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Forthcoming Events


  • Valentine Trophy Rally (Caernarvonshire & Anglesey MC) 12th/13th Feb
  • Bath Festival Targa (Bath MC) 19th Feb
  • Primrose Road Rally (South Hams MC) 26th/27th Feb
  • Baby Bagger (Road Rally Register) 12th/13th Mar
  • Rali Llyn (Harlech & DMC) 19th/20th Mar
  • HERO Challenge One (HERO-ERA) 26th Mar
  • Rali Bro Preseli (Teifi Valley MC) 26th/27th Mar
  • 12th Flying Scotsman (HERO-ERA) 1st-3rd Apr
  • 6th London to Lisbon (HERO-ERA) 21st-30th Apr
  • HERO Novice Trial (HERO-ERA) 20th-22nd May
  • Trans Mongolia Motor Challenge (HERO-ERA) 5th-22nd Jun
  • Summer Trial (HERO-ERA) 24th-26th Jun
  • Cotswold Historic Rally (Tavern MC) 2nd Jul
  • HERO Challenge Two (HERO-ERA) 23rd Jul
  • Hatsford Targa Rally (Ross & DMSC) 7th Aug
  • Gremlin Historic Rally (Brecon MC) 21st Aug
  • Temple Rally (HERO-ERA) 1st-13th Sep
  • Sahara Challenge (HERO-ERA) 19th-30th Sep
  • HERO Challenge Three (HERO-ERA) 1st Oct
  • Harlech Stages (Harlech & District MC) 16th Oct
  • Dansport Historic (Matlock MC) 22nd-23rd Oct
  • Lima-Cape Horn (HERO-ERA) 23rd Oct-19th Nov
  • Exmoor Targa (Tavern, Burnham-on-Sea & Minehead MCs) 29th Oct
  • Rally of the Tests (HERO) 3rd-6th Nov
  • Le Jog Reliability Trial (HERO-ERA) 3rd-6th Dec

2023 Scheduled Events


  • 8th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge (ERA) 11th Jun-16th Jul

Postponed/Cancelled Events


  • Rali Llyn (Harlech & DMC) 14th/15th Mar - Postponed
  • HERO Challenge One (HERO) 21st Mar - Cancelled
  • Rali Bro Preseli (Teifi Valley MC) 28th/29th Mar - Postponed
  • Border 100 (Welsh Border CC) 4th/5th Apr - Postponed
  • Ilkley Jubilee (Ilkley & District MC) 19th Apr - Cancelled
  • Scottish Malts (HERO) 20th-24th Apr - Postponed
  • Night Owl (Aberystwyth & District MC) 25th/26th Apr - Postponed
  • Classic Tracks (Llandysul & District MC) 24th May - Cancelled
  • Rali Cwm Cynfal (Bala DMC) 31st May - Cancelled
  • Ystwyth Targa (Aberystwyth & District MC) 7th Jun
  • Rali Dyffryn Twymyn (Dovey Valley MC) 13th Jun
  • Hill Billy Sprint Two (Hill Billy Motorsport) 14th Jun
  • Rali Bro Cader (Harlech & DMC) 20th/21st Jun
  • RAC 1000 Mile Trial (RAC/HERO) 23rd-27th Jun - Cancelled
  • Cotswold Historic Rally (Tavern MC) 19th Jul
  • Harry Flatters Rally (Brecon MC) 26th Jul - Cancelled
  • Pacemaker Rally (Knighton MC) 1st/2nd Aug - Cancelled
  • Barcud Road Rally (Barcud MC) 15th/16th Aug - Cancelled
  • Gareth Hall Memorial (Bala DMC) 16th Aug - Cancelled
  • Vale of Clwyd Classic (Clwyd Vale MC) 22nd Aug - Cancelled
  • Venta Silurum Targa (Foresters CC) 23rd Aug - Cancelled
  • Temple Rally (Endurance Rally Association) 6th-18th Sep - Postponed
  • Autumn Road Rally (Carmarthen MC) 26th/27th Sep
  • Hill Billy Sprint Three (Hill Billy Motorsport) 4th Oct
  • Rali Mike Darowen (Dovey Valley MC) 10th/11th Oct - Cancelled
  • Historic Dansport Rally (Matlock MC) 17th Oct - Cancelled
  • Exmoor Targa Rally (Tavern MC) 24th Oct - Cancelled
  • Rali Cilwendeg (Teifi Valley MC) 24th/25th Oct - Cancelled
  • Lima to Cape Horn (Endurance Rally Association) 1st-28th Nov - Postponed
  • RAC Rally of the Tests (HERO) 5th-8th Nov - Postponed
  • Hill Billy Sprint Four (Hill Billy Motorsport) 22nd Nov
  • Le Jog Reliability Trial (HERO) 5th-8th Dec
  • Ross Traders Historic Rally (Ross & District MSC) 7th Feb - Cancelled
  • Winter Challenge to Monte Carlo (HERO) 7th-11th Feb - Postponed
  • The Festival Targa (Bath Motor Club) 20th Feb - Cancelled
  • Rali Bro Caron (Lampeter & District MSC) 6th/7th Mar - Cancelled
  • Per Ardua Ad Infinitium South West (HERO) 5th-6th Mar - Postponed
  • Stu Wood Memorial Targa (North Devon MC) 14th Mar - Postponed
  • HERO Challenge One (HERO) 20th Mar - Postponed
  • Rali Llyn (Harlech & DMC) 27th/28th Mar
  • HERO Novice Trial (HERO) 11h-12th Apr - Postponed
  • Scottish Malts (HERO) 26th-30th Apr - Postponed
  • Rali Cwm Cynfal (Bala DMC) 9th May - Cancelled
  • HERO Challenge One (HERO) 9th May - Postponed
  • Temple Rally (Endurance Rally Association) 16th-28th May - Postponed
  • Classic Tracks (Llandysul & District MC) 30th May - Cancelled
  • Rali Cilwendeg (Teifi Valley MC) 25th/26th Oct - Cancelled
  • Lima to Cape Horn (Endurance Rally Association) 31st Oct-28th Nov 2021 - Postponed
  • Winter Challenge (HERO-ERA) 6th-10th Feb 2022
  • Rali Bro Caron (Lampeter DMC) 5th/6th Mar 2022
  • 8th Peking to Paris (ERA) 29th May-3rd Jul 2022