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Suzanne Crowley Memorial Rally 1998

Sponsored by Williams & Sons, Ty Howel Quarry

Barcud Motor Club

1st/2nd August 1998

Clerk of the Course: Roddy Daniels & Jon Stobbs

Route: 130 Miles

Maps: 135 & 146

Starters: 90

Winners: Martyn O'Connor/Peter Collins (Vauxhall Astra GTE)

Martyn O'Connor/Peter Collins (Vauxhall Astra) emerged as winners of the Suzanne Crowley Memorial Rally. With four crews finishing clear of penalties, the result was decided on engine capacity; thus the winning margin was 4cc. It was the Astra crew's maiden rally win.

Suzanne Crowley Memorial Rally 1998
Winners: Martyn O'Connor/Peter Collins (Vauxhall Astra)

The Barcud MC event was a round of both the Welsh and North Western Road Rally Championships, its first appearance in the former series. The 130 mile route used the lanes between its base at Tregaron and Aberyswyth. There was a capacity 90 car entry.

Proceedings started with a series of whites to the south of Llanafan Forest and there were a number of leading runners in problems straightaway. Clive Williams/Patrick Walsh retired their Sierra Cosworth with engine maladies, while Cyril Crook/Chris Ware continued their run of appalling luck. They picked up a puncture and then had their Sunbeam suffer terminal gearbox failure before reaching the third time control.

Punctures were commonplace on this section and the Pedley brothers were unfortunate enough to pick up two on their Escort G4, this forced them to withdraw at that point. The only other leading retirement of the night was the Cavalier of Huw James/Neil Spiers, its standard engine, which had 160,000 miles on the clock, expired on the penultimate section of the event.

The marshal at the third time control caused difficulties for a large number of leading crews when, despite entering a time, he refused to sign their time card. At the finish these crews, many of whom were clear of any other penalties, were given a fail for the offence. Those affected included the Welsh Championship leaders Dennis Quinn/Andrew Thomson, Gremlin Rally winners Neil Griffiths/Carl Williamson, leading West Midland Championship contenders Gary Jones/Iestyn ap Dafydd and Toby Adams/Pat Gadsby.

Alyson Acreman/Byron Jones also picked up a fail here and then had the further indignity of having the results crew crash into their Nova as they waited at a control.

Despite the 130 mile route there were still four crews clear of any penalty at the Finish, luckily all had recorded different engine capacities on their entry forms and so the 1796cc Astra of O'Connor/Collins beat the 1800cc Astra of Elgan Jones/Deian Rees. The latter crew, alone amongst the top ten starters, were fortunate enough to have their time card countersigned by the contrary marshal at TC3. The 1998cc Escort of Gethin Lewis/Aled Jones beat the 2100cc Escort of Wayne Pickersgill/Shaun O'Gorman to third place.

The Mixed Crew award went to Geraint Davies/Sarah Gluyas, who dropped only 2 seconds in their Toyota Corolla, while Peter Zjalic/Richard Preece, also in a Corolla, had similar penalties to take the Standard Production Award. The Nissan Micra of Martyn Evans/Ceri Davies was the best under 1300cc, with Ian Elias/Phil Roach taking the Semi Expert Class in their Escort RS2000. The Novice award went to Dyfed Pritchard/Alwyn Jones in a Peugeot 205.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Martyn O'Connor Peter Collins Vauxhall Astra GTE 0m 00s
2 Elgan Jones Deian Rees Vauxhall Astra GTE 0m 00s
3 Gethin Lewis Aled Jones Ford Escort RS 0m 00s
4 Wynne Pickersgill Shaun O'Gorman Ford Escort 0m 00s
5 Pete Cotton Dave Pitchford Ford Escort 0m 02s
6 Geraint Davies Sarah Gluyas Toyota Corolla 0m 02s
7 Peter Zjalic Richard Preece Toyota Corolla 0m 02s
8 Eirwyn Davies Brian Jenkins Ford Escort 0m 10s
9 Wayne Morris Paul Middleton Ford Escort 0m 13s
10 Ian Elias Phil Roach Ford Escort RS 0m 28s
11 Gavin Lloyd Jonathan Hands Ford Escort 0m 44s
12 Selwyn Jones Wyn Lewis Ford Escort 0m 48s
13 Martyn Evans Ceri Davies Nissan Micra 0m 49s
14 Dyfed Pritchard Alwyn Jones Peugeot 205 GTi 1m 13s
15 Aled James Philip Griffiths Ford Escort 1m 18s
16 Wayne Edwards Sharon Jarvis Vauxhall Astra GTE 1m 29s
17 Paul Davies Phil Ralphs Ford Escort 1m 57s
18 Nick Giles James Martin Ford Sierra 2m 00s
19 Martin Bradley Gordon Bradley Ford EScort 3m 08s
20 John Edwards Iestyn Leyshon Ford Escort 3m 20s
21 Owen Edwards Dylan Jones Ford Sierra 6m 30s
22 Jon Jones James Morgan VW Golf GTi 7m 45s
23 Carwyn Edwards Rees Owen Ford Escort 12m 37s
24 Gary Jones Iestyn ap Dafydd Toyota Corolla 1F 0m 00s
25= Gareth LLoyd Mike Morgan Ford Escort 1F 0m 00s
25= Neil Griffiths Carl Williamson Ford Escort 1F 0m 00s
27 Toby Adam Pat Gadsby Ford Escort 1F 0m 00s
28 Dennis Quinn Andrew Thomson Ford Escort 1F 0m 00s
29 Aled 'Cacen' Evans Eyrl Evans Ford Sierra 4x4 1F 0m 00s
30 Nick Evans Alan Hands Ford Escort 1F 0m 01s
31 Simon Cottrell Marcus Watmough Toyota Corolla 1F 0m 07s
32 Adrian Evans Eurig Evans Ford Escort RS 1F 0m 08s
33 Meredith Roberts Mark Lloyd Vauxhall Cavalier 1F 0m 12s
34 Nicholas Yates Simon Yates Ford Escort 1F 0m 14s
35 Paul Holmberg Ian Vale Ford Escort 1F 0m 16s
36 Tudor Morris Gerallt Davies Ford Escort 1F 0m 23s
37 Kevin Jones Andrew Davies Ford Escort RS 1F 0m 42s
38 Dave Boucher Jon Stobbs Ford Escort 1F 0m 41s
39 Gareth 'Gog' Jones John Gilbey Ford Escort XR3 1F 0m 50s
40 Chris Rowlands Nigel Roberts Vauxhall Astra GTE 1F 1m 00s
41 Peter Evans Dai John Ford Escort RS 1F 1m 00s
42 Alun Davies Richard Davies Opel Manta 1F 1m 10s
43 Adrian Davies Mark Jones Ford Escort RS 1F 2m 22s
44 Nick Abbot Mark Andrew Ford Escort 1F 2m 54s
45 Brian Harrison Cliff Washbrook Ford Escort 1F 3m 06s
46 Wyn Owens Kathryn Jones Ford Escort 1F 4m 24s
47 Robert Rees Ann Rees Ford Escort RS 1F 3m 33s
48 Jeremy Davies Meredith Davies Ford Escort 1F 3m 47s
49 Richard Briddon Edryd Evans Toyota Starlet 1F 3m 53s
50 Paul Hill Jane Harris Ford Escort 1F 5m 28s
51 Meirion Evans Hefin Owens Ford Escort 1F 7m 14s
52 Nigel Griffiths Arno Osinga Opel Manta GTE 1F 9m 19s
53 Raymond Morris Alec Morris Ford Escort 1F 8m 20s
54 Alyson Acreman Byron Jones Vauxhall Nova 2F 0m 00s
55 Paul Jones Steve Roberts Vauxhall Nova 2F 17m 26s
56 Dalis Ifans Huw Rowcliffe Peugeot 309 3F 4m 31s
57 Mark Harris Neil Bevan Ford Escort RS 4F 1m 54s
58 John Jones Cyril Jones Renault 11 Turbo 4F 0m 14s
59 Jeffrey Jenkins Jack Fowler Ford Escort Mk4 4F 8m 59s
60 Dai Davies Matthew Warner Vauxhall Nova 5F 0m 06s
61 Dewi Williams Eilir Jones Vauxhall Nova 5F 11m 17s
62 Clive Greves Hywel Greves Vauxhall Chevette 7F 12m 46s