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Red Kite Stages 2002

Sponsored by Swansea Model Centre

Amman & District Motor Club

26th January 2002

Red Kite 2002

Clerk of the Course: Gareth Thomas

Stages: 9 (45 Gravel Stage Miles)

Venue: Epynt, Halfway & Crychan

Starters: 54

Winners: Leon Pesticcio/Howard Davies (Mitsubishi Lancer E6)

Leon Pesticcio/Howard Davies gave their successful Lancer Evo6 a fitting farewell as they took a dominant victory on Amman & District MC’s Red Kite Stages.

Rali RedKite 2002
Graham Middleton/John Morgan (Hyundai Kit Car)
Rali RedKite 2002
Melyn Evans/Alun Davies (Ford Escort)
Rali RedKite 2002
Andy Gwynne/Laura Forsythe (Vauxhall Corsa)
Rali RedKite 2002
Stuart Clarke/Mike Panes (Ford Escort)
Rali RedKite 2002
Graham Davies/Gary Powell (Talbot Sunbeam)
Rali RedKite 2002
David Harris/Alex Jones (Ford Escort)

The popular rally, which attracted sponsorship from Swansea Model Centre for this year’s event, used forest tracks on and around the Epynt Ranges to provide nine stages and 45 competitive miles.

Pesticcio/Davies were the class of the field taking the lead from the first stage and eventually coming home with almost a two minute victory margin. They even had time to indulge in some tyre testing over the final stages. This was the last event for the faithful Evo6 as an Evo7 was being built for the 2002 season.

There was a daylong battle for second place between the Hyundai Kit Car of Graham Middleton/John Morgan and the Escort Cosworth of John Morgan/Carl Williamson. The latter driver, a tarmac specialist, was on his first forestry event. Despite clutch problems, which were traced to an airlock in the fluid, Middleton had led after six stages. However when they reached the start of the last stage Morgan/Williamson were two seconds in front. Both drivers drove flat out over the last test in an effort to win the runner up spot, however four wheel drive and the extra horsepower told as Morgan took another nine seconds off Middleton to secure the place.

Melvyn Evans returned to two wheel drive with an Escort RS that was only completed in the early hours prior to the rally. Partnered by Alun Davies, the Lampeter driver overcame unsuitable tyres and fading brakes to take fourth place at the Finish. Miles Jude/Alistair Douglas had held fourth place for most of the day but a severely slipping clutch on their Impreza saw them fall behind Evans on the final three stages.

There were two significant non-starters; Simon Crook had gearbox problems with his Escort Cosworth, while engine maladies on his Escort RS caused Gareth Lloyd to miss the event. Julian Reynolds/Ieaun Thomas matched Pesticcio’s time on SS1 but a broken rear diff on their Lancer Evo4 on SS2 put them out before the battle could get underway. Robert Swann/Ken Bowman were also quick on SS1 but they clipped a rock at the flying finish, the impact broke a drive shaft on their Lancer and meant that they played no further part in proceedings.

There were a number of other retirements, these included: David Howells/Andy Hillier (Subaru Impreza) - Transmission; Wyn Hughes/Paul Jenkins (Toyota Starlet) - Oil Pipe; Mandy Twynham/Richard Edwards (Peugeot 106) - Off; Martin Evans/Shaun O'Gorman (Nissan Micra) - Engine; John Selley/Neil Selley (Ford Escort) - Off; Graeme Jones/Richard Perry (Peugeot 106) - Coil; David Harris/Alex Jones (Ford Escort) - Clutch; Graham Davies/Gary Powell (Talbot Sunbeam) - Halfshaft; Paul Tappin/Trevor Tappin (Ford Puma) - Transmission; Trevor Baynham/Jon Roberts (Ford Escort) Wheel Studs.

Stuart Clarke/Mike Panes were spectacular in their drive to the U1600 class win in their Escort, two spins on SS2 being their only problem. Andy Gwynne/Laura Forsyth may have challenged them for the class award but their Corsa ran out of fuel on SS4 and they had to coast over the line, loosing fifty seconds in the process.

Gary Barlow/Alex Reynolds were the daylong leaders in the U1300 class but it was far from a smooth run for the Reading pairing. Their newly rebuilt Astra suffered four broken fan belts and a broken exhaust during the rally. At the Finish Barlow was narrowly ahead of the Peugeot 106s of Danny Kent/Robin Hernaman and Peter Cave/Andrew Davies.

Three Telford AC crews took part and had mixed fortunes. Andrew Kenny/Gary Kenny struggled with their Lancer Evo3 jumping out of second gear all day, the driver having to hold the car in gear. Martin Payton/Eddie Myatt had a trouble free day, taking their Escort Cosworth to 12th overall, while Martin Kenny/Steve Quine battled with a loose oil pump on their Escort RS but still secured second in class and 15th overall.

The rally was being observed for inclusion in the following year's Welsh Clubman's Championship and judging by the remarks from competitors and external officials, there was no difficulty in the Red Kite making the grade.

Fifty-four cars started the event with 39 making it back to the rally base at the Castle Hotel, Llandovery.


Pos Driver Co-Driver Car Penalty
1 Leon Pesticcio Howard Davies Mitsubishi Lancer E6 48m 36s
2 John Morgan Carl Williamson Ford Escort Cosworth 50m 23s
3 Graham Middleton John Morgan Hyundai Kit Car 50m 34s
4 Melvyn Evans Alun Davies Ford Escort 51m 55s
5 Miles Jude Alistair Douglas Subaru Impreza 52m 07s
6 Philip Morgan Marc Jones Mitsubishi Lancer E5 52m 12s
7 Andrew Kenny Gary Kenny Mitsubishi Lancer E3 52m 29s
8 Chris Bown Roger Bown Mitsubishi Lancer 52m 36s
9 Stuart Clarke Cliff Simmons Ford Escort 52m 38s
10 Robert Davies Nicholas Biddle Mitsubishi Lancer E5 53m 10s
11 Richard Hill Daniel Stone Ford Sierra 53m 16s
12 Martin Payton Eddie Myatt Ford Escort Cosworth 53m 23s
13 Andy Gwynne Laura Forsyth Vauxhall Corsa 53m 31s
14 Dave Price Julian Howitt Mitsubishi Lancer E6 53m 46s
15 Martin Kenny Steve Quine Ford Escort RS 55m 02s
16 Duncan Williams Mark Freeman Peugeot 106 55m 15s
17 Granvile Cottle Neil Cook Ford Escort Cosworth 55m 16s
18 Ed Lloyd Ian Moseley Triumph TR8 55m 39s
19 Bob Gibbons Stuart Cardell Ford Escort Mk1 55m 57s
20 Darran Powell Gareth Shell Ford Escort 56m 00s
21 Mark Cheetham Kiaran Hankin Ford Escort 56m 10s
22 Steve Willson Ken Rees Vauxhall Chevette HSR 56m 16s
23 Alun Evans Lisa Evans Subaru Impreza 56m 31s
24 Alan Desbois Denise Desbois Peugeot 306 58m 04s
25 Jim Munden Dan Hutchins Ford Escort 58m 21s
26 Gary Barlow Alex Reynolds Vauxhall Astra 58m 58s
27 Danny Kent Robin Hernaman Peugeot 106 59m 18s
28 Peter Cave Andrew Davies Peugeot 106 59m 30s
29 John Evans Chris Long Ford Escort 60m 12s
30 Alun Pearson Simon Brook Vauxhall Nova GSi 60m 21s
31 Mandy Roberts Derek Davies Peugeot 106 60m 29s
32 Paul Lomas David Bryans Ford Escort Cosworth 60m 47s
33 Mark Weller Paul Robinson Ford Escort 61m 23s
34 Edward Healer Matthew Finney Nissan Micra 61m 52s
35 Clive Bayliss Steve Roderick Opel Manta 61m 59s
36 Andrew Lawson Shaun Stanton Ford Escort 62m 59s
37 Gareth Bevan Neil Bevan Daihatsu 64m 41s
38 Chris Brown Steve Phillips Skoda 68m 55s
39 James Chappelle Peter Chappelle Austin Mini 74m 20s