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2023 Results Archive

Rally For The Ages 2023
RAC Historic Awards - Innovations Winner: Rally For The Ages
Photograph: HERO-ERA

  • Cambrian Road Rally

    Winners: Rhydian Ebenezer/Jon Hawkins (Honda Civic)

    Tregaron & District Motor Club - 28th/29th January 2023

  • Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo

    Winners: Kevin Haselden/Ryan Pickering (Mini Cooper S)

    HERO-ERA - 5th-9th February 2023

  • Festival Targa Rally

    Winners: John Davies/Nick Bloxham (Ford Puma)

    Bath Motor Club - 18th February 2023

  • Moonbeam Rally

    Winners: Mark Lennox/Ian Beamond (Ford Escort)

    Telford Auto Club - 25th/26th February 2023

  • Rali Bro Caron

    Winners: Andy Davies/Michael Gilbey (Subaru Impreza)

    Lampeter & District Motor Club - 4th/5th March 2023

  • Three Legs of Mann

    Winners: Dan Willan/Mark Appleton (Volvo PV544)

    HERO-ERA - 17th-18th March 2023

  • A Novice Trial

    Winners: Charles Eve/Alistair Leckie (Rover 216)

    HERO-ERA - 26th March 2023

  • Rali Bro Preseli

    Winners: Gethin Dafis/Llyr Davies (Ford Escort)

    Teifi Valley Motor Club - 1st/2nd April 2023

  • The Flying Scotsman

    Winners: Paul Crosby/Ali Procter (MG TB Supercharged)

    HERO-ERA - 14th-16th April 2023

  • 18th Scottish Malts

    Winners: Dick Baines/Harry Baines (Austin Cooper S)

    HERO-ERA - 24th-28th April 2023

  • Night Owl Rally

    Winners: Ieuan Evans/Dafydd-Sion Lloyd (Ford Escort)

    Aberystwyth & District Motor Club - 29th/30th April 2023

  • Gremlin Historic Rally

    Winners: Dan Willan/Niall Frost (Volvo PV544)

    HERO-ERA - 7th May 2023

  • HERO Challenge One

    Winners: Simon Ayris/Kim Bannister (MG B Roadster)

    HERO-ERA - 13th May 2023

  • Classic Tracks Targa Rally

    Winners: Jamie Jones/Craig Baker (Ford Escort)

    Llandysul Motor Club - 28th May 2023

  • Rally For The Ages

    Winners: Jon Harvey/Jack Harvey (VW Golf GTi)

    HERO-ERA - 3rd June 2023

  • Kemble Targa Rally

    Winners: Neil Jones/Aled Jones (Mazda MX5)

    Bath Motor Club - 4th June 2023

  • Rali Menai

    Winners: Malcolm Jones/Rhys Jones (Darrian T90 GTR)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 11th June 2023

  • 30th Classic Marathon

    Winners: Mark Godfrey/Sue Godfrey (MG B)

    HERO-ERA - 18th-23rd June 2023

  • Cotswold Historic Rally

    Winners: Leigh Powley/Mark Appleton (Toyota Corolla)

    Tavern Motor Club - 2nd July 2023

  • Pacemaker Road Rally

    Winners: George Williams/Cadog Davies (Ford Escort)

    Knighton Motor Club - 8th/9th July 2023

  • Summer Trial

    Winners: Paul OKane/Iain Tullie (Porsche Carrera)

    HERO-ERA - 21st-23rd July 2023

  • Rali Goffa Dilwyn Jones

    Winners: Iwan Roberts Jnr/Moi Williams (Toyota Corolla)

    Bala & District Motor Club - 30th July 2023

  • Barcud Road Rally

    Winners: Stefan 'DR' Davies/Kieran Price (Ford Escort)

    Barcud Motor Club - 12th/13th August 2023

  • Hatsford Targa Rally

    Winners: Trevor Disney/Aaron Toms (Ford Fiesta ST150)

    Ross & District Motor Sports Club - 20th August 2023

  • Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally

    Winners: Dan Willan/Ryan Pickering (Volvo PV544)

    Ilkley & District Motor Club - 3rd September 2023

  • HERO Challenge Two

    Winners: Steve Robertson/Thomas Robertson (MG B GT V8)

    HERO-ERA - 9th September 2023

  • Palferman Road Rally

    Winners: Arwel Hughes Jones/Dylan John Williams (Ford Escort)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 16th/17th September 2023

  • Autumn Road Rally

    Winners: George Williams/Cadog Davies (Ford Escort)

    Carmarthen Motor Club - 23rd/24th September 2023

  • E Roberts (Ffestiniog) Memorial Rali Meirion

    Winners: Iwan Roberts Jnr/Daniel Jones (Toyota Corolla)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 30th September/1st October 2023

  • HERO Challenge Three

    Winners: Steve Chick/Alex Chick (Datsun 260Z)

    HERO-ERA - 7th October 2023

  • Rali Mike Darowen Bro Ddyfi

    Winners: Rheinallt Davies/Telor Pugh (BMW 3218)

    Dovey Valley Motor Club - 14th/15th October 2023

  • Toyota Harlech Stages

    Winners: Darrell Taylor/Cat Lund (Ford Fiesta Rally2)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 15th October 2023

  • Rali Cilwendeg

    Winners: Chris Richmond Hand/Shaun Richards (Ford Escort)

    Teifi Valley Motor Club - 21st/22nd October 2023

  • Badawi Trail to the Last Oasis

    Winners: Jorge Perez Companc/Jose Maria Volta (Chevrolet Master Coupe)

    HERO-ERA - 10th-28th October 2023

  • Exmoor Targa Rally

    Winners: Ethan Davies/Daniel Pidgeon (Ford Puma)

    Tavern Motor Club - 28th October 2023

  • Rally of the Tests

    Winners: Dan Willan/Niall Frost (Volvo PV544)

    HERO-ERA - 2nd-5th November 2023

  • Powys Lanes Rally

    Winners: Arwel 'Sbidi' Hughes Jones/Dylan John Williams (Ford Escort)

    Epynt Motor Club - 11th/12th November 2023

  • John Bloxham Memorial Historic Rally

    Winners: Bev Blacker/Sam Spencer (Ford Escort)

    Wolverhampton & South Staffs Car Club - 18th November 2023

  • Rali Goffa James Trenholme

    Winners: Adam Jones/Osian Vaughan Williams (Ford Escort)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 25th/26th November 2023

  • Glyn Memorial Stages

    Winners: Paul Murro/Callum Cross (Ford Fiesta R5)

    Junior Winners: Rian Walker/Stuart Mcbride (Skoda Citigo)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 25th-26th November 2023

  • Le Jog Reliability Trial

    Gold Medal Winners:
    Klaus Mueller/Eric Schwab (Lancia Fulvia Coupe)
    Stewart Christie/Andy Ballantyne (MG B GT)
    Andy Lane/Iain Tullie (BMW 2002 Tii)
    Thomas Koerner/Rolf Pellini (BMW 320/4)

    HERO-ERA - 2nd-5th December 2023

  • Eagle Road Rally

    Winners: Richard Jerman/Alan James (Ford Escort)

    Newtown & District Auto Club - 9th/10th December 2023