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Red Dragon Rally 1996

Sponsored by Stena Line

Port Talbot Motor Club

30th/31st March 1996

Clerk of the Course: John Surridge

Route: 140 Miles

Maps: 157 & 158

Starters: 86

Winners: Tony Davies/Ieuan Thomas (Toyota Corolla) & Alan Williams/Andy Bowen (Talbot Sunbeam)

A rally route using some of the classic lanes of North Pembrokeshire wasn't enough to split the Sunbeam of Alan Williams/Andy Bowen and the Toyota of Tony Davies/Ieaun Thomas on Port Talbot MC's Red Dragon Rally. Both crews were clean over the twelve sections of the 140 mile event.

Red Dragon 1996

The rally, a round of the Welsh, West Midlands and South Western Championships, had attracted sponsorship from the Stena Line. The start was based at that company's Fishguard headquarters; scrutineering taking place in the Customs Sheds, while the Start itself was on the harbour quayside.

The route was split into twelve Standard Sections, with one timed to the second as a tie breaker. These were linked by Regularity Sections rather than more usual neutrals. This is a method that has become traditional on the Red Dragon and meant that crews were unable to relax throughout the event as late arrival at the end of a Regularity Section would incur penalty; the only respite was the halfway halt.

The first half used the majority of lanes in the triangle formed by the main roads linking Fishguard, Haverfordwest and St Davids. A number of crews emerged penalty free, but others had hit problems. Eventual joint winners Williams/Bowen sat in both camps, as they lost three minutes after drowning out in the Brandy Brook ford but still managed to clean the section.

Less fortunate were Paul Holmberg/Maurice Leach who lost eight minutes when their Escort suffered a broken throttle cable, they recovered to take 16th overall. In similar problems were Wayne Evans/Neil Spiers who survived the first half without penalty and were in third place when they were stranded after both throttle cables broke on their Escort.

Welsh Championship regular Sarah Harmer was being navigated by 1995 London Counties Champion Cath Woodman, who was doing her first Welsh event. The ladies would have finished fifth overall but for missing the code board at PC21. Another crew who missed this board were Dennis Quinn/Nick Darkin, they were free of time penalties until dropping 39 seconds when they picked up a puncture on the tie breaking selective in the second half, this would have given them third overall but the missed code board plunged them down to 37th.

Also in trouble early on were the winners of the first two rounds of the Welsh Championship, Richard Lewis/Phil Pugh in their Toyota Corolla. They dropped three minutes on the very first section when they wrong slotted while plotting, they then lost another two minutes while hunting for the non-existent code board at PC11. They eventually finished 17th overall which was enough to keep them in the lead of the Welsh Championship but with a slightly reduced cushion to Baron Glaze/Dave Pitchford who finished fifth.

The second half moved to the east of the A40 and took in the area bordered on the north by the Preseli Mountains and on the south by the Haverfordwest to Narbeth road. The very first section was the three and a half mile tie breaker timed to the second. However the tie breaker wasn't entirely successful as both Williams/Bowen's Sunbeam 2.0 and Davies/Thomas' Corolla 1.6 cleaned it. At the finish it would have been possible to use differing engine capacity to decide the winner, however the officials declared a draw as it was felt this rule was difficult to enforce given the fact that the Toyota was a twin-cam.

The result made it a double for Andy Bowen who won the previous year's event partnering Malcolm Walters. It was Tony Davies' first rally win and, with his second place on the Rali Bro Caron, it puts him in a strong position in the Welsh Championship. For his navigator, Ieaun Thomas, it was a welcome return to rallying after an 18 month lay off.

Top points in the strongly supported South Western Championship went to Barry Luxton/Phil Luxton, who finished in seventh place overall. Baron Glaze/Dave Pitchford were top scorers in the West Midlands title race.

The Semi-Expert class was won by a massive margin by Des Phasey/Paul Middleton, the first time pairing had a clear run bar for having to disconnect the spotlights to allow a failing battery to make it to the finish; they finished 12th overall with total penalties of 8m 06s. Second in the class were Stephen Williams/Ian Taylor, they'd started slowly but speeded up in the second half to take 26th overall. Mario Mangano/Steve Weston, who had held second in class at petrol, had a number of wrong slots after the break and dropped to fourth at the end, only 11 seconds behind Gareth Evans/Dylan Evans, who took the final class award.

Ian Evans/David Evans won the Novice class with a winning margin of almost 28 minutes, this was despite a down on power engine and the fact that on the day before the rally the driver was without a navigator for the event.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
=1 Alan Williams Andy Bowen Talbot Sunbeam 0m 00s
=1 Tony Davies Ieuan Thomas Toyota Corolla 0m 00s
3 Elgan Jones Byron Jones Ford Escort 0m 41s
4 Lloyd Evans Mike Roach VW Golf GTi 0m 50s
5 Baron Glaze Dave Pitchford Ford Escort 1m 11s
6 John Evans Eurig Evans Hillman Avenger 1m 15s
7 Barry Luxton Phil Luxton VW Golf GTi 1m 36s
8 Wyn Jones Phil Clark Ford Escort 2m 16s
9 Stuart Wood Paul Waterton Ford Sierra Estate 3m 08s
10 John Williamson Jon Stobbs Opel Ascona 5m 50s
11 Roy Pesticcio Peter Thomas Ford Escort 7m 30s
12 Des Phasey Paul Middleton Ford Escort 8m 06s
13 Bob Davies Mark Newberry VW Golf GTi 8m 08s
14 Chris Thomas Carl Williamson Ford Escort 8m 36s
15 Huw James Owen Dodd Ford Sierra 8m 51s
16 Paul Holmberg Maurice Leach Ford Escort 8m 52s
17 Richie Lewis Phil Pugh Toyota Corolla 8m 56s
18 Wayne Edwards Sharon Jarvis Ford Escort 11m 06s
19 Nigel Lloyd Iestyn Leyshon Ford Escort 12m 15s
20 Martin Whiteland Aneurin James Volvo 760 12m 32s
21 Karl Hancocks Damian Cole Ford Escort XR3 14m 27s
22 Bob Gibbons Bev Williams Ford Cortina 17m 18s
23 Chris Painter Steve Quine Vauxhall Nova 21m 49s
24 Colin Thomas Mark Walters Toyota Corolla GT 31m 38s
25 Barbara Carter Peter Barnard Toyota Corolla GT 32m 13s
26 Brian Usher Jonathan Usher Ford Escort 33m 38s
27 Glan Harbud Gary Robbins Ford Escort 34m 29s
28 Jonathan Hands Rob Duke Vauxhall Chevette 34m 48s
29 C Evans V Cole Ford Escort 40m 45s
30 Stephen Williams Ian Taylor Talbot Sunbeam 42m 44s
31 Gareth Evans Dylan Evans Ford Escort 48m 50s
32 Mario Mangano Steve Weston Fiat Strada 49m 01s
33 Mark Price Chris Read Ford Escort 52m 17s
34 Roddy Daniels Jane Harris Vauxhall Astra GTE 1h 3m 21s
35 Martin Ellaway Matthew Farr Ford Escort 1h 8m 00s
36 Sarah Harmer Cath Woodman MG Maestro 1F 1m 00s
37 Dennis Quinn Nick Darkin Ford Escort 1F 2m 39s
38 Clive Wakely Justin Davies Ford Escort 1F 13m 39s
39 Brian Davies Jason Brown Ford Escort 1F 18m 11s
40 Simon Stock Patrick Walsh Ford Sierra 1F 34m 10s
41 Chris Hughes John Gilbey Ford Escort 1F 37m 40s
42 Mark Griffiths Charles Gill Ford Escort 1F 42m 05s
43 Carl O'Grady Gwyn Williams VW Golf 1F 44m 49s
44 Jerry Rennell Havin Johnson Peugeot 205 1F 47m 22s
45 Lyn Owens Hefin Owens Ford Escort XR3 1F 51m 02s
46 Nicholas Yates Simon Yates Ford Escort 2F 1h 02m 00s
47 Dylan Parry Meirion Evans Ford Escort 2F 1h 17m 19s
48 Steven Roderick Andrew Card Ford Escort 3F 38m 09s
49 Julian Thomas Dylan Williams Ford Escort 3F 1h 39m 23s
50 David Williams Darren Morris Ford Escort 4F 41m 35s
51 Malcolm Middleton Paul Thomas Ford Fiesta XR2 5F 46m 21s
52 Gareth Jones Andrew Perry Toyota Corolla GT 5F 1h 36m 35s
53 William Parry Dafydd Williams Ford Escort 6F 48m 37s
54 Carwyn Evans Richard Vaughan Ford Escort 9F 1h 45m 07s
55 Gordon Howlls D Thomas Ford Escort 9F 1h 41m 20s
56 Richard Reynolds Gerwyn Davies Ford Escort 10F 1h 20m 04s
57 Robert Fearn Brian Jenkins Ford Escort 10F 4h 34m 12s
58 Martyn Williams Nigel Williams Vauxhall Nova 12F 4h 49m 11s
59 Ian Powell Mark Powell Ford Escort 13F 1h 21m 41s
60 Andrew Lane Phil Davies Ford Capri 15F 52m 04s
61 Wayne Evans Neil Spiers Ford Escort 22F 01m 25s
62 Clive Greves John Hands Vauxhall Chevette 23F 37m 10s
63 Kevin James Anthony Bowen Rover Metro 31F 5h 17m 34s
64 Damien Thomas N Charles Ford Escort 42F 6h 54m 11s