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Three Swans Rally 2002

Sponsored by The Cottingham MOT Centre + TBM Cutters Ltd

Selby & District Motor Club

14th/15th December 2002

Clerk of the Course: David Coggins

Route: 100 Miles

Map: 105 & 106

Starters: 26

Winners: Jamie Gratton-Smith/Richard Hage (Peugeot 205 GTi)

Jamie Gratton-Smith/Richard Hage capped their first full year of road rallying by taking their Peugeot 205 to victory on Selby & District MC’s Three Swans Rally. The win came despite the pair having to keep their car topped up with oil and water throughout the night. They’d held fourth place at the petrol halt but surged through to take overall honours with a winning margin of fourteen seconds at the Finish.

Three Swans Rally 2002
Leaders at Petrol: Bob Marshall/Roger Hage (Vauxhall Corsa)
Photograph: M&H Photography

The rally used a 100 mile route in North Yorkshire, starting at Selby MC’s clubhouse at Breighton Airfield and finishing at De Lacy MC’s clubhouse at Brotheron. It had originally been scheduled to run in June, but had to be postponed due to significant PR issues.

The rally was the final round of both the Northern and North East Midlands Championships. The ANCC drivers’ series was won by Gavin Smith. Partnered by Michael Ogram, he finished in second place on the Three Swans. His only rival, Terry Martin, finished well down the order after losing six minutes with a wrong slot.

John Haden finished in sixteenth place, but two outright victories earlier in the year, meant that this was enough to clinch the ANEMMC series. Iain Tullie had secured the ANCC navigators crown prior to the Three Swans and marshalling on the event provided sufficient points for him to add the North East Midlands title as well.

Bob Marshal/Roger Hage had been the leaders of the rally at the petrol halt but they dropped back to fourth as their Corsa ran out of brakes in the second half.

The leading novice crew were David Howell/Steve Taylor who finished in eleventh place in their Manta.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Jamie Gratton-Smith Richard Hage Peugeot 205 GTi 5m 16s
2 Gavin Smith Mike Ogram Peugeot 205 GTi 5m 30s
3 John Dimbleby David Dimbleby Ford Fiesta XR2 6m 20s
4 Bob Marshall Roger Hage Vauxhall Corsa 6m 43s
5 Andy Beaumont Matt Blood Proton Satria 7m 13s
6 Malcolm Holdsworth Richard Holdsworth Toyota Corolla 7m 15s
7 Andy Bird Plug Pulleyn Vauxhall Astra 7m 22s
8 Dave Chapman David Taylor Peugeot 205 GTi 7m 53s
9 Danny Robinson Ian Gibbins Peugeot 205 GTi 9m 04s
10 Andy Whittaker Charlie Tynan Peugeot 205 GTi 12m 11s
11 David Howell Steve Taylor Opel Manta 12m 12s
12 Sandie Taylor Paul Taylor Peugeot 205 GTi 12m 15s
13 Terry Martin Simon Bentley Peugeot 205 GTi 13m 57s
14 Barnard Watkins Adam Roper Vauxhall Cavalier 14m 34s
15 David Williams Richard Booth Renault Clio 16m 18s
16 John Haden Steve Coupland Subaru Impreza Estate 16m 29s
17 Chris Faulkner Chris Thorley Ford Sierra 17m 47s
18 Christian Rigg Lee Hudson Vauxhall Nova 18m 43s
19 Russ Jones David Wilson Mini 1098 21m 25s
20 Paul Metcalf Stuart Wright Vauxhall Nova 21m 36s
21 Len Smith Michael West Mini Clubman 28m 21s
22 Stan Appleton Heather Appleton Austin A40 29m 14s
23 Dave Broadley Michael McKenna Lada Riva 40m 42s
24 Mike Quinn Fred Roberts Subaru Legacy 64m 11s