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Powys Lanes Rally

Sponsored by DG Jones Agri Ltd

Epynt Motor Club

3rd/4th November 2018

Winners Photo
Winners: Kevin Davies/Dale Bowen (Ford Escort)
Photograph: Joseph John Gilbertson

Organiser: Epynt Motor Club

Date: 3rd/4th November 2018

Clerk of the Course: Ceri Davies & Jamie Pickup

Route: 110 Miles

Maps: 147 & 160

Starters: 75

Victory on the Powys Lanes gave Kevin Davies/Dale Bowen two wins in successive weekends, however unlike last week’s Cilwendeg win, this wasn’t a clear-cut triumph.

At the halfway point it appeared that the night would go the way of many previous events with Davies/Bowen having built up a healthy lead of 27 seconds. However, in the second half they just failed to make their time at a control timed to the minute, in contrast two of their nearest rivals reached the control on schedule; the one minute difference in penalty was critical. Reian Jones/Cadog Davies took the lead at this point and appeared initially to have won the rally. Unfortunately they had failed to get a code board counter signed, the fail for this offence dropped them down the order.

Kevin ‘Penclaw’ Jones/Alan James also cleaned the vital section and finished the rally just three seconds behind the winners. Andy Davies/Michael Gilbey took third, which was sufficient to secure the Welsh Drivers’ title for Davies.