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Peak Revs Rally 1996

Sponsored by PAR4 Groundcare

Ludlow Castle Motor Club

9th/10th November 1996

Clerk of the Course: Sarah Preece

Route: 140 Miles

Maps: 138 & 149

Starters: 80

Winners: Baron Glaze/Dave Pitchford (Ford Escort)

Baron Glaze/Dave Pitchford took their second successive Welsh Road Rally Championship victory when they won Ludlow Castle MC's Peak Revs Rally. This result rekindled their title hopes which two rallies previously had looked lost. Their position was improved even further when their only rivals for the Championship, Wyn Jones/Phil Clarke, lost 5 minutes after an off; they struggled home in 28th place. Glaze now needs to finish in the top four on the championship's last round, the Holrus, to have a chance of denying Jones the driver's title, while in the navigator's table Pitchford leads Clarke by three points.

Peak Revs Rally 1996

The Peak Revs was unique amongst the 1996 Welsh Championship rounds in that it didn't actually enter the Principality, instead it's 140 mile route used the frosty lanes of Shropshire and Herefordshire. Under the direction for the first time of Clerk of Course Sarah Preece the rally forsook it's traditional use of the whites in the Welsh border area and instead utilised an almost 100% tarmac format. The event was split into eight sections, the first six being of a plot 'n bash format while the route cards for the last two were issued at the start of the sixth test.

By the end of the first half, which used a long loop to the south of the start venue at Ludlow, all crews had dropped time at a minimum of three controls. The leaders at that stage were Paul Holmberg/Maurice Leach, however in the second half they dropped 32 seconds after being held up on the vital sixth section by slower cars; with eight crews cleaning this part of the event this was enough to drop them to fourth at the finish. Last year's winners Colin Davies/Owen Dodd were only one second down on Holmberg/Leach at Petrol however they experienced problems with their hired Escort's lights, which failed completely at one stage, and thus dropped to sixth at the end.

Other crews who could have challenged for the lead hit problems in the first half, notably Tony Davies/Ieaun Thomas and John Evans/Eurig Evans, both of whom became stuck in a muddy farmyard on the third section. While Graham Evans/Ian Mills and Phil Harding/Paul Middleton lost large amounts of time on the fourth section when both wrong slotted while plotting.

The section after the halfway halt was extremely icy and Richard Lewis/Phil Pugh spun their Corolla on a 90 right which was covered in ice, they recovered, however Jones/Clarke, who were following immediately behind, were less lucky and slid off into the deep ditch on the outside. They managed to get a farmer to pull them out with a tractor but they picked up five minutes penalty and in such a tightly fought contest this was enough to drop them to 28th overall at the end.

Glaze/Pitchford therefore emerged as the jubilant victors, extremely pleased to take the championship battle down to the wire. Cyril Crook/Chris Ware were only one second behind in their Sunbeam, although they were lucky to have cleaned the second half having wrong slotted on the tightly timed sixth section. While in third place Des Phasey/Steve Price took their best ever rally result in their Escort 1.6.

Richard Lewis/Phil Pugh, recovering from their earlier incident, had a steady run through the remainder of the rally. They finished in fifth place, which was enough for them to clinch the Standard Production category in the Welsh Championship.

With Dennis Quinn not competing, his regular navigator, Nick Darkin, teamed up with Semi-Expert driver, Duncan Williams. They finished in 13th place, having dropped a minute and a half when they managed to pick up three punctures on the penultimate section.

The Semi-Expert class was won by the Severn Valley crew of Steven Bishop/Tim Kear, they were 29th overall, however this was bettered by the leading Novice crew, Wayne Morris/Steve Holder, who claimed 26th place almost twenty minutes clear of their nearest class rival.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Baron Glaze Dave Pitchford Ford Escort 1m 45s
2 Cyril Crook Chris Ware Talbot Sunbeam 1m 46s
3 Des Phasey Steve Price Ford Escort 1m 59s
4 Paul Holmberg Maurice Leach Ford Escort 2m 10s
5 Richard Lewis Phil Pugh Toyota Corolla 2m 17s
6 Colin Davies Owen Dodd Ford Escort 2m 24s
7 Peter Zjalic Richard Preece Toyota Corolla 2m 26s
8 Richard Evans Gareth Price Peugeot 205 2m 52s
9 Kev Ikin Rob Jones Ford Escort 2m 55s
10 Graham Evans Ian Mills Opel Manta 3m 13s
11 John Evans Eurig Evans Hillman Avenger 3m 27s
12 Tony Davies Ieuan Thomas Opel Ascona 3m 31s
13 Duncan Williams Nick Darkin Peugeot 205 GTi 4m 27s
14 Simon Stock Patrick Walsh Ford Sierra 4m 28s
15 Simon Stock Dave Evison Ford Sierra Sapphire 4m 46s
16 Dave Price Deggy Ford Escort 5m 08s
17 Chris Wilson Roger Fildes Vauxhall Astra 5m 13s
18 Paul Webb Mike Hart VW Golf GTi 5m 44s
19 Tudor Morris Gerallt Davies Ford Escort 5m 47s
20 Gareth Morgan Carl Williamson Skoda 120RS 5m 55s
21 Andy Morris Ralph Robson Ford Escort 6m 30s
22 John Jones Chris Rowlands Renault 11 Turbo 6m 34s
23 Damian Cole Steve Durbin Ford Escort 6m 44s
24 Dave James Colin Bowen Ford Escort 7m 31s
25 Chris Painter Steve Quine Toyota Corolla 7m 34s
26 Wayne Morris Steve Holder Ford Escort 7m 37s
27 Ian Ross Andy Oakes Ford Escort RS2000 7m 41s
28 Wyn Jones Phil Clarke Ford Escort 7m 49s
29 Steven Bishop Tim Kear Ford Escort 8m 40s
30 Steve Edwards Paul Jones Talbot Sunbeam 9m 19s
31 Paul Pritchard Nigel Roberts Ford Escort XR3i 9m 23s
32 Dave Painter Chris Lightburn Opel Manta 9m 23s
33 Bryan Davies Jayson Brown Ford Escort 9m 43s
34 Carl O'Grady Gwyn Williams VW Golf 10m 33s
35 Keith Pashley Kevin Belcher Toyota Corolla 10m 53s
36 Brian Spurr Jim Clarke Ford Escort 11m 00s
37 Darren Williams Mat Morgan Vauxhall Astra 11m 08s
38 Richard Roe Dave Sillars Talbot Sunbeam 11m 12s
39 Phil Harding Paul Middleton Vauxhall Chevette 11m 16s
40 Iain Scott Des Harris Ford Escort 11m 19s
41 Pete Cotton Matt Barker Ford Escort 11m 38s
42 Kevin Hutchins Garry Thomas Ford Escort 13m 31s
43 Steve Hilditch Paul Hughes Rover Metro 15m 49s
44 Alan Thompson Neil Boyd Toyota Corolla 16m 02s
45 Tony Watkin Medwyn Evans Mini 1275 GT 16m 32s
46 Mark Jukes Gary Robbins Toyota Corolla 17m 12s
47 Dave Talbot Shane Gamble Ford Escort 20m 28s
48 Stuart Hemming Mark Freeman Vauxhall Astra 20m 48s
49 Karl Hancocks Tim Jones Ford Escort XR3i 24m 18s
50 Cyril Jones Chris Read Ford Escort 25m 24s
51 Mark Pearce Craig Parry Ford Escort 26m 07s
52 Kath Rumney Arfon Jones Ford Escort 28m 34s
53 Malcolm Middleton Graham Ford Ford Fiesta XR2 1F 4m 41s
54 Nick Skidmore Ben Innes Ford Escort 1F 10m 35s
55 Brian Harrison Cliff Washbrook Ford Escort 1F 11m 28s
56 Martin Cresswell Paul Price Ford Escort 1F 15m 12s
57 Nigel Lloyd Iestyn Leyshon Ford Escort 1F 16m 16s
58 Martyn Ellaway Matthew Farr Ford Escort 1F 30m 56s
59 Sean Pinches Chris Jones Ford Escort 1F 33m 39s
60 Nigel Thomas Phil Stocking Ford Escort 2F 2m 54s
61 Nick Onions Andy Moss Ford Escort 3F 24m 12s
62 Nigel Jones Alison Stroud Audi S2 5F 40m 03s
63 Adrian Hodgson Shaun Caddick Renault Fuego 6F 9m 05s
64 John Ross Dave Stocking Ford Escort 6F 9m 05s
65 Gerwyn Evans Peter Cooke Ford Escort 7F 19m 03s
66 Robert Waterhouse Simon Mellins Vauxhall Astra 7F 41m 23s
67 Kevin Roberts Mike Daska Ford Capri 21F 40m 28s