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2008 Results Archive

  • Carpetbagger Rally

    Winners: John Davies/Stewart Merry (Vauxhall Astra)

    Road Rally Register - 19th/20th January 2008

  • Rali Bro Preseli

    Winners: Hefin Lewis/Carwyn Evans (Vauxhall Astra)

    Teifi Valley Motor Club - 2nd/3rd February 2008

  • Valentine Trophy Rally

    Winners: Dewi Williams/Darren Garrod (Peugeot 205)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 16th/17th February 2008

  • Slater Stages

    Winners: Rob Dick/Chris Jones (Darrian T9)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 24th February 2008

  • Gremlin Rally

    Winners: Peter Collins/Llinos Jones (Vauxhall Astra)

    Brecon Motor Club - 8th/9th March 2008

  • West Cork Rally

    Winners: Donie O'Sullivan/Paul Nagle (Subaru Impreza WRC S12)

    Historic Winners: Tommy Mason/Joseph Dunne (Ford Escort)

    Junior Winners: Noel Kelleher/Andrew Sheahan (Honda Civic)

    Cork Motor Club - 15th/16th March 2008

  • Night Owl Road Rally

    Winners: Stephen Wood/Aled Richards (Peugeot 206)

    Aberystwyth & District Motor Club - 26th/27th April 2008

  • Border 100 Road Rally

    Winners: Glyn Price/Patrick Walsh (Ford Escort)

    Welsh Border Car Club - 3rd/4th May 2008

  • Classic Tracks Rally

    Winners: Byron Jones/James Morgan (Subaru Impreza)

    Llandysul Motor Club - 25th May 2008

  • Rali Bro Ddyfi

    Winners: Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Eurig Davies (VW Golf)

    Dovey Valley Motor Club - 7th/8th June 2008

  • 1000 Lanes Rally

    Winners: Matthew Jones/Richard Morris (Vauxhall Astra)

    Heads of the Valleys Auto Club - 21st/22nd June 2008

  • PK Memorial Rally

    Winners: Mark ‘GT’ Roberts/Steve Price (VW Golf)

    Bala & District Motor Club - 28th/29th June 2008

  • Mid Wales Stages

    Historic Winners: Martin McCormack/Joe Agnew (Ford Escort)

    Nat B Winners: Daniel Sigurdarsson/Andrew Sankey (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo)

    Newtown & District Automobile Club - 28th/29th June 2008

  • AFG Rali Mon

    Winners: Mei Jones/Dale Furniss (Vauxhall Astra)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 5th/6th July 2008

  • Old Ranges Stages

    Winners: Ken Pugh/Gwawr Hughes (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3)

    Aberystwyth & District Motor Club - 12th July 2008

  • Pacemaker Rally

    Winners: Richard Jerman/Iwan Jones (Ford Escort)

    Knighton Motor Club - 12th/13th July 2008

  • Harry Flatters Rally

    Historic Winners: Mark Solloway/Den Golding (Ford Escort)

    Nat B Winners: Peter Lloyd/Graham Handley (Subaru Impreza WRC)

    Brecon Motor Club - 2nd/3rd August 2008

  • The Twilight Rally

    Winners: Richard Jerman/Iwan Jones (Ford Escort)

    Ecurie Cymraeg - 6th/7th September 2008

  • Firefly Goldleaf Rally

    Winners: Neil Roberts/Dale Furniss (Peugeot 205 GTi)

    Broughton & Bretton Motor Club - 13th/14th September 2008

  • Ystwyth Road Rally

    Winners: Irfon Richards/Huw Jones (Nissan Almera)

    Aberystwyth & District Motor Club - 14th September 2008

  • Breidden Road Rally

    Winners: Ian ‘Dude’ Roberts/Dale Furniss (VW Golf GTi)

    Welsh Border Car Club - 4th/5th October 2008

  • Gareth Hall Memorial Rally

    Winners: Ken Pugh/Gwawr Hughes (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3)

    Bala & District Motor Club - 11th October 2008

  • Rali Bro Cader

    Winners: Arwel 'Sbidi' Hughes Jones/Huw Rhys Manion (Ford Escort)

    Harlech & District Motor Club - 19th October 2008

  • Dafydd Richards Memorial Rally

    Winners: Nick Evans/Edwin Venville (Ford Escort)

    Lampeter & District Motor Club - 24th/25th October 2008

  • Glyn Memorial Trophy Rally

    Winners: Rob Dick/Baz Green (Darrian T9)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 8th/9th November 2008

  • Farrington Trophy Rally

    Winners: Ian Lloyd/Cyril Jones (Seat Ibiza)

    Clwyd Vale Motor Club - 22nd/23rd November 2008

  • Y2K/Welsh Rally Retro 2008

    Winners: Jonty Bloxham/Nick Bloxham (Peugeot 106 GTi)

    Clwb Modur Cymru - 29th/30th November 2008

  • JJ Brown Memorial

    Winners: Dafydd Evans/Richard Morris (Ford Escort)

    Caernarvonshire & Anglesey Motor Club - 6th/7th December 2008