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Y2K Welsh Milennium Rally 2000

Clwb Modur Cymru

29th/30th April 2000

Clerk of the Course: Denis Cardell & Ken Owen

Route: 180 Miles

Maps: 146 147 160 & 161

Starters: 22

Winners: Graham Davies/Ceri Davies (Talbot Sunbeam)

Graham Davies/Ceri Davies took a clear win on the Y2K Welsh Mile-nnium Rally. The rally was organised by Clwb Modur Cyrmu and ran alongside the night section of the Historic Welsh Rally Retrospective.

Y2K Welsh Milennium Rally 2000

The event had the same set of organisers and used the same format as that successfully employed by the Gremlin Rally in March 2000. This consisted of an opening Jogularity section, followed by a run over the Epynt Ranges and its surrounding forestry, then a traditional road rally section in the Llandovery area, before returning to Epynt for a further circuit of the Army Ranges.

Despite clashing with the Welsh Championship Night Owl, the Mile-nnium managed to attract twenty-two starters.

The rally turned out to be a battle between Graham Davies/Ceri Davies (Talbot Sunbeam) and Gerwyn Jones/Brian Jones (Ford Escort), a not entirely surprising situation given that they finished second and fourth respectively on the almost identical Gremlin the previous month.

After the Jogularity, Jones/Jones led by just one second, but then managed to pull out a five minute lead by the petrol halt. Unfortunately for them they missed a passage board later in the event, the resulting ten minute penalty dropped them to second place at the Finish.

It was a good night for Epynt Motor Club as not only did they take the top two places overall, but Ashley Morris/Michael Hardwick, on Morris' very first rally, won the Novice class.

A number of crews lost a great deal of time in Halfway and Crychan Forests on the first run through the Ranges, these included the top seeds Alyson Acreman/Byron Jones (Peugeot 309 GTi) who eventually finished fourth, a minute behind Mark Williams/Nathan Parry (Peugeot 205 GTi).

On the retirement list were Christian Prynne/Doody Farmer, who rolled their Peugeot 205 twice before the car cried 'Enough'. While Phil Evans/Derek Morgan (Ford Fiesta XR2) withdrew after they failed to get to grips with the event's navigation.

The Welsh Rally Retrospective was won by the Mini Cooper S of Worth Birkill/Dave Harris; they finished 28 seconds ahead of the similar car of Peter Valentine/Mick Valentine.


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Graham Davies Ceri Davies Talbot Sunbeam 6m 24s
2 Gerwyn Jones Brian Jones Ford Escort 11m 23s
3 Mark Williams Nathan Parry Peugeot 205 18m 36s
4 Alyson Acreman Byron Jones Peugeot 309 GTi 19m 32s
5 Stew Dale Scott Layton Vauxhall Astra 29m 14s
6 Ashley Morris Michael Hardwick Peugeot 205 35m 34s
7 Nathan Watkins Colin Crockett Toyota Corolla 1h 43m 30s
8 Ian Orford Pete Barnard Mazda 323 1h 54m 17s
9 Islwyn Watkins Clifford Jones Vauxhall Astra 1h 57m 26s
10 James Chappelle Robin Moses Mini 3h 55m 54s
11 Jim Patterson Harry Stanley Subaru RX Turbo 6h 36m 20s
12 Richard Heir Stephen Heir Vauxhall Nova 8h 08m 36s


Pos Driver Navigator Car Penalty
1 Worth Birkill Dave Harris Mini Cooper S 15m 17s
2 Peter Valentine Mick Valentine Mini Cooper S 15m 45s
3 Dick Appleton Mark Appleton Mini Cooper S 21m 36s
4 Richard Hudson-Evans Dave Wilson Ford Escort 25m 50s
5 Keith Jenkins Edwyn Evans Saab 96 V4 26m 06s
6 Mike Colledge Don Barrow Ford Cortina GT 29m 17s
7 John Worthing John Cadwallader Volvo 122S 29m 30s
8 Dave Hughes Andy Gibson Volvo 121 31m 11s
9 Geoff Breakell Nigel Raeburn Alfa Romeo Alpha Guilia 34m 53s
10 Kevin Holly Dan Holly Hillman Avenger 44m 25s
11 Paul Heal Peter Blackett MGB GT 51m 46s
12 Geoff Twigg Graham Carter Mini Cooper S 53m 52s
13 Pat Robinson Paul Robinson Mini Cooper S 1h 14m 13s
14 Vincent Fairclough Oliver Fairclough MGC 1h 16m 35s
15 Ian Meakin Cliff England Saab 96 1h 21m 14s
16 Chris Hunt-Cooke Dave Kirkham MGB GT 1h 21m 36s
17 Ian White Tony Widdowson Triumph TR4 2h 15m 32s
18 Neol Hughes Gwawr Hughes Saab 96 V4 2h 51m 21s
19 Jean Appleton Stan Appleton Austin A40 2h 56m 29s
20 Christopher Exelby Nick Handy MGB Roadster 3h 07m 12s
21 Garry Preston Mike Sones Mini Clubman 4h 3m 42s
22 Brian Cope David Antrobus Mini Cooper S 4h 43m 08s
23 Keith Wilson David Cooper Riley 1.5 4h 51m 27s
24 Ernest Calvert Bryan Smith MGA Roadster 5h 26m 53s
25 Steven Powell Michael Fogg Austin Healey Sprite 6h 27m 39s
26 David York Geoff Rogers Sunbeam Rapier 6h 37m 59s
27 Geoff McGladdery Maggie McGalddery Ford Anglia 6h 49m 47s
28 Robert Oxley Neil Martin Datsun 1200 6h 55m 31s
29 Lyn Elliot Andy Lewis MGB GT 7h 41m 49s
30 Brian Hodgkins Steve Freeman Mini Cooper S 10h 51m 54s
31 John Holmes Brian Mead Ford Escort 11h 2m 34s
32 Peter Baker Lin Hon Baker Sunbeam 90 12h 58m 45s
33 Adrian Stapley June Grant Reliant Sabre 6 13h 01m 02s
34 R H Johnson Nigel Banks MGC GT 13h 54m 24s
35 Douglas Neville-Jones David Charron Triumph TR4 15h 16m 17s