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2015 Results Archive

Exmoor Targa Rally Winners: Jamie Jukes/Ross Whittock (MG ZR)
Photograph: Andy Manston (M&H Photography)

  • Winter Classic Rally

    Winners: Paul Crosby/Andy Pullan (Porsche 911)

    Vintage & Classic Rally Register - 3rd January 2015

  • Rali Mike Darowen

    Winners: Robert Pugh/Phil Pugh (Seat Ibiza)

    Dovey Valley Motor Club - 7th/8th February 2015

  • The Festival Rally

    Winners: John Davies/Nick Bloxham (Vauxhall Astra)

    Bath Motor Club - 7th/8th February 2015

  • Valentine Trophy Rally

    Winners: Geraint Jones/Merfyn Williams (Peugeot 205)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 14th/15th February 2015

  • Rali Bryniau Clwyd

    Winners: Simon Harrison/Paul Holmberg (Subaru Impreza)

    Broughton & Bretton Motor Club - 21st/22nd February 2015

  • Rali Bro Caron

    Winners: Stefan DR Davies/Justin Davies (Ford Escort)

    Lampeter & District Motor Club - 21st/22nd February 2015

  • Moonbeam Rally

    Winners: Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Steve Price (VW Golf)

    Telford Auto Club - 14th/15th March 2015

  • Merfyn Hughes Memorial Rali Llyn

    Winners: Kevin Kerr/Huw Rhys Manion (Ford Escort)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 21st/22nd March 2015

  • The Devil’s Tour

    Winners: Kevin Willis/Richard Brooks (Peugeot 206)

    Devizes & District Motor Club - 4th/5th April 2015

  • Rali Bro Preseli

    Winners: Gareth Evans/Rob Stephens (Ford Escort)

    Teifi Valley Motor Club - 11th/12th April 2015

  • Night Owl Road Rally

    Winners: Richard Williams/Cadog Davies (Ford Escort)

    Aberystwyth & District Motor Club - 18th/19th April 2015

  • Border 100 Road Rally

    Winners: Dale Furniss/Debbie Furniss (VW Golf)

    Welsh Border Car Club - 25th/26th April 2015

  • Toyota Harlech Stages

    Winners: Wil Owen/Rob Hopewell (Ford Escort)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 3rd May 2015

  • Automark Novices Road Rally

    Winners: Ian Jones/Andy Darlington (Proton Satria GTi)

    Clwyd Vale Motor Club - 16th/17th May 2015

  • HERO Summer Trial

    Winners: Paul Crosby/Andy Pullan (Porsche 911)

    Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation - 22nd-24th May 2015

  • Eagle Road Rally

    Winners: Ian ‘Dude’ Roberts/Gwawr Hughes (VW Golf)

    Newtown & District Automobile Club - 6th/7th June 2015

  • PK Memorial Rally

    Winners: Iwan Pritchard/Max Freeman (Ford Escort)

    Bala & District Motor Club - 27th/28th June 2015

  • Ystwyth Targa Rally

    Winners: Andy Davies/Max Freeman (Subaru Impreza)

    Aberystwyth & District Motor Club - 5th July 2015

  • Pacemaker Rally

    Winners: Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Dylan Jenkins (VW Golf GTi)

    Knighton Motor Club - 11th/12th July 2015

  • The 1000 Mile Trial

    Winners: John Abel/Martyn Taylor (Lagonda LG45)

    HERO/Royal Automobile Club - 13th-18th July 2015

  • Ross Traders Historic Tour

    Winners: Matt Warren/Cath Woodman (Ford Escort)

    Ross & District Motor Sport Ltd - 18th July 2015

  • Harry Flatters Rally

    Nat A Winners: Jason Pritchard/Phil Clarke (Ford Escort RS1800)

    Nat B Winners: Damian Cole/Jack Morton (Ford Fiesta RS WRC)

    Brecon Motor Club - 26th July 2015

  • Barcud Road Rally

    Winners: Cerith Tomos Jones/Deian Rees (Ford Escort)

    Barcud Motor Club - 8th/9th August 2015

  • Gareth Hall Memorial Rally

    Winners: Matt Edwards/Glenn Latham (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo7)

    Bala & District Motor Club - 16th August 2015

  • Rali Gogledd Cymru

    Winners: Richard Williams/Max Freeman (Ford Escort)

    Rhyl & District Motor Club - 22nd/23rd August 2015

  • Coleman Tyres Rally

    Winners: Dan Willan/Martyn Taylor (Proton Satria)

    Ilkley & District Motor Club - 29th/30th August 2015

  • Vale of Clwyd Classic

    Winners: Matt Warren/Andy Pullan (Ford Escort)

    Clwyd Vale Motor Club - 5th September 2015

  • Rali Meirion

    Winners: Arwel ‘Sbidi’ Hughes-Jones/Dafydd Evans (Ford Escort)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 5th/6th September 2015

  • Rali Mon

    Winners: Arwel ‘Sbidi’ Hughes-Jones/Dylan John Williams (Ford Escort)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 19th/20th September 2015

  • Autumn Rally

    Winners: Jamie Jukes/Dale Bowen (Vauxhall Astra)

    Carmarthen Motor Club - 26th/27th September 2015

  • Exmoor Targa Rally

    Winners: Jamie Jukes/Ross Whittock (MG ZR)

    Tavern Motor Club - 3rd October 2015

  • Throckmorton Challenge

    Nat B Winners: Paul Crosby/Andy Pullan (Porsche 911)

    Clubman Winners: Ryan Pickering/Neil Pickering (Ford Escort)

    Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation - 10th October 2015

  • 1000 Lanes Road Rally

    Winners: Reian Jones/Cadog Davies (Seat Ibiza)

    Heads of the Valleys Auto Club - 10th/11th October 2015

  • Hill Billy Sprint

    Winner: Padraig Egan

    Teifi Autograss - 11th October 2015

  • Rali Cilwendeg

    Winners: John Davies/Eurig Davies (Vauxhall Astra)

    Teifi Valley Motor Club - 24th/25th October 2015

  • Breidden Road Rally

    Winners: Dale Furniss/Huw Rhys Manion (VW Golf)

    Welsh Border Car Club - 31st October/1st November 2015

  • Glyn Memorial Trophy Rally

    Winners: Chris Ford/Neil Colman (Subaru Impreza WRC)

    Junior Winners: Josh McErlean/Tommy McErlean (Peugeot 107)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 31st October/1st November 2015

  • Powys Lanes Road Rally

    Winners: Irfon Richards/Michael Gilbey (Ford Escort)

    Epynt Motor Club - 7th/8th November 2015

  • Peak Revs Road Rally

    Winners: Ian ‘Dude’ Roberts/Gwawr Hughes (VW Golf GTi)

    Ludlow Castle Motor Club - 21st/22nd November 2015

  • Rali Goffa James Trenholme

    Winners: Osian Williams/Peredur Davies (Peugeot 106 GTi)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 28th/29th November 2015

  • Chris Hellier Memorial Rally

    Winners: Andrew Phillips/Martin Griffiths (Toyota Celica)

    Barcud Motor Club - 29th November 2015

  • 21st LE JOG Reliability Trial

    Gold Medal Winners:

    Category 2: Andy Lane/Iain Tullie (Volvo 123GT)

    Category 3: Stephen Owens/Nick Bloxham (Porsche 911)

    Category 5: Simon Mellings/Richard Crozier (Rover 216)

    Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation - 5th/8th December 2015

  • Roamerlite Novices Rally

    Winners: Terry Bennett/Mark McGivern (Nissan Micra)

    Novice Winners: Nick Skidmore/Jez Rogers (Ford Escort)

    Telford Auto Club - 12th/13th December 2015