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Peak Revs Road Rally

Sponsored by Ludford Parts Ltd

Ludlow Castle Motor Club

21st/22nd November 2015

Winners Photo
Winners: Ian ‘Dude’ Roberts/Gwawr Hughes (VW Golf GTi)
Photograph: Rally Action Ltd

Organiser: Ludlow Castle Motor Club

Date: 21st/22nd November 2015

Clerk of the Course: Fred Price

Route: 110 Miles

Maps: 137 & 138

Starters: 40

A four way battle for the lead of the Peak Revs Rally was resolved in favour of newly crowned Welsh Champions Ian ‘Dude’ Roberts/Gwawr Hughes. Craig Judd/Gerwyn Barry had led by six seconds at Petrol, but they retired in the second half with a misfire. The winners had been in second place at the fuel halt but the cleaned the second half to secure victory.

Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Cadog Davies, fourth at Petrol, were close on the tail of the winners in the latter stages of the rally but finished ten seconds down. Russ Woolley/Dale Furniss were the fourth crew in the hunt. They crashed out in icy conditions in the second half.