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Saint Wilfrid's Road Rally 2003

Sponsored by Monkton Moor Garage

Ripon Motor Sports Club

9th/10th August 2003

Clerk of the Course: Adam Roper

Route: 130 Miles

Maps: 98 99 & 104

Starters: 54

Winners: Carl Hawkins/Iain Tullie (Vauxhall Nova)

Saint Wilfrid's Road Rally 2003

Ripon MSC’s St Wilfrids Road Rally saw another victory go to the Nova of Carl Hawkins/Iain Tullie (Vauxhall Nopva), however the pair had to fight hard for the win as Jon Lawson/Chris Pringle (Subaru Legacy) put up a strong challenge.

There were 54 starters for this 120 mile North Yorkshire event. It was a round of five major championships including the HRCR.

Top seeds Owen Turner/Graham Raeburn (Rover Metro) were fastest over the first section; they were two seconds faster than Lawson/Pringle, with Hawkins/Tullie a further nine seconds behind. Terry Martin/Simon Bentley (Peugeot 205 GTi) were fourth; they were to complete the rally in third place, their first clear since their win on the G&P Memorial in March.

Turner/Raeburn's event came to an end on the section near Appletreewick. Raeburn: "On a 90 Right the car just drifted wide onto the grass and into the ditch .... a tree stopped us dead. Both OK and the car wasn't too bad, a holed radioator and a new bonnet needed".

This left Lawson/Pringle with a lead that they maintained until the final section, which used private tracks in the Lightwater Valley Park.

Hawkins/Tullie, who were nine seconds down on the leaders at that point, decided to throw caution to the wind and, despite a spin, ended the section and the rally twelve seconds ahead.

A single code board had a significant effect on the results as around half the runners missed it. The offending board was PC11A and it was located between a Time Control, at which a route hand out was issued, and the first slot of the section. There should have been more than a mile between the TC and the slot, however the control had to be moved, due to a PR complaint, a few days before the start. This meant that the control, board and slot were all within a couple of hundred metres of each other. Many crews charged away from the control and didn't realise their error until the next TC.

Saint Wilfrid's Road Rally 2003
Non-finishers: Ray Heathcote/Pat Gadsby (Vauxhall Viva)

HRCR front runners Terry Pickering/Paul Robinson (Triumph TR3) would have finished sixth overall and taken another historic category win, but picked up a fail for missing PC11A and dropped to 24th place at a result.

This allowed the Mini of Pete Valentine/John Thornley to take the category win on what was the driver's first visit to Yorkshire since the 1969 Seven Dales and the navigator’s first night rally for six years.

Roger Hunt/Graham Dance (Ford Escort Mexico) were another of the crews to miss PC11A, but had already lost over two minutes on the first section with a puncture. They were also badly affected by dust from other cars in Lightwater and finished in 30th position. Peter Noad/Dave Kirkham (Audi 80 GT) also missed the controversial board and were classified in 26th place.

There were a number of significant retirements. Guy Robinson/Charlie Wheeldon withdrew before Petrol with a damaged exhaust on their Proton Persona. Jon Richardson/John Upham struggled from the opening section with a slipping clutch on their Golf and they retired at Petrol. Engine problems stranded the Vauxhall Viva of Ray Heathcote/Pat Gadsby. John Haden/Steve Porter (Subaru Impreza) were forced out by a leaking petrol tank.

Tony Sims/Gavin Ford (Ford Sierra) took the Novice class award and finished thirteenth overall, three minutes ahead of their nearest class rivals.

OVERALL RESULTS (Positions in bold indicate an Historic Rally contender)

Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Carl Hawkins Iain Tullie Vauxhall Nova 2m 50s
2 Jon lawson Chris Pringle Subaru Legacy 3m 02s
3 Terry Martin Simon Bentley Peugeot 205 GTi 3m 29s
4 Dave Chapman David Taylor Peugeot 205 GTi 4m 06s
5 Paul Schatz Jerry Hettrick Peugeot 309 GTi 4m 32s
6 Nick Toplis Mick Fern Vauxhall Nova GTE 5m 00s
7 Malcolm Holdsworth Richard Holdsworth Toyota Corolla 5m 36s
8 Steve Featherstone Mike Ogram Ford Sierra 5m 39s
9 Dave Tubman John Tubman Peugeot 205 GTi 6m 09s
10 John Dimbleby David Dimbleby Ford Fiesta XR2 6m 30s
11 Peter Valentine John Thornley Mini Cooper S 6m 37s
12 Richard Chown Mark Wagstaff Peugeot 205 GTi 6m 44s
13 Tony Sims Gavin Ford Ford Sierra 9m 30s
14 Andy Beaumont Mike Petch Proton Satria 10m 10s
15 Cameron Collis Matty Fox Honda CRX 10m 13s
16 Martin Langley John Thornton Ford Escort 12m 53s
17 Frank Evans Dan Spittlehouse Toyota Corolla GT 13m 15s
18 G Wilcox D Harper TBA 15m 38s
19 Simon Gratton Ian Beech Peugeot 205 GTi 16m 01s
20 Len Smith C Edwards Mini Cooper S 17m 09s
21 Paul Metcalfe Simon Cartwright Mini Sprite 17m 51s
22 Anette Pashley Steve Pashley Vauxhall Nova GTE 17m 56s
23 Wes Massam Shon Gosling Volvo PV444 25m 236s
24 Terry Pickering Paul Robinson Triumph TR3 1F 4m 34s
25 Tom Wilcox Ed Dentiss Toyota Corolla 1F 6m 53s
26 Peter Noad Dave Kirkham Audi 80 GT 1F 6m 55s
27 Bill Chadwick Alan Edwards Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 7m 57s
28 John Ross Oliver Ross Subaru Impreza 1F 9m 30s
29 Brian Cope Stan Appleton Mini Cooper S 1F 9m 42s
30 Roger Hunt Graham Dance Ford Escort Mexico 1F 10m 01s
31 Bob Wisniewski Paul Lettington Nissan Micra 1F 12m 37s
32 S Powell W D Wilson Ford Escort RS2000 1F 18m 57s
33 Antony Baren G Franks Peugeot 205 GTi 1F 34m 39s
34 Richard Lumb A Lumb Vauxhall Nova 1F 36m 11s
35 Sandie Taylor Paul Taylor Peugeot 205 GTi 2F 05m 08s
36 Curly Haigh Sally Peacock Ford Escort Van 2F 20m 10s
37 Tony Brooks A Hudson Morris 1300 2F 25m 52s
38 Simon Byard Glyn Byard Peugeot 205 GTi 4F 57m 31s
39 Jean Appleton Heather Appleton Austin A40 11F 55m 45s
40 M Judson D Lewin Vauxhall Astra 14F 66m 00s
41 Glyn Casey Mark Casey Vauxhall Nova 27F 67m 31s