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Three Swans Rally 2003

Sponsored by TBM Cutters Ltd

Selby & District Motor Club

23rd/24th August 2003

Clerk of the Course: David Coggins

Route: 120 Miles

Map: 100 & 105

Starters: 27

Winners: Andy Beaumont/Mike Petch (Proton Satria)

Andy Beaumont/Mike Petch achieved their first rally win by taking victory on the Three Swans Rally in Yorkshire.

The event, a round of both the ANCC and ANEMMC Championships, used a 120 mile route, with less than a mile of unsurfaced tracks. Despite running on a Bank Holiday weekend, the rally attracted 27 starters, of whom, 24 made the Finish.

Plot 'n bash navigation was used throughout. A number of different route instructions were used, including grid lines, tracings and herring bones. This proved popular with Expert crews, although the Novices seemed to struggle.

Three Swans Rally 2003
Winners: Andy Beaumont/Mike Petch (Proton Satria)

All crews dropped time at STC3; this section used the lanes between Barlow and Selby, including a run alongside the River Ouse. Four crews finished the first time card with just a one minute penalty, all picked up the penalty at STC3. The cars were Beaumont/Petch, Graham Nunn/Paul Nelson (Peugeot 205 GTi), Malcolm Holdsworth/Richard Holdsworth (Toyota Corolla) and Adrian Green/Mick Fern (Seat Ibiza).

Jon Lawson/Chris Pringle (Subaru Legacy) dropped two minutes at STC3. However they added five minutes to their total when they missed to pick up the code board at PC13. This meant that they ended up in seventh place at the Finish, although they were the fastest team through the tie-breaker section on Time Card 2. Despite this result, Lawson still led the ANCC Drivers' Championship.

Sandie Taylor/Paul Taylor (Peugeot 205 GTi) failed to make it to the end of the first time. There were two other retirements duirng the night. Mark Casey/Glyn Casey (Vauxhall Nova) went out when a fuel pump inlet pipe cracked and Jonathan Byard/Glyn Byard (Peugeot 205) lost all of their car's brake fluid.

The second time card included the tie breaker, where the seconds lost were only referred to if there was a tie from the timed-to-the-minute sections. It used a series of lanes to the north-west of Bugthorpe and navigation was by a herring bone. Of the four leaders, Beaumont/Petch were quickest here.

By the Finish this became immaterial as Beaumont/Petch dropped just one more minute on the third card, this was at STC25, on a section across Yearsley Moor and past Newburgh Priory. This separated them from their rivals, without recourse to the tie-breaker. They arrived back at Selby to claim their maiden rally victory.

Ade Green/Mick Fern were two minutes late at STC25 and then dropped a further minute on the herring bone defined run to STC29. Thus they finished with a total of four minutes and the runner up spot.

Malcolm Holdsworth/Richard Holdsworth added five minutes to their total on Card Three. This meant that they finished on six minutes, the same as Stan Featherstone/Mike Ogram, who were the only crew to clean Card Three, and John Haden/Roger Hage. The tie-breaker separated these three in the order Haden, Featherstone and Holdsworth.

The top seeds Jamie Gratton-Smith/Richard Hage had a miserable night, they were 26 minutes late at STC25 after a massive wrong slot.

John Ross/Oliver Ross (Subaru Impreza) were the clear winners in the Novice Class, finishing in eighth place overall.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Andy Beaumont Mike Petch Proton Satria 2m 29s
2 Adrian Green Mick Fern Seat Ibiza 4m 43s
3 John Haden Roger Hage Subaru Impreza Estate 6m 33s
4 Stan Featherstone Mike Ogram Ford Sierra 6m 35s
5 Malcolm Holdsworth Richard Holdsworth Toyota Corolla 6m 45s
6 David Williams Richard Booth Renault Clio 9m 00s
7 Jon Lawson Chris Pringle Subaru Legacy 11m 04s
8 John Ross Oliver Ross Subaru Impreza 11m 06s
9 Andy Whittaker Charlie Tynan Peugeot 205 GTi 13m 01s
10 Graham Nunn Paul Nelson Peugeot 205 GTi 13m 55s
11 David Howell Steve Taylor Opel Manta 15m 00s
12 David Chapman David Wilson Peugeot 205 GTi 16m 22s
13 Bill Chadwick Alan Edwards Peugeot 205 GTi 17m 22s
14 Trevor Faulkner Chris Faulkner Ford Orion 24m 40s
15 Guy Waddington Dave Hemmingway Renault Clio 25m 28s
16 Bernie Watkins Adam Roper Vauxhall Cavalier 29m 11s
17 Paul Metcalfe Stuart Wright Mini Sprite 33m 48s
18 Simon Tate Richard Wilson Opel Manta 38m 58s
19 James Carter Jonathan Stockdale Ford Escort 42m 25s
20 Jamie Gratton-Smith Richard Hage Peugeot 309 GTi 49m 42s
21 Robert Pilcher Dick Wardle Lotus Cortina 1F 24m 08s
22 Frank Evans Dan Spittlehouse Toyota Corolla GT 1F 41m 04s
23 Lee Curtis Roger Stoneley Vauxhall Astra 5F 103m 20s
24 Antony Baren Gareth Frank Peugeot 205 GTi 7F 62m 04s