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Telford Winter Stages 2002

Sponsored by Advanced Windows

Telford Auto Club

16th February 2002

Clerk of the Course: Kevin Hutchings

Stages: 12 (48 Stage Miles)

Venue: Sweet Lamb

Starters: 42

Winners: Graham Middleton/John Morgan (Toyota Corolla WRC)

Graham Middleton/John Morgan took their newly acquired Toyota Corolla WRC to a comfortable victory on the Advanced Windows Winter Stages. The Telford AC event used 12 stages, totalling 48 miles, in the Sweet Lamb Complex.

Telford Winter Stages 2002
Winners: Graham Middleton/John Morgan (Toyota Corolla WRC)

Middleton had hoped to use the event as a test in preparation for the Sunseeker Rally, but newly acquired suspension proved to be unsuitable and a cure had not been found to the problem that prevented full turbo boost being run. The Corolla therefore appeared with the same set up as used on the Wyedean. However the day was a success as the Kuhmo Tyres backed car came home over a minute clear of the field.

Second place was taken by Nigel Griffiths/Tamara Early who were having their first run in a Subaru Impreza, their only problem during the day being a puncture which cost them twenty seconds on SS8. Despite a misfire, which was cleared by a plug change, Mick Gilman/Nigel Bayley had a clear run to third in their Escort Cosworth.

A number of Peugeot 106 drivers used the event as a test session and the fastest amongst these was Garry Jennings who, partnered by David Moynahan, took eighth overall and the Class 2 win. Rory Galligan had converted his Championship winning 106 to left hand drive to help acclimatise himself to the set up of his works car. Despite clutch problems and a couple of offs, he finished eleventh overall.

Telford Winter Stages 2002
Third Placed: Mick Gilman/Nigel Bayley (Ford Escort Cosworth)

Robert Gough/Craig Parry were only one place further back in their 106. Glyn Jones’ son Gareth made his rally debut in a Geoff Jones prepared 106. Guided by the vastly experienced Ryland James he brought the car home in a creditable thirteenth place.

A visit to a ditch on SS10, which cost him 30 seconds, didn’t prevent Craig Middleton from the taking the Class 3 award in his Hyundai Coupe. He was another driver testing for the coming season, in this case his assault on the Kuhmo Tyres Championship.

Class 1 went to James Wozencroft/Dave Wozencroft, who finished nineteenth overall on only the driver’s second rally.

Telford Winter Stages 2002
Top Peugeot: Garry Jennings/David Moynahan (Peugeot 106 GTi)

Of the 42 starters, 29 made it to the Finish. Among those who retired were:
Vin Hughes (clutch)
Tom Duxbury (diff)
Shawn Woodhouse (blown turbo)
Cyril Crook (sheered wheel)
Hugh Geraint Jones (drive shaft)
Ralph Abel (gearbox)
Aron Brown (sheered wheel)
Duncan Goldsmith (broken steering)
Jody Oliver (gearbox)
Fin McCaul (broken rotor arm)
Glyn Newell (engine)
Geno Cook (accident)

A Trophy Rally was run for those entrants who had retired in the early sections, this used the last four stages of the main event. It was won by Keith Parry/Martyn Quant who had put their Nova off the road on SS4, the car had been undamaged but they had been unable to regain the road without the aid of a winch.

Darren Edwards/Johnny Evans had a difficult time on their way to sixteenth overall. They broke a rear strut on their Sunbeam on the first loop of stages, the car also developed a misfire. The misfire was finally cleared by a change of plugs; the broken strut by heavy welding. A throttle cable then broke as they reached the Flying Finish of SS6 and the co-driver had to sit on the bonnet operating the throttle for the short run into service. On the following loop they lost oil pressure which was finally traced to a leak under the engine.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Graham Middleton John Morgan Toyota Corolla WRC 1h 05m 19s
2 Nigel Griffiths Tamara Early Subaru Impreza 1h 06m 41s
3 Mick Gilman Jason Dolman Ford Escort Cosworth 1h 07m 43s
4 Andrew Kenny Gary Kenny Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3 1h 08m 41s
5 Andrew Haddon Mark Andrews Mitsubishi Lancer Evo4 1h 08m 51s
6 Martin Payton Laurie Walker Ford Escort Cosworth 1h 09m 01s
7 Craig Middleton Nathan Parry Hyundai Coupe 1h 09m 06s
8 Garry Jennings David Moynahan Peugeot 106 GTi 1h 09m 10s
9 Martin Kenny Maurice Leach Ford Escort 1h 09m 56s
10 Trevor Yoxall Keith Wain Ford Sierra Cosworth 1h 10m 08s
11 Rory Galligan Gordon Noble Peugeot 106 GTi 1h 10m 09s
12 Robert Gough Craig Parry Peugeot 106 GTi 1h 11m 31s
13 Gareth Jones Ryland James Peugeot 106 GTi 1h 11m 47s
14 Shaun Gallagher Richard Pashley Peugeot 106 GTi 1h 12m 30s
15 Mark Cheetham Kiaran Hankin Ford Escort 1h 12m 49s
16 Darren Edwards Johnny 'Tad' Evans Talbot Sunbeam 1h 13m 32s
17 Mark Rowlands Brynmor Pierce Ford Escort 1h 13m 59s
18 Will Onions Steve Quine Ford Escort Maxi Kit Car 1h 14m 06s
19 James Wozencroft David Wozencroft Vauxhall Nova 1h 14m 26s
20 Graham Davies Gary Powell Talbot Sunbeam 1h 14m 52s
21 Steve Bayley Andy Cobley Vauxhall Nova 1h 15m 57s
22 Sean Bannister Terry Bannister Peugeot 306 1h 16m 39s
23 Chris Gittins Stuart Humphreys Ford Escort 1h 17m 20s
24 Andrew Browne Keefe Kilkoyle Peugeot 205 1h 17m 28s
25 Chris Metcalfe Pete Swan Ford Escort 1h 17m 46s
26 Richard Naylor Kevin Watts Ford Escort RS1800 1h 17m 59s
27 Philip Atkins Paul Atkins Ford Escort 1h 22m 54s
28 Tim Consolante Duane Sismore Ford Escort 1h 25m 44s
29 Pete Hamer Niki Griffiths Talbot Sunbeam 1h 26m 29s