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Breidden Road Rally

Sponsored by Links Electrical Supplies Ltd

Welsh Border Car Club

16th/17th August 2014

Clerk of the Course: Robi Wood

Route: 100 Miles

Maps: 125 & 126

Starters: 86

Winners: Iwan Jones/Allen Hart (Ford Escort)

Iwan Jones had been the winning navigator for the previous two years on the Breidden Road Rally, this year he swapped seats and, with Allen Hart on the maps, he stormed to victory as the winning driver.

The event followed the traditional Welsh Border CC format of an intricate route utilising numerous farmyard sections. As usual even the front runners dropped time on nearly every section.

The rally opened with two tests at Mick Jones’s timber yard, after these Andy Davies/Lee Taylor led. They were passed by Wyn Owens/Jenny Evans as the crews hit the lanes. Owens/Evans themselves were then overtaken by Richard Jerman/Lowri Davies, and the eventual winners, on the second road section.

Jerman/Davies held on to the lead until Petrol, where they were 17 seconds up on Jones/Hart. The two crews swapped places a couple of times over the opening part of the second half, before a variety of problems slowed Jerman’s Escort. This allowed Jones/Hart to romp home to a 41 second win.

Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Dylan Jenkins also managed to pass Jerman/Davies; they took second place with two section to go, this meant that they claimed top Welsh Championship points. They had lost time on an opening section when they were held up by a tractor.

The WAMC series leaders Ian ‘Dude’ Roberts/Gwawr Hughes came in fourth. They suffered the problem of running first car on the road when they dropped time as they found the path through a not entirely clearly defined farm section.

Hywel Davies/Euros Hughes lost out on seventh place after picking up a fail for a wrong approach at an early Passage Control. While Reian Jones/Cadog Davies were excluded for failing to stop at a give way.