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1000 Lanes Rally

Sponsored by Brace's Bakery

Heads of the Valleys Auto Club

21st/22nd June 2008

Clerk of the Course: Byron Jones & Dave Howells

Route: 185 Miles

Maps: 160 & 161 + Walters Arena

Starters: 70

Winners: Matthew Jones/Richard Morris (Vauxhall Astra)

Matthew Jones/Richard Morris won one of the toughest road rallies to run in recent times. Torrential rain, two visits to Walter’s Arena and a demanding road section saw only 30 of the 70 starters make the Finish and of these only seven were free of fails.

Adrian Jones/Dylan Jenkins had been the pace setters for two-thirds of the event and had a three minute at lead at Petrol, but they then wrong slotted into a field and lost so much time that they finished almost ten minutes behind the winners. However this was still sufficient to take the runner up spot.

Gary Jones/Dale Furniss, Gerwyn Jones/Ceri Davies and Richard Jerman/Iwan Jones all finished with fewer time penalties than the winners but were amongst a large number of crews who missed to spot one particular code board.

The cars of both the top two seeds - Matthew Maidment/Garth Powell and John Davies/Eurig Davies - succumbed to mechanical failure in Walter’s Arena.