49 seconds each - Roberts/Garrod taking the place on their first half performance when Jones/Green's Astra had suffered overheating problems. Dewi John/Michael Evans were just ten seconds further back in fourth.

Top seeds Kev Parry/Cyril Jones cleaned the second half, which included the run through Clocaenog, but a wrong slot in the first half meant that they finish fifth, although they did take the Standard Production Award in their Toyota Corolla.

PK Memorial Rally 2002
Winners: Glyn Price/Huw Jones (Ford Escort)
Photograph: M&H Photography

The event had a signinficant affect on the Welsh Championship standings. Series leaders prior to the night were Huw Evans/Patrick Walsh, however they were an early retirement when the altenator bracket on their Escort broke. A sixth place finish, and, moreimportantly, top championship contender on the PK meant, that Howard Price/Carl Williamson were now making a strong challenge for the Welsh title with just three rounds remaining.

The result also strengthened Price/Williamson's lead in the West Midlands Championship. They had been in third place at the halfway halt but then lost over a minute searching for the slot in Clocaenog. Jason Stone/Paul Holmberg were the leaders at the petrol halt, but dropped time at the same spot and were finally classifed in tenth.

Others to lose out on good results as a result of that slot were Gary Jones/Dave Pitchford, Gerwyn Jones/Ceri Davies, Simon Cottrell/Marcus Watmough and Steve Rogers/Ian Cooke. However the latter crew did collect the Under 1400cc Award and strengthen their position in that category in the Welsh Championship.

PK Memorial Rally 2002
Battle Damaged: Mark Price/Jez Harris (Ford Escort)

From a start number of 31 Andy Roberts/Stuart Frost took their Impreza to seventh place at the Finish, this was despite surviving an off that took them through the undergrowth on the final white of the night. Andrew Williams/Wyn Davies and Lee Evans/Anthony Williams had similar experiences at the same spot but also survived. The latter crew coming home as first Novices

The Semi-Expert Class was won by the Astra of Dalis Ifans/Aled Richards who were 16th overall, only one position and seven seconds ahead of Keith Gush/Jennifer Gush who took second place in class.

Mark Price/Jez Harris had a heavy roll in the Escort on the second section on the mountain round between Trawsfynydd and Llanucwhllyn. Merfyn Williams/Derwyn Roberts (Vauxhall Astra) and Lee Wilson/Paul Edwards (Peugot 205 GTi) both went out with broken drive shafts. Alan Roberts/Peter Barnard did make it to the finish, but struggled with a sticking throttle and had the frightening experience of the bonnet flying open at one stage.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Glyn Price Huw Jones Ford Escort 0m 45s
2 Steven Roberts Darren Garrod Ford Escort 0m 49s
3 Dave Jones Baz Green Vauxhall Astra 0m 49s
4 Dewi John Michael Evans Peugeot 205 GTi 0m 59s
5 Kev Parry Gareth Price Toyota Corolla 1m 17s
6 Howard Price Carl Williamson Toyota Corolla 2m 13s
7 Andrew Roberts Stuart Frost Subaru Impreza 3m 02s
8 Wayne Morris Paul Middleton Ford Escort 3m 04s
9 Shaun Hardy Steve Herbert Toyota Corolla 3m 24s
10 Jason Stone Paul Holmberg Peugeot 205 GTi 3m 28s
11 Gary Jones Dave Pitchford Toyota Corolla 3m 39s
12 Simon Cottrell Marcus Watmough Subau Impreza 4m 06s
13 Rich Jones Elfyn Richards Peugeot 205 GTi 4m 22s
14 Noel Hughes Gwawr Hughes Ford Escort RS2000 4m 32s
15 Terry Martin Simon Bentley Peugeot 205 GTi 5m 23s
16 Dalis Ifans Aled Richards Vauxhall Astra 7m 29s
17 Keith Gush Jennifer Gush Vauxhall Nova GTE 7m 36s
18 Gerwyn Jones Ceri Davies Ford Escort 8m 13s
19 Paul Tod Iestyn ap Dafydd Peugeot 205 GTi 8m 18s
20 Justin Sharples Pete Morris Subaru Legacy 11m 03s
21 Islwyn Watkins Martin Jones Vauxhall Astra 20m 35s
22 Steve Rogers Ian Cooke VW Polo 13m 24s
23 Steve Wynn Chris Wynn Ford Escort 14m 05s
24 Kenny Rowlands Steve Griffiths Ford Escort 17m 29s
25 Wyn Williams Dewi Williams Peugeot 205 GTi 17m 49s
26 Andrew Williams Wyn Davies Vauxhall Astra 20m 35s
27 Dewi Williams Eilir Jones Vauxhall Nova 23m 16s
28 Huw Myfyr Jones Rhun Ellis Vauxhall Nova 1F 3m 22s
29 Steve Price Cyril Jones Toyota Corolla 1F 5m 27s
30 Mark Appleton Anthony Preston Peugeot 106 Rallye 1F 7m 58s
31 Alan Roberts Peter Barnard Ford Escort 1F 8m 09s
32 Chris Robinson Alan Pemberton Toyota Celica GT 1F 8m 55s
33 Ian Jones Peter Tomlinson VW Golf GTi 1F 11m 50s
34 Lee Evans Anthony Williams Vauxhall Nova 1F 12m 21s
35 Terry May Stephen Coombes Peugeot 309 GTi 1F 16m 43s
36 Lee Bartlett Richard Edwards Peugeot 309 GTi 1F 21m 25s
37 Len Evans Pete Dale Rover 3500S 2F 8m 55s
38 Andrew Matthews Colin Jones Audi GT Coupe 2F 10m 55s
39 Chris Simmons Mike Stayte Peugeot 205 2F 11m 17s
40 Chris Thomson Justin Cotton VW Golf GTi 2F 22m 12s
41 John Broadhurst Gareth Williams Ford Escort 3F 10m 32s
42 Gareth Clarke Shaun Baker Peugeot 309 3F 15m 31s
43 Steve Williams Geoff Williams Peugeot 205 GTi 4F 15m 09s
44 Ian Lloyd Adrian Smart Toyota Corolla 5F 1m 15s
45 Mark Jones Mike Jones Ford Escort 5F 17m 13s
46 Alan Procter Jason Crook Vauxhall Astra 6F 23m 14s
47 Arwel Williams Steve Owen Ford Escort XR3 10F 10m 27s
48 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Vauxhall Nova 12F 27m 11s
49 Gareth Edwards Andrew Singleton Ford Escort 13F 20m 35s
50 Steve Barrett Jon Dyke Peugeot 205 GTi 14F 17m 08s
51 Iwan Griffith David Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 16F 26m 15s
52 Lee Rainford Paul Edwards Ford Sierra 4x4 21F 29m 31s