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Rali Bro Ddyfi

Sponsored by Dovey Autocraft

Dovey Valley Motor Club

7th/8th June 2008

Clerk of the Course: Glen Latham & Richard Morris

Route: 110 Miles

Maps: 124 & 135

Starters: 66

Winners: Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Eurig Davies (VW Golf)

Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Eurig Davies emerged as victors of a tough event. They finished with a winning margin of four minute. Only eight crews managed to complete the route without incurring a fail.

The main problem was caused by the second Intermediate Time Control of the night where just 16 crews avoided a fail. Missing to get code boards signed for at the correct control also cost a number of competitors dearly. Most notable amongst these were Ian 'Dude' Roberts/Steve Herbert, who lost out on third place as a result.

Roberts/Davies established themselves at the head of the field early on and by Petrol they were well ahead. A easier second half saw them maintain the margin to finish in front of Dafydd Evans/Carl Jones.

Mair Davies/Aneurin James and David Jones/Ieaun Jones put in superb performances to take the class wins. Both these crews finished in the top six.