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Welsh Endurance Rally 2003

Amman & District Motor Club supported by The Endurance Rallying Association

11h-13th July 2003

Clerk of the Course: Roy Whitney & Hywel Thomas

Route: 454 Miles + 27 Primes

Venues: Caerwent, Walters Arena, Epynt, Sweet Lamb & Abergewsyn

Starters: 46

Winners: Owen Turner/Andrew Dadswell (Rover Metro)

An experimental type of event, an Endurnace Rally, a mixture of road rally sections and test, was won by Owen Turner/Andrew Dadswell in a Rover Metro.

Welsh Endurance Rally 2003
Winners: Owen Turner/Andrew Dadswell (Rover Metro)

The event was based on a format pioneered by Philip Young on the World Cup Rally in 2002. It organised by Amman & District MC, with support form Young's ERA organisation, which had run the World Cup Rally. Entry was restricted to cars of under 1400cc, with only limited modifications allowed.

It was based in Cardiff and used a series of tests, or Primes, and road rally time control style sections. The start, from Cardiff's Moat House Hotel, was at 22:00 on Friday evening. Crews tackled six primes at Caerwent, before returning to the start venue at 01:00. There were three tests at the MoD site, one was almost a mile long, while the other two were two and half miles in length. They were all attempted twice.

On Saturday the action initially moved to Walters Arena for two tests, used twice, plus one at near by Cefn Coed Forest. There were then six primes on the Epynt Ranges, using a mixture of gravel and tarmac roads. The rally reached its northernmost point late in the afternoon, with three tests at Sweet Lamb.

Welsh Endurance Rally 2003
Third Placed: John Cotton/Gill Cotton (Citroen AX GT)

There was a two hour dinner halt at Llandrindod Wells, before crews returned to Epynt for four more primes. There then followed the road rally section, this started at 22:30 near Abergwesyn, ran up the Devils Staircase and around the Llyn Briane Loop. A prime in Crychan Forest, was followed by another TC section on the roads and tracks of Epynt.

Two more short primes, at the Water Works and the Irish Village, led to the final section, a series of time controls finishing at the top of the Dual Carriageway. The Finish was back at the Cardiff Moat House, the first car arriving there at 03:00.

Turner/Dadswell were fastest on Prime 1 and took a lead they weren't to loose. They arrived back at Cardiff at the end of the Leg with a lead of 32 seconds. Second place at that point was held by Christopher Armstrong/Leigh Armstrong (Peugeot 106 Rallye). This was the high point of the rally for them. They received a wrong test penalty on the first Walters Arena prime; they recovered from this to get back into the top ten, when they suffered a gearbox failure.

Pat Flynn/Nathan Parry (Peugeot 205 XS) were fastest on three of the Caerwent primes, but a wrong test on Prime 2 meant that they received a test maximum and they found themselves in 24th place at the overnight halt. On Saturday they picked up several cone faults and another wrong test at the Irish Village Prime, this left them in 13th place at the Finish.

Welsh Endurance Rally 2003
35th Placed: Judy Lucas/John Goff (Trabant)

John Cotton/Jill Cotton took fastest time on Prime 7, the first on Saturday morning. This, plus two further fastest times, moved them into a secure second place from Walters Arena until the Finish. They, like Turner/Dadswell, dropped just 20 seconds on the road rally sections. They ended the event, 1m 21s behind the winners.

The father and son pairing of Paul Heal/Matt Heal (Proton Compact), on the navigator's first rally, finished in third and won the 1001cc to 1300cc Class. Consistently in the top ten fastest on the primes, they had only picked up 40 seconds on the time control sections.

There were six starters in the Up To 1000cc Class. The category was won by the Toyota Yaris of Clive Baty/Dave Thomas, who finished in eighth place overall.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Owen Turner Andrew Dadswell Rover Metro 1h 05m 58s
2 John Cotton Gill Cotton Citroen AX GT 1h 07m 19s
3 Paul Heal Matt Heal Proton Compact 1h 09m 49s
4 Nick West Philip Peak Skoda Felicia 1h 10m 12s
5 Steve Blunt Bob Duck Skoda Felicia 1h 10m 16s
6 David Goodliffe Michael Levett Nissan Micra 1h 10m 17s
7 David Johnson Nigel Banks Proton Satria 1h 10m 24s
8 Clive Baty Dave Thomas Toyota Yaris 1h 10m 46s
9 Gareth Duncan Wayne Duncan Vauxhall Corsa 1h 11m 09s
10 Adrian Robinson Nicholas Kennedy VW Polo 1h 11m 31s
11 Stephen Cooper Aggie Foster Suzuki Swift 1h 11m 31s
12 Frank Fennell John Bateson VW Polo 1h 13m 22s
13 Pat Flynn Nathan Parry Peugeot 205 XS 1h 13m 57s
14 Jane Edgington Gary Edgington Citroen AX 1h 14m 15s
15 David Maryon Bob Rutherford Peugeot 206 1h 14m 24s
16 Rory McNeile Paul Johns Peugeot 106 Rallye 1h 14m 48s
17 Chris Wood Steve Wyatt Peugeot 106 Rallye 1h 15m 19s
18 James Parman Mark Hamilton Skoda Rapid 1h 16m 33s
19 Ben Skinner Trevor Skinner Nissan Micra 1h 19m 41s
20 Simon Weir Brian Weir Skoda Felicia 1h 21m 43s
21 Matt Dickson Ian Wilmshurst Peugeot 106 Rallye 1h 23m 12s
22 Charlene Gibson Ian Perry Fiat Seicento 1h 26m 21s
23 Karen Young Nigel Young Perodua Kelisa 1h 32m 32s
24 Adrian Grinsted Stuart Malpas Rover 214i 1h 38m 06s
25 James Owens Justin John Vauxhall Nova 1h 44m 02s
26 Sue Rugg Andrew Rugg Peugeot 206 1h 45m 55s
27 Nigel Wakeling Andy Bown Peugeot 106 XS 1h 49m 48s
28 Andy Lane Ade Bennett Citroen AX GT 2h 02m 17s
29 Eddie Grayson John Ball Austin Metro 2h 12m 11s
30 David Walker Mark Taylor VW Polo 2h 12m 25s
31 Alan Anstis Sue Anstis Vauxhall Nova 2h 27m 30s
32 Simon Rickard Peter Rickard-Green VW Polo 2h 29m 38s
33 John Upton Jon Senior Peugeot 205 Rallye 2h 38m 05s
34 Duncan Williams Alison Dwelle Proton Compact 6h 19m 31s
35 Judy Lucas John Goff Trabant 8h 41m 05s
36 Hannah Morgan Lisa Whitney Vauxhall Nova 9h 20m 34s
37 Mark Isger Mike Turner Peugeot 106 Rallye 9h 36m 39s