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Glyn Memorial Trophy Rally

Sponsored by Pentraeth Automotive Group

Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club

23rd-24th November 2019

Winners Photo
Winners: Mark Kelly/Neil Colman (Ford Escort)
Photograph: Islwyn’s Motorsport Photography

Organiser: Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club

Date: 23rd-24th November 2019

Clerk of the Course: James Robertson

Stages: 15 Stages

Location: Anglesey Racing Circuit

Starters: 69

Mark Kelly/Neil Colman emerged as clear winners of the Glyn Memorial after an almost event long dual with Rob Hughes/Sion Cunniff.

The Anglesey Circuit based rally took place over two days. As usual, it ran a number of stages in the dark. The traditional Junior Rally ran alongside the main event.

Kelly was immediately on the pace, taking his Escort to fastest time on all of the first seven stages. However, this still only put him 20 seconds ahead of the Fiesta R5 of Hughes. Then, on the last stage of the first day, Hughes finally beat Kelly on a test, meaning that the end of Day One he was 18 seconds off the lead.

Sunday proved to be a far more dramatic day for both of the leading crews. Hughes took fastest time on the first two stages of the morning and moved into the lead, having a nine second margin over Kelly. Kelly fought back; quickest on SS11, he cut the deficit to Hughes to six seconds.

On SS12 things changed again. Approaching the very end of the stage a shaft broke on Hughes’ Escort. He completed the stage, but was now ten seconds behind the leader. The change of shaft proved problematic, with the diff having to be removed twice. The diff was opened, the broken bits of shaft were taken out, but the whole assembly had to be opened again after the new shaft wouldn’t go in; more debris had to be removed before the job was complete. Fortunately, this occurred during the lunch break, so, despite the delay, the operation was completed in time for Kelly to start SS13 on schedule. Kelly set about rewarding his service crew by taking seven seconds back from Hughes on the stage, to leave him just three seconds off the lead.

On SS14 it was Hughes’ turn to suffer a shaft breakage. Unfortunately for him it occurred near the start of the test and he had no option than to cut to the finish control and receive a test maximum. This dropped him to sixth and left Kelly with a lead of almost four minutes.

The Fiesta’s shaft was changed and Hughes completed his event with his fifth stage win of the event. Kelly was three seconds behind and took victory. The two crews were in a class of their own, trading seconds between each other, but minutes with the rest of the field.

The battle for what became second place ended up as a family affair. Scott Moran/Chris Ridge just held off the Darrian of Roger Moran/Jamie Vaughan to take the runner up spot by three seconds, after a rally in which they had yo-yoed around the top ten places.

Lee Jones/Lewis Griffiths put in a notable performance. Seeded at 21, they put their Mitsubishi Evo 5 into fourth place at the Finish, having run as high as third in the dark stages at the end of Saturday. Andrew Morris/Chloe Thomas won Class C (1601cc to 2000cc) and also secured the ANWCC Championship for the seond time.

Meanwhile Sion Jones/Wil Owen put their Citroen Saxo into eighth place overall and won Class B (1401cc to 1600cc).

Class A (Up to 1400cc) was won by Jonathan Davies/Jamie Wallis (Vauxhall Corsa), but Chris Row/Jayne Auden Row (MG ZR) were only 18 seconds behind them at the Finish.

The Junior Rally looked as if it was going to be a walk over for the Citroen C1 of Rob Wilson/Martin Haggett. They took fastest time on all of the event’s first 11 stages and built up a lead of 1m 24s. Disaster then struck as they miscalculated the split on SS12, this should have been visited three times; they turned left toward the stage finish on the second run, instead of going right to complete another loop. They were awarded a stage maximum and dropped 11th place. This was still sufficeint however for Wilson to secure the F1000 Junior title.

It was at this point that Archie Swinscoe/Neil Bye in their Skoda, who had survived a lurid spin on SS1, were making their move and took the lead. They had been slowly catching Max Hughes/Chris Evans for what had been second spot and passed the Citroen pair on SS12 and into what was now the lead. It was a position they maintained to the end.

It had been an eventful rally with a number of small incidents that led to multiple short delays in the schedule. All of the planned eight stages were run on Saturday, but on Sunday, despite very slick work by the turn around crews, the final stage had to be scrapped.

Keith Davies/Stephen Cooper had the shortest event. They stopped on SS1 when a drive shaft broke on the Ford Focus. Chris Ellis Jones/Glenn Latham got as far as the end of SS2 before a head gasket failed on their Peugeot 205. They spent the rest of Saturday repairing the engine and were able to line up at the start of SS9 on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the car let go of all its water as it queued up to start the stage and had to be pushed back into the paddock for further repair. They re-emerged and started SS11 only to slide off and get bogged down after just three corners. At that point they decided to call it a day.

Mark Smith/Tim Nunn were using a Peugeot 106 that they had only just bought and hadn’t driven until they started the rally. The car cut out a number of times on SS1 and SS2, before they realised that the tank needed to be at least half full to avoid fuel starvation. Fuel also caused a problem for leading Class A crew Martyn Quant/Chris Evans; they ran out of fuel on SS10 and couldn’t be recovered until after SS11, meaning that they received two maximum times.

Owen Paterson/Calum McPherson were the only retirement in the Junior Rally. They hit a tyre barrier on SS15. Jack Hall/Robin Nicolson missed most of Saturday’s stages after breaking two drive shafts, but returned for a full day on Sunday. This allowed them to score Scottish Junior Championship points as the series saw the two days of the Glyn Memorial as two separate championship rounds.

Glyn Memorial Trophy Stages

Glyn Memorial Junior Stages

Winners Photo
Winners: Archie Swinscoe/Neil Bye (Skoda Citigo)
Photograph: Islwyn’s Motorsport Photography